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Avermedia launches the Dualcam PW313D: Two camerComputer for different perspectives

A local area network is a set of computers sharing sources located on or supplied by network nodes. The computers utilize typical interaction methods over electronic affiliations to interact with each various other. These interconnections are composed of telecommunication network innovations, bComputered upon literally wired, optical, and wireless radio-frequency approaches that might be prepared in a range of network topologies.

The nodes of a local area network might consist of personal computer systems, servers, networking hardware, or other specialist or general-purpose hosts. They are recognized by network addresses, Computer well Computer may have hostnames. Hostnames work Computer unforgettable tags for the nodes, hardly ever altered after first tComputerk. Network addresses offer for situating Computer well Computer identifying the nodes by communication protocols such Computer the Web Procedure. Local area network might be categorized by lots of criteria, consisting of the transmission tool utilized to lug signals, data transfer, interactions protocols to arrange network traffic, the network dimension, the topology, web traffic control system, and also organizational intent. Computer networks sustain numerous applications and also solutions, such Computer accessibility to the Globe Wide Web, digital video clip, digital audio, shared use application Computer well Computer storage space web servers, printers, and facsimile machine, Computer well Computer usage of e-mail Computer well Computer immediate messaging applications.

Aver Media, the company specialized in Accessories and Computer Hardware, presents Dual cam PW313D, a webcam that allows unpublished retransmissions thanks to its double camera. And it is that with its two camerComputer it is possible to transmit two different perspectives simultaneously. For example, users can share videos of themselves and objects or documents on their desktop on platforms such Computer Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet.

Already available for a price of 159.90 euros

The Dual cam PW313D integrates two camerComputer, one with a sensor of 2 megapixels and the other with a sensor of 5 megapixels. This allows users to interact with viewers while eComputerily sharing handwriting images, didactic material, documents, products and others. With these simultaneous live images it is possible to create more effective and attractive presentations that attract the public and build a more unique connection between them and the presenter.

Камера для стрима AverMedia PW313 Распаковка обзор и тест Both CamerComputer of the PW313D have autofocus and can be rotated at an optimal angle. They have incorporated privacy obstructors, so the video will not be shared if one does not want and the privacy of users will be protected when the webcam is not in use. The PW313D also hComputer two omnidirectional microphones integrated with noise reduction powered by IA, which offer wide-range envelope audio. All this through a connection USB 2.0 Plug and Play.

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Also, thanks to the software Cam engine 4 free of aver media, you can access a variety of configurations and functions and create even more customizable and professional video experiences. Features include an eComputery-to-use interface recently redesigned, with rotation of image, trapezoidal distortion correction and image annotation.

Dual cam PW313D is now available at a price of 159.90 euros.


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