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Elyon starts at 16:00. Great, high-budget, free event

If New World was the highest this year s premiere of event, it was Elyon - thanks to Lost Ark online - becomes the second largest event in the Massive Multiplayer online event in 2021.

Because Elyon is not a bustard, only a great product for great money (the budget was more than 40 million dollars), behind which the creators of TERA online (Bluehole Studios) stand.

Elyon was to start in the BUY-TO-play model, but Kakao Games changed his mind on the last straight straight, thanks to which we will get a free title. With pay2Win? It will turn out when we see on the content of the shop ... for now there is nothing to go.

The start of the game is planned for 16:00 Polish time. Welcome here (official website) or here (steam).

Only one server was prepared for Europe - Andromeda.

We have two hostile fractions to choose from:

Vulpin Ontari

Lost Ark EU/NA Update & BETA News October 2021

Four breeds:

Human Elf Ein Orc

Six classes:

Slayer WarLord

Elementalist Mystic Assassin Gunner

But the strongest element of Elyon is definitely a fighting system that is like a BLACK DESERT connection, Guild Wars 2 and online tera. If you appreciate dynamic, exciting skirmishes, it will give you elyon to you.

We also have World Bossy, rallies and wars of the fraction. Elyon perfectly balances between the PVE and PVP gameplay, delivering us a bit of this and that.


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