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Steam Deck: The biggest problem is anti-cheat, but the solution should only be one

Valve Firm, additionally referred to as Valve Software program, is a US firm Computer game Designer. He came to be globally renowned for his initial game, Half-Life as well as for a modification of this, Counter-Strike. Others of his most renowned achievements are the creation of the Source computer game engine, made use of in much of his video games, consisting of Half-Life 2, Portal, Group Citadel 2, Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2 and also Data 2 and also the production of The Steam Digital Video Clip Game System. Valve Software Headquarters lie in Bellevue, Washington, USA.

The Steam Deck of Valve is supposed to have problems with the popular anti-cheat technology Battle ye. But apparently the problem can be created with a simple mail from the world. Lest all the background to this thing here on Mango!

What is the Steam Deck? The Steam Deck is a handheld console of Valve, which wants to offer you the functions of the gaming PC in the form of a small console.

The Steam Deck is intended to support all Games of your Steam library and make them accessible at any time and anywhere. But there is a problem with the anti-cheat tool Battle ye.

What is the problem with Battle ye? Battle ye is a strong anti-cheat tool used in games like Fortnite, PUBG or Conan Exiles. The problem is that it was previously incompatible with the proton software of Valve.

Two massive anti-cheat solutions WILL run on Steam Deck PLUS Valve drops a new FAQ! | On Deck 6 Proton is a compatibility layer to run Windows programs running on a Linux system. This is essential at the Steam Deck as it runs on a Linux-based operating system.

So if you could rely on top of it, thanks to Battle ye to enjoy its appropriate Steam games with protection against cheaters, may soon have a problem if he wants to use the steam deck to release.

Developers should be able to vacate with simple mail problems from the world

What does the solution look like? Apparently the problem should be done but already done. Because the developers recently posted on their blog (via, which you can easily implement battle ye on request, if the developers will send a simple mail to Valve.

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As mentioned earlier, the integration of Battle ye in Proton has reached a point where all developers have to contact Battle ye to activate it for their title. Apart from this communication, no additional steps from the developers are required. Partners have begun to activate Battle ye support for their titles. This means that these games will work on the steam deck. From today, the Battle ye anti-cheat systems of Mount & Blade II: Banner lord and ARK: Survival Evolved on Proton. More will follow soon.

Is that really that easy? Apparently it is not a big thing to unlock the religious games for Battle ye in the Proton Layer.

At Mount & Blade II: Banner lord and ARK: Survival Evolved should already be passed. But what about the other important titles like PUBG, Day or Rainbow Six victories? The Website The verge (via has already asked if the mail has already been sent and has not received an answer so far.

The reasons for the silence are unknown, and maybe it s a bit more complex than just write a small mail and ask for support. Nevertheless, Battle ye support seems finally flaps, and it should be possible for short or long even in the missing games that they use the anti-cheat tool on the steam deck.

If you want more info to the Steam Deck: 6 important things that you need to know about Valves Steam Deck.


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