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Invitation from detective, The 5th person × Detective Conan

[Data provided: Net Izu]

Net s first 1v4 asymmetric mobile game and mystery animation Detective Conan is opened formally opened. The familiar detective gathered in the Orleus Ornament finds the clue and reveals the truth of the case. The fifth survivor hidden in a breathtaking chase reveals the appearance.

Find the truth in the topic, the truth in the crisis

Animation Detective Conan is a member of Aoyama Gosho s synonymous cartoon, and the high school student detective Namdo is a young child with a special poison to eat a special poison to the other organisms while witnessing awarded transactions of men in black clothes. In order to be his original body, Namdo is a Conan and traces the black tissue and tracks the black tissue.


Meanwhile, mystical arrested in the Orleus, a mystery was earned. The detective that invited to reveal the truth was gathered in one place.

Event open and back each other survivors have been wearing a Detective Conan s Culladskin, and they dig the truth of the fifth survivor in the Oleutusian. If you have a brain and a logical and clear crash in the upcoming risk and a parchability, all challenges will be easily solved. The truth is always one.

The main character appearance, the blood of the boiling detective

Namdo is a famous high school detective that solves a number of events. Although Konan became, the detective of the killing child still constantly digs the truth. Can I find the truth that is hidden in mystery,

Namdo s work childhood friend Yumi is taking care of Konan, who is putting on her own house, taking care of her sister. Like the Air Force of the Order, it is like Yumilan, and her colleagues are rescued with the faithfulness and sophisticated total workmanship. What kind of skins Yumilan in the air force will show any action.

Yumilan s father s famous is also called sleeping famous. Famous is a seemingly seemingly, but actually, it is actually a tremendous behavior and an excellent wisdom. Could the lawyer of the long member, which is a prominent skin famous, can we show a wonderful reason?

The scientist of the black tissue is a Hong Siki. The steering agency also borrowed an extraordinary talent and made an incense to return to the time. If she is changing to her

The famous high school student detective Laecho, famous in Osaka, rides the motorcycle, and the cord is a specialty. The Four Forward of the Ornament is also a character that can be confronted with a monitor with her outstanding body ability and athletic nerve. If forward is changing to the big skin Laecho,, she can not spread more dazzling across the synergy with the detective.

In the first shot, the Cullad Treasure Box fifth survivor (full post) is officially released in the first shot. ▲ Beginner Skin Lawyer - Famous ▲ Key Skin Air Force - Yumilan ▲ Beginning Skin Steering - Anshi (Hong Sik Mi) ▲ Beginning Skin Forward - Skin Forward - Launches.

The Cullads Package invitation from detective is released together in the online store. ▲ Non-Skin Detective - Namdo ▲ Skin detective - Konan, etc., and include various character-only accessories and character icons, spraying. Sleeping famous doll, boy tamjeongdan badges, various familiar characters and items such as killer dolls are reproduced in the game. Feel the excitement and joy he felt while watching the animation again can dig the secrets of the manor.

The × Conan local Labyrinth celebration events are open together. Curl Curl period of the Labyrinth Poster Labyrinth can be inspired at the first 100 shares. When you complete the mission Curl Labyrinth event can receive generous rewards and a maximum of five integers such Curl Curl Labyrinth Labyrinth treasure. Let s acquire a cool skins give more shine detective.

Five survivors who really applied. Ole tooth manor has a hidden wonder what kind of a secret. × Detective Conan may find the answer in the local Labyrinth first shot event.


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