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Steam Deck: Valve explains how to know if a game is compatible with the device

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Valve has published this morning a site as well as a video to explain how the user will be able to determine if a steam game is compatible or not with the Steam Deck, this panel at the console expected in December.

When a Steam Deck user will walk on the Steam shop or in his game library, he will be able to see at first glance if a game is compatible with the device with these four labels.

The green label Compatible means that the game has been manually validated by the valve teams and it is considered perfectly functional on the device, displaying a minimum of 30 frames per second. The playable yellow label means the game runs on Steam Deck, but the player will need to configure something itself, for example the manual selection of a community configuration for the controller, the manual appearance From the on-screen keyboard for text entering or using the touch screen to browse a launcher. The gray label not supported is clear: no need to buy the game for its Steam Deck, it will not even start, like all VR games for example. Finally, the indeterminate label means that Valve has not yet checked the compatibility of the game and therefore remains hope.

Steam Deck s main menu naturally put forward games compatible with the device with the Great on Deck tab, but the user will have the opportunity to browse all the rest of the Steam store by tilting on the tab neighbor. It would have obviously be liked to estimate the number of qualified games at the launch of the Steam Deck, but Valve will have the opportunity to provide a first list by the end of the year.

The team is currently working to give you a way to check if each of the games in your library is compatible with Steam Deck before its launch. Soon you will also see which steam catalog games have already been tested for compatibility with Steam Deck And know their category. More details on this topic will be communicated soon. , confirms valve.


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