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In 2 weeks you can play the best new MMORPG from 2022

Just 14 days, it still takes you until you can finally snap into no matter. The extension of the beta helps mymo author Mark Sellner even across the pain of the release shift - for him Lost Ark is already the best new MMORPG 2022.

What happens in two weeks? On November 4th, the Closed Beta starts for the MMORPG Lost Ark, which should appear with us 2022. Originally, the release was already planned for autumn 2021, but had to be postponed.

However, Lost Ark is not a completely new game. As early as 2018, the MMORPG appeared completely in Korea and is currently the most popular MMORPG. As a result, Russian servers were also followed, but it was a western version for a long time.

But then it went relatively quickly:

Amazon Games announced that they take the release for the West. This was followed by an alpha test in June and the announcement for the release in autumn 2021. After shifting to early 2022 , however, frustration was announced in the community.

But now the hype returned, because the beta in November is not only longer than planned, but also brings more content. Reason enough for MeinMMo author Mark the anticipation of cooking to cook again really.

Who writes here? Mark is MMORPG author at Meinmmo and for 15 years in the genre at home. Many thousands of hours he already played countless different MMORPGs, but Lost Ark triggers special feelings with him. To signal that, he called his Twitter account in Lost Mark.

I have been waiting for the best MMORPG for 7 years

When was the beginning? The first trailer for Lost Ark appeared in November 2014. So it s quite just 7 years ago that I was still sitting as a teenager in front of the calculator and with great eyes the trailer. When I watched like this character with a sword, which was greater than he himself, through whole armies of monsters.

For me, Lost Ark looked like Diablo 3 in better. And then as a MMORPG - my favorite genre. I was there immediately and wanted to play, but then it was quiet for the game I really wanted to start.

I forgot this bombastic trailer but never and looked at him once every few months. Presumably to torment me a bit yourself. Apparently this is my thing.

With the release in Korea 2018, not only my anticipation became bigger. Also in the Google trends you can watch a tremendous increase in interest in Lost Ark in 2018. But also from there it should take 3 more years for the certainty that Lost Ark also came to the West and thus to me.

Here you can see the trailer, from which I speak:

Also in my circle of friends, the mood was awesome. Of course, we ordered Lost Ark immediately and planned a real LAN party to release. Do not do anything else for a week when a game gaming, that we all have been waiting for years.

What solved the shift? The shift at 2022 actually made me a little. I held the release 2021 already unrealistic and honestly? If I m waiting for 7 years, I will not hurt half the year.

Yes, of course you could have been able to play with VPN and a bit of cheating already on the Russian servers. But that s just not the same. Therefore, I have waited well and my anticipation deliberately returned to the MMORPG so that the waiting time is lighter.

The longest two weeks ever

I can not handle my anticipation of my anticipation, but in just 14 days, the Closed Beta starts at the best MMORPG at all. And she is even longer than originally expected.

In response to countless inquiries of the community, the Lost Ark Beta is extended by 2 whole days. This means that we can spend our time in Arkesia from the 4th to the 11th of November. The time is enough to collect many impressions and try the 15 character classes we get in the west.

Also new content will give it in the beta. The maximum level is 55, instead of 50 and next to new dungeons and Raids even a brand new continent opens its doors for the Western players.

What is new? Even the real money shop of the MMORPG shows the first time in his western version. Most eyes are probably just directed, because in advance, it was communicated that the Western Lost Ark is completely without pay2win.

The hope of a final release date after the beta also helps to continue to increase my anticipation. And so I find myself at the moment again at the point where the perceived half of my day goes to consume content to Lost Ark. The next two weeks to start will be hard for me.

Lost Ark is the best MMORPG 2022 and would have become 2021

Granted, the headline aims deliberately on New World. Many already speculate that Lost Ark was postponed in favor of New World, which triggered the fans of great displeasure, but never officially confirmed.

Even my colleague Alexander Leitsch believes that you had to move Lost ARK because otherwise it had otherwise went against New World. And I have to agree with him, at least if you take the explanation of the developers seriously and assumes that Lost Ark 2021 just was not finished yet.

But it would have been finished, Lost Ark would have become my game of the year again this year. And I say that as a fan of New World. Because Lost Ark does not have many problems under which other MMORPGs suffer this year.

Too little content in the endgame : This problem makes the MMORPG of 2021 strongly create. Whether it s Swords of Legends Online, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis or New World. They all have the same problem - too little to do if you reach the last gameplay loop.

Just New World with his huge hype suffers very much, because the more people reach the endgame, the greater the reviews become. But Lost Ark has an advantage - it has been on the market for 3 years and extremely successful.

Swords of Legends online also had this advantage, but in Korea was far not as successful as it is Lost ARK. The western version of Lost Ark lands somewhere in the middle, between the state of the Russian and the state of the Korean version of the title.

Why does not Lost Ark have the problem? There is already massive content that is just waiting to feed the endgame of the Western version. Be it the increase in the max level to 60 or the 6 classes that are still missing in the western version to release but already exist in Korea.

And to the whole content that is already there, new is still produced. The 21st class in Korea, the Sorceress, appeared, for example only a few months ago and broke records. After the update, 240,000 people played the MMORPG at the same time and the alone in Korea. So Lost Ark will definitely not have the problem that you quickly go out the content.

EHR to Lost Ark on Meinmmo

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I have never been so happy about a MMORPG

Lost Ark has already proven in Korea that it is a good game. There it has been one of the most played online games ever since releases and is the most successful MMORPG is currently. It is even on Steam the best rated MMORPG ever, although only selected players have the opportunity to play an alpha.

It offers a large world, housing, PVE content as well as PVP content and looks visually easy class, even if it is already a little older.

Lost Ark - Closed Beta Teaser Trailer

That s why I say: If the servers withstand the rush to release and the western localization is successful, Lost Ark will keep the big new MMORPG and still keep this place for a long time.

Why should you play that? As a MMORPG player, one is often deterred by the top-down view, which I was even at the beginning. But I can guess anyone who is still uncertain to play the beta in two weeks. Because Lost Ark just feels really good. The struggles are bombastic, the animations liquid and the story is grandiose staged.

And now I m sitting here, 7 years after the first trailer, with the same big eyes, which can not expect it to get started in two weeks.

How is that with you? Do you have exactly as much lust on Lost Ark as I or has your anticipation rather warped? Do you take the beta, or are you still waiting for the release next year? Write us in the comments.

And Lost Ark also seems to be very popular with you, because almost half of you have already spent money for the Free2Play MMORPG.


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