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Halo Infinite Battle Pass will be further improved: More XP for the first 6 matches

The multiplayer of Halo Infinite's been a great success, not only because of the Free2Play model. In the community, the balance between tradition and modernization, has found 343 Industries comes very well. Only a big point of criticism there was at the beginning: The Battle through.

What is the problem? If we just wanted to gamble only on your mood, we got so far hardly XP for the battle through. Instead, had to level up specific guidelines are met. This often meant that players inside going about their own goals, rather than face the team at the service.

Second big improvement for the Battle Pass

You have the development studio credit for, they quickly react extremely to the wishes of the community. Last week, a challenge was launched, for which you have to complete only a game. That was a good first step, and now comes the second.

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This is new: So far, only the first match of the day was rewarded with an XP bonus. Which is now extended to the first six games. According to community manager John Junyszek the innovation is to be active as early as tomorrow. He is also aware that the fans want more and more profound changes. However, this would need a little more time.

So many XP there:

1. Match = 300XP 2 . Match = 200XP 3 . Match = 200XP 4 . Match = 100XP 5 . Match = 100XP 6 . Match = 100XP 7 + Match = 50XP

The new trailer makes you want the campaign:

More current news from Halo Infinite:

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HOW TO LEVEL UP FAST & EASY in Halo Infinite Multiplayer (TIER 100)

Halo Infinite has only today the event pass for Fracture: Terrie

Only now runs in Halo Infinite the first event. Fracture Terrie brought several cool rewards, including a samurai armor, which ye earn an additional Battle Pass can. However, it is not possible to play through the complete Event Pass, the event will return next year.

The first season of Halo Infinite is still ongoing until May 22, the 2,022nd During this time, events are rotated out and in again. Every time an event return pass, new levels are enabled for which you can level up.

Do you have fun with Halo Infinite? And what do you think of the changes?


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