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Finally Play Lost Ark: New MMORPG makes his beta longer, bigger, better

Atlas is a massive multiplayer online game, which has appeared on 22 December 2018 in the Early Access phase for Microsoft Windows.

Many of you can not expect to finally play Lost Ark. The European release of the new MMORPG was postponed at the beginning of 2022 some time ago and should originally appear this year. Now there is something to play with the beta 2021 but there are now details.

These are the latest info: On the late evening of October 18, the Lost Ark -twitter account has posted the latest contribution of the monthly developer update. It is all about the Closed Beta, which takes place in November.

In addition, the post office announces that there will be more information to the beta and during the beta. This includes more detailed information about the payment model of Lost Ark.

What should be particularly exciting, because so far, Lost Ark was communicated as a free2play title. It remains to be seen if the payment model changes still. But away from the speculation and to the confirmed innovations, because there are some.

What was announced? The monthly developer update is mainly revolving around the beta. This is there to test and improve technical systems. This emphasizes the developers several times in the blog post (via

Lost Ark EU/NA BETA News & Progress Update October 2021 The Closed Beta also comes without NDA. That is, in contrast to the first beta, that content is divided and streamed, as well as screenshots and videos are published. But Amazon assures that much can change to the launch and the videos should not be used as a final source.

The beta should serve that even players may test as much of Lost Ark as possible before the game will appear 2022. Therefore, a lot of new content in the MMORPG, which still lacked in the first beta.

Beta runs from the 4th to 11th November, goes to Level 55

What is now in the beta? Lost Ark has announced the following things for the beta:

The 2nd Closed Beta is extended by two days and now takes place from the 4th to the 11th of November The maximum character level was raised from 50 to 55, the expedition level to 100 The 15 . Class, the striker, will be playable in the beta for the first time New prologue for the different classes The entire new continent raw end can be visited in the beta New dungeons to the Phantom Palace can be played in the beta Abyss and Chaos Dungeons and Animal 2 Guardian Raids are also available You get a power pass that makes a character start at level 50, unless you have a character at level 50 The cash shop will be opened for the first time. There you can not spend a real money yet, but receives 40,000 the real money currency to experiment with it Several technical innovations such as a voice chat and a color blind mode In a sub-tweet, the Twitter account of Lost Ark also speaks of new PVP modes (via

Here you can see the sub-tweet:

How can you join in? The beta of Lost Ark is not open for everyone. You can register about the website of Lost Ark for it. Then you will be able to participate with happiness to the tests. For this you currently need an Amazon account (via

People who bought one of the Founders packs have guaranteed access to the closed beta. The cheapest package that brings this advantage costs € 14.99.

The hype does not let go

How does the community react? Many of the fans were disappointed before Gamescom 2021 from the developers that they have been informed for a long time about nothing. Apparently, Amazon took this criticism to heart, because since then they have been sharing monthly updates around the MMORPG.

That would thank you your community, because on the Twitter page of Lost Ark, Hype is still there as if there had never been a problem yet. Also contributes to the very active Twitter account, which almost answers to all fans.

More about Lost Ark on Meinmmo:

So many asked for Lost Ark on the GamesCom that it became a forbidden term on Twitch Amazon had to move Lost Ark, otherwise it s going to go against New World Developer explain what the MMORPG Lost Ark still has to do before you can play it

What the fans say? After negative comments can be found beneath the update Posts vain. There is a predominantly positive mood in the community of Lost Ark (via

On Twitter, the User Omnipower writes: That s really strong! Thank you for hearing her so much on your community. User geneticcolossus closes: Thanks for the update. The community is more than ready and is pleased to finally play Lost Ark. I just can not wait for the beta. The Streamer Toweltthank also writes: I have been on Lost Ark for 5 or 6 years. I am so ready. The anticipation of User BXKID7 is even at a climax: I ve never been to the game in Hype. It s one of the titles I am most pleased. User XsiGG writes: Thanks for the update, reading was fun. I hope we get more of it every month.

To make the hype flatten now, the developers have created an official discord for the Lost Ark Community on which you can meet and talk about all relevant topics for MMORPG. Amazon closes the blog post with the wishes for feedback to beta and the changes.

What do you think about the announcement? Is the anticipation with you too huge or are you still a little disappointed by the pre-gamescom time? Write us in the comments here at Meinmmo.

Who can not wait so long, theoretically also play on the Russian servers of Lost Ark. We tell you how.


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