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New Open World

With Myth of Empires a new MMO appears today on Steam in the Early Access. Above all, the Open World Game appeals to survival fans, but combines mechanics of many genres in themselves. ManoMano could talk to the developers and look a little into the game in advance.

What is Myth of Empires? Myth of Empires signs itself simply as a MMO and has already on Steam the tags Simulation and Sandbox. The game is developed by the Chinese Studio Angela Game (Iron Conflict).

From the basic principle, it is a sandbox survival game in a classic sense, similar to Ark, Rust or Conan Exiles. The big difference is that myth of empires plays in a Chinese setting and tries to show historical elements. Among the features of the game include:

Big siege battles Character progress with skills, talents and recipes

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Free development of the surroundings with own houses and fortresses An action combat system in the style of Fordham or Mount & Blade NPC Followers who serve as supporting troops

The release of the game is on 18 November 2021 in the Early Access for the PC on Steam. The developers betrayed us that versions for Xbox and PlayStation are later in planning, but first only developed for PC. As a mobile title, the game should not appear.

I looked around for a little more than 4 hours in the world and gives me an impression of the features of the game. The beginning reminded me strongly about Conan Exiles and Fordham, but the mechanics have overwhelmed me quite quickly.

I have already assured that possible translation errors you see in the screenshots, as well as other bugs are still solved. In addition, Game Director Leon Men and Game Designer Lionel Li answered me some questions about the game.

Surviving in ancient China — so plays myth of empires

About the developers I had the opportunity to look a little into the game. On a special server with an early test build, I was allowed to create a character and test the features of Myth of Empires.

The gameplay itself is strongly reminiscent of Conan Exiles. I am looking for a server, create a character and start in any area — in my case in the forest. There I should do a number of tasks that build up, just like the steps of the trip from Conan Exiles.

So I will slowly introduce into the game and discover the different systems. Also, the fight, which suddenly is completely different. By moving and directionation with the mouse I determine, at what angle I surcharge. I can even cancel attacks to irritate opponents, as in combat play in the style of murder or for honor.

Here I started to deal with the game more and quickly found that myth of empires is much more than just a survival game.

However, the developers explained to me in the interview that many of the mechanics should resist later and make myth of empires unique.

And then the menus came

When I clicked through the different menus, I was absolutely Buff. In addition to the inventory, my talents are waiting with a focus, recipes, NPC companion. Even a kind of guild dynasty and a call system with feudal ranks are available!

Many of the alone already so 15 menus then subdivide themselves again. In the recipes, the game distinguishes between weapons, armor, buildings and more. Talents are divided into categories like fight, charisma / leadership, crafting and more.

Behind the Survival Game Myth of Empires is much more than it looks like it. Talent points in weapons for example help to improve appropriate fighting styles faster. What makes this? No idea. I did not come that far yet.

After all, my first guild I could create, and I built my first house and claimed a piece of land. Well... I poured wood and set a flag next to it. But at least.

A realistic, historical setting — the bosses in the interview

Even before I could play myth of empires, I was allowed to ask the boss some questions about the game. The answers are all very detailed and the developers are very convinced of the game.

Mango: First: The game looks wonderful. Will Myth FI empires support specific graphics features such as DSS or Retracing?

Developer: Yes. DSS has been implemented with our current closed-beta test, Retracing is available in the developer version of the game. We work closely with NVIDIA to adjust the parameters of the ray tracing and achieve a better balance between optics and performance. As soon as these adjustments are complete, Retracing will also be available in the playable version.

Mango: Some features are reminiscent of popular survival games. What makes Myth of Empires unique?

Developer: Myth of Empires tells the story of the ancient eastern continent and is a realistic, historical setting in the foreground. The technological, cultural and military elements presented in the game are new for Western players. Since the game is more realistic and historic, there are not many fantasy elements such as magic. By contrast, the game supplies an immersive sandbox experience that fits the epoch in which it plays.

In contrast to other survival games, each server represents another district. These districts are connected in a larger, overarching world. Players can switch between EVE and PVP. There are three different, big battles for the players — including cross-server battles.

A game for survival fans with Emphasis on the Freedom of Players

Mango: In your first trailer, it looks like Saw Myth of Empires something like Mortal Online, Conan Exiles or even New World. With which game could interest people compare? Or: What games do I have to love myth of empires?

Developer: Our player base will probably consist mainly of survival and sandbox players. These players will first be familiar with the game mechanics. However, players who like hardcore fights like Mount & Blade, Fordham or Chivalry may find a lot here.

Of course there is a certain learning curve in survival games. That s why it s one of our goals to reduce the pressure to exercise such games on players and emphasize the freedoms of the players instead. We hope to attract players who like medieval and melee games as well as those standing on traditional MMORPGs.

For this purpose, Myth of Empires does not attach much weight to the fight against nature to survive as such games do normally do. We have introduced various rules to make sure everyone finds something he likes. Myth of Empires is not strictly built around a kind of hardcore gameplay that you have to fear that your base is completely destroyed when you look out.

MEMO: How important are construction and crafting and how exactly do these systems work?

Developer: Construction and crafting are extremely important in our game. Through these systems, the players are really familiar with the ancient eastern epoch, which represents the game. The players will have different needs in terms of food, clothing, houses, sadistic sports and fights.

The technology of this time was not very advanced, so players have to rely on manpower and animals like horses to solve problems. Later, wind and water structures can help here.

Each building needs certain resources and can establish certain items or equipment. These structures are fairly weak and vulnerable for themselves, so players have to build walls and watchtowers to protect them.

There are also some strategic elements. You can build your base in easily accessible areas, with many resources, but the cost of defense will be higher here.

Lifting and own NPCs to support

MEMO: How significant will be siege battles and how many people can participate?

Developer. There are currently two main types of siege. One takes place in the actual game. Groups of players can contain others besides that you find in the game world. There is something like that in other sandbox games.

The other kind is unique in myth of empires and allows players from different servers to meet at certain times. They bring their resources and objects to a separate map and fight there for a territory for power and profit.

These struggles are currently 50VS50 and each player can take up to 5 NPCs with themselves. However, our technical team still optimizes that, so that the mode can sometime even more players.

Mango: We can recruit NPCs in Myth of Empires. Will this be like in a strategy game or how exactly is that?

Developer: You can either recruit NPCs peacefully or force them to join you. These NPCs have the same general attributes like players and can help to do many things.

These NPCs are randomly created, so players need to search for an NPC that meets their needs. Some NPC attributes make them formidable fighters, so player can use them as a companion in battles or for the operation of siege weapons.

Other NPC attributes make the characters useful for the product sound. Players can use these NPCs to help you to craft, mining, etc.

MEMO: How will the monetization and future support (updates, LCS) appear?

Developer: Myth of Empires first appears on Steam in the Early Access. During this time we will focus on improving the core involvement of the game. In the future we could put on LCS to bring additional content, including, but not limited to environment and maps, crafting recipes, weapons from other countries or lake battles.

Does myth of empires perhaps be too much at once?

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According to this information, myth of Empires offers pretty much everything you can imagine. A kind of egg-laying wool milk SAU, from which every gamer can only dream:

The NPC system sounds a bit after the slaves of Conan Exiles. The fight sounds like murder. Fight for territories there are in New World and skills and talents have already existed in classical role-playing games.

Maybe myth of Empires takes him up a bit much. Apparently, many genres are united in itself, what the danger does that a focus plays. If everyone should be addressed, nobody feels attracted.

Graphically, Myth of Empires could not quite hold what the trailers promised. Nevertheless, the game looks neatly and even on ultra settings and DLS full on optics sees it looks perfect on a 2080 with 2 screens.

However, we have also played a very early version, which seems to be limited above all on mechanics. And these worked in the short time without problems.

Since Myth of Empires will support technologies such as DSS and Retracing, it can be assumed that optically again is released. How much, does it still have to show. I pursue the development in any case looking forward and hope that the plan of the developer is rising. Because I can imagine that Myth of Empires is a very solid survival game, with many additional elements.

However, until myth of Empires appears, and you can make a picture yourself, you will find my best survival games 2021 for PlayStation, Xbox and PC on Mango.


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