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Admission, sprint, leak - running training for footballers

Parkour (abbreviated PK, / Paʁkuʁ /) refers to a method of movement whose goal is to get only with the abilities of own body as efficiently as possible from point A to point B. The parkour runner (Franz.: Le Traceur who draws a line ) determines its own way through the urban or natural space - in a different way than architecture and culture. It is trying to overcome themselves in the way-opening obstacles through combination of different movements as efficient as possible. Motion flow and control are in the foreground. Parkour is therefore also referred to as art of efficient locomotion. Parkour is not competitive. It can be done on an obstacle course or is usually practiced in a creative reinterpretation of an urban space. Parkour contains the see of the environment in a new way and the idea of ​​the possibilities for the movement around you. Parkour was developed by Raymond Belle, his son David Belle and other people in the late 1980s. Parkour was popular in the late 1990s and 2000s by feature films, documentary films and advertising.

Whether professional or amateur training: running training is part of football so. will train during the sprint training especially the responsiveness, speed and stamina, to leakage is more likely than active recreation for body and mind. Moderate running training again build up their fitness and are particularly recommended early in the season.

improve acceleration and speed: Sprint Training

Running is a core discipline in football. But today s football is primarily a fast-paced training. Not without reason are some of the most successful pros like Lionel Messi, Marco Reus and Cristiano Ronaldo known for their speed.

The modern style of play makes a strong pace and the speed necessary. Response times, sprints, ball control - it s a balancing act, whose success is influenced not only by talent but also from training.

The sprint training can play an important role. The speed can not be in proportion to the strength and endurance, however, that simple exercise, which is why the Sprint training should be made more varied. The one creates by inserting different exercises and sometimes with, sometimes trained without the ball.

Even in amateur training also the thought prevails, supplement physical training with mental - reaction and concentration are the keywords here. The idea: The players should be able to not only loss printen fast, but also at the right moment and, if possible without loss of ball control.

The powerful departure must also be trained. Therefore, classical weighted and strength training is suitable as a complement of sprint.

running training for fitness and team spirit

Classic running training (without the ball) is particularly early in the season. In addition to running laps around the soccer field runs can make in nature for the necessary motivation and variety.

Course and exercises make the running sessions beautiful versatile and work alongside different muscle groups and reaction times and concentration.

In addition to choosing the right clothes and matching mens running shoes to minimize injury and illness risks, some factors should be considered more.

While the pure running training should run the team together and just what can strengthen the team spirit at the beginning of pre-season, a meet for all durable pace. Additional condition can be set up on the treadmill, especially if the weather holds dangers.

By the way: The researchers of the Luxembourg Institute of Health were able to prove in a study conducted with Decathlon trainingsLab randomized study that the damping of running shoes can minimize the risk of injury, regardless of weight and body weight of the runner.

expiry as active recovery after training and competition

A football game - it competition or training - designed to intermittently. The constant change between rapid sprints and quieter moments strain muscles, tendons and the cardiovascular system. A proper recovery period often occurs not one to after the game. And mental challenges happen. And a sudden end to the physical exertion is a burden for themselves.

10 Explosive Speed Exercises | No Equipment/Bodyweight Training You Can Do Anywhere

Leakage is there a good way to give the body to provide a gentle finish. And the players are not only physically while running gently to rest. Successes and challenges of the completed training session or the terminated competition are still fresh in the mind and so can be evaluated for themselves.


Running training in various forms are an integral part in football. Whether at the beginning of a season, between or middle - Running is good for the body and the (team) spirit.


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