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Character Collection Cinematic RPG Seven Knights 2 Launches Official Services in the World World Today! Free Play Free of 12 countries! Under app STORE and Google Play!

Étienne Cédric Swirl Garden (born December 8, 1978, in Frankfurt am Main) is a German TV host. He was a moderator at The Show, Display and also Late Knights. From 2009 to 2011 he was editor and also from 2011 to 2014 presenter of computer and video game program Video game One. Garden is founder of the Media Manufacturing Firm Rocket Beans Home Entertainment GmbH and also Mediator in their channels Rocket Beans TV.

Net Marble starts the official service of the series fan long-awaited character collection cinematic RPG Seven Knights 2, started at the same time November 10th November. In addition, we informed the Seven Knight 2 official YouTube channel in the Seven Knight 2 official YouTube channel in line with today s official release.

Net Marble has launched a series fan long-awaited character collection cinematic RPG Seven Knights 2 (Development: Net marble Nexus) official service, today November 10 (Wed) 11 o clock. In addition, we will also announce that we have released the latest video in the Seven Knights 2 official YouTube channel according to the official release of today.

Seven Knights 2 is the stage of the world from Seven Knights, which is the original Seven Knights, and the Eyeie s daughter, which is a member of Seven Night, is a new Dawn Mercenary, which led Men, A story is drawn. The Mercenary of the Dawn will come out on a journey to find Audi who is the last member of Seven Knights, as a mysterious girl Fine has caused a series of cases.

Throughout this work, Seven Knights fans all over the world can collect and foster heroes with charisma while enjoying a depth of immersive films. We will introduce three points that are great characteristics from various elements incorporated in this work.

Collapsible heroes who can collect

A total of 46 heroes appear and collected with new heroes and familiar heroes with Seven Knights.

Challenge boss battle

The player s strategy and tactics will appear to appear. Players can enjoy a highly strategic group battle that operates up to four heroes in real time by making full use of various hero s configuration, formations, placements, etc., with a powerful video.

Deep movie like a movie

You can experience a deep and immersive story that includes beautiful graphics by Unreal Engine4 and a high quality cut scene of 2 hours.

Seven Knights 2 Promotion Movie: A new legend that heroes will gather

In commemoration of the formal release in Seven Knights 2, we will carry out a special login event. At the event that you can earn a variety of rewards by logging in to the game every day, you can get the legendary rank Light Saint Karin at the 7th day.

The Seven Knights 2 game app can be downloaded for free from App Store and Google Play. This work plays in Japanese, English, Chinese (China), Chinese (Traditional), Thai, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Russian, Indonesian, Indonesian can do.

Seven Knights II Gameplay Walkthrough (Android, iOS) - Part 1 Seven Knights 2 app Download URL

· App Store · Google Play

Seven Knights 2 will publish the latest information on the official site or official Twitter, the official forum, and the official YouTube channel. Please follow me.

· Seven Knights 2 official site · Seven Knights 2 Official Twitter JP · Seven Knights 2 official forum HTTPS: // Forum. jp · Seven Knights 2 Official YouTube Channel Seven Knights 2 · Seven Knights 2 Official Discord

Seven Knights 2

Seven Knights 2 records a total of 60 million downloads worldwide, and is the primary sequel of the popular RPG Seven Knights representing the net marble enjoyed by players all over the world, and from the story of Seven Knights 20 A character collection type cinematic RPG drawn by a year after a year. A variety of characters and fields depicted with high quality graphics using Unreal Engine 4 appear in this world, players are collected and fostering various heroes, group operations in the form and real-time, and high difficulty boss In addition to the other, you can enjoy the magnificent story and film production.

About Seven Knights 2

[Title] Seven Knights 2 [Genre] Character Collection Cinematic RPG [Provision] Net marble Corp. [Development] Notable Nexus Inc. [Supported OS] iOS 10.0 or later / Ascended 7.0 or later [Service start date] 2021 11 Month 10th [Price] Basic Free (in-app charge)

Notable Corp. (Net Marble)

Net Marble, established in Korea in 2000, National CROSS WORLDS, Marvel Future Revolution, Lineage 2 Revolution, Seven Great Sins-Light and Darkness Battle ~, Blade and Soul Level Election, Marvel Future Fight, etc., is a top developer and publisher who is pushing the limit of the mobile game experience. ADAM s parent company, Net Marble, a major shareholder of JAM City and Hyde (Big Hit Entertainment), is a varying mobile game based on collaboration with its powerful franchise and world-wide IP holder, and the audience around the world We strive to entertain. For more information, see In Japan, Net Marble Japan Co., Ltd., a Japanese corporation of Net Marble, is providing services for mobile games for smartphones. For more information, visit

(C) Notable Corp. & Notable Nexus Inc. 2021 All Rights Reserved.


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