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Niantic says: KECLEON should become a very special monster for the release in Pokémon Go

One of the monsters, which trainer has expected for a long time Inpokémon Go, is KECLEON. Now Niantic has evicted a possible release in an interview. We from Meinmmo have viewed us what was said and have summarized all the important information for you.

What information is it? The Gaming Magazine Eurogamer had an exclusive interview with Niantic (via as part of the Safari Zone, which takes place in Liverpool. In this they talked about the future of the game and a possible release of KECLEON.

KECLEON - comes a release?

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What is Kecleon for a Pokémon? KECLEON is a pokémon of the type normally from the 3rd generation. Optically, it reminds of a green chameleon. Striking is the red zigzag pattern on his stomach. Besides, it has yellow hands and feet as well as yellow lines on the face.

KECLEON is not one of the strongest monsters, but has a special gift. It can customize colors of its environment and thus camouflage. Only his zigzag pattern on the stomach remains unchanged.

This normal Pokémon is the only monster that is still missing in Pokémon Go in the Hoenn region. For this reason, numerous players are already waiting for a release for a long time. So will it finally come into play?

That says Niantic to a possible release of KECLEON

As Niantic has revealed in the interview with Eurogamer, a release of KECLEON is basically high on her agenda. According to its own statement, KECLEON is a very special monster for you and so it should also be implemented in Pokémon Go, which takes its time.

So Michael Sterenka (Director, Global Product Marketing) in the interview says:

KECLEON is definitely a special Pokémon, one that has unique properties in the games of the main series as you know. So the publication of this Pokémon is nothing we want to take on the light shoulder. We want to meet things that make this Pokémon so special.

Michael Sterenka (via

The coaches in Pokémon GO have to be a little patient for a release. In addition, it remains to hope that Kecleon is actually implemented as a unique monster with special skills in the game.

When it will be so far, Niantic has not yet revealed yet. And also to their plans for the future they have kept in the interview rather covered. Only another expansion of AR was indicated (via

If there is more information about the release and the future plans of Pokémon Go, then you will learn about Meinmmo here.

What are the reactions of the community?

In the community many are disappointed with the answers. For many questions, Michael Sterenka had held more covered and little betrayed. Especially because of a possible release of KECLEON many trainers had hoped for a more concrete answer.

For this reason, the community on Reddit is violently discussed about the interview and the answers from Niantic criticized (via Of course, Kecleon is also a big topic:

Dadabigfoot: I feel that every answer in the interview was the same.

Glencurio: KECLEON is not so special or unique. Meanwhile, unique Pokémon like Ninjatom get nothing

PowerLinXJetfire: I do not find that Ninjatom was disadvantaged, but probably you want to make something like you will find invisible KECLEON as in the mainline. Special features must be added for this. Honestly, the negative response could be a reason for the glory-free publication of Ninjatom for you to do something more effort for KECLEON.

The coach Vaelthune also writes what his opinion should be said in the interview: Ar should be pushed further by the end of the time, as they look at it as a pillar of go (though players do not want to say / say something else) because it will be better in the future ; Kekleon has unique attributes in the main series (skills) and they are waiting to meet him. (via

More about Pokémon Go:

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How do you find the answer from Niantic to Kecleon? Is it okay for you that you have to wait a bit on this monster? Or would you be more happy about a quick release, in which KECLEON s ability is not respected? Write us your opinion here on Meinmmo in the comments.

In a few days, Scary Jellies starts, the 2nd part of the current events in Pokémon Go. We show you the cool new monsters for the Halloween event.


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