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Lost Ark: Last developer update in front of Closed-beta

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Considering when we have reported on Lost Ark for the first time (Spoiler: November 2014), it is almost a bit unreal that we are going to approach slowly, but certainly the final EU release. Before that, of course, the closed beta phase is still on from the 04th of November, and then we can also tell you what we could already experience in Lost Ark.

And before the starting signal falls for just those beta, there was now an update of the developers on the official website of Lost Ark. The most important findings:

Lost Ark will appear in early 2022 in three other countries: Estonia, South America and Oceania (a total of 34 new countries). Localization should not be affected, so you do not have to worry about any further shift. Away from English, German, French and Spanish, other languages ​​will be a topic far after the launch. The provision of support and website in Brazilian Portuguese and Latin-American Spanish, as well as servers in South America will not affect us (our servers are in Frankfurt by the way). Due to the local laws and provisions regarding random objects in games, Lost Ark may not appear in Belgium and the Netherlands.

What about it: Are you at the upcoming beta at the start? If you want to know more about Lost Ark, look at November on Thursday evening!

Lost Ark - Closed Beta Details & Major Changes | Last Chance To Play The Next Big MMOARPG

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