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Wow: 3 small details that patch 9.1.5 has done pretty well

With Patch 9.1.5 world of Warcraft, trying to appease the player base. Some details that succeed very well.

Patch 9.1.5 plenty of changes in World of Warcraft has brought. However, there are a number of small improvements that are not so obvious, and it looks a little about the whole mess. We want the focus to three details that may not revolutionize the game completely, but cause significantly more comfort.

souls gather in Toughest

A big damper on a new character is the need to Anima to farm and gather souls to be able to expand to the Pact Sanctum. Anima that can be transferred between characters, which are likely to have noticed most by now.

But the gathering of souls has been massively improved. Not only you can watch the Group 20 souls in the throat quest complete several times — you may be able also tackle off the Maw!

If you freed at your visit to Toughest namely now tormented souls, then count the also for the mopping 20 souls quest. So you strike two birds with one stone. Who collects about in his new character Soul Ashes and Seelenglut to build a Legendary, can incidentally also increase its supply of souls.

Since Toughest feels twice as rewarding, and you do not run more like crazy through the throat to zerkloppen to any stone prisons.

Makes a small but pretty cool change that Toughest better and the grind of the Pact Sanctum much more pleasant.

Good equipment, directly to the start

Even in patch 9.1, there was the possibility of converting Stygian into articles having Equip 200th The system has been improved, so now armor slots can be targeted directly. Rather than simply get accidentally any item, you can now receive targeted a breastplate, shoes or a weapon.

But there is more. Who has a particularly large number Bravery or conquest points from PVP and Eve, can thus buy special boxes that contain equipment for Twinks! The items can you buy next to the Flight Master in Tribes and then send them to your secondary characters. However, noted the need for a dungeon rating of 1500 is necessary — correspondingly high, it must also be in the PVP items.

Since both bravery and capture points are no longer subject Cap, even the bad feeling, a possible improvement for the main character is missing to miss. At the weekly dungeon visit her so always felt now progress — even if it is in the form of equipment for a secondary character, whom you may not even have created it.

More Follower XP — for the whole account

A third change enters the XP-items you earn Table missions in Shadow lands can. If you send your supporters in the Pact Sanctum diligently on missions, then bring the gold, Anima, mounts and experience points home, so that they become stronger.

There are also always items that can be directly converted into XP for your followers, to bring them more quickly to the targeted levels past 60.

Since patch 9.1.5, these items are account bound. So you may be able to send Twinks or transfer of your alts to the main character.

Patch 9.1.5 GUIDE: All You Need To Know Thus, the levels of attendants will be completed much more quickly, so that they emerge successful from more missions and yield significantly more profit.

Also, this is just a small detail — but one that noticeably improved this feature and makes it worthwhile to take the table missions with secondary characters in attack.

Overall, the course only three small changes from the variety of improvements in patch 9.1.5. But they have significantly improved the quality of play and show impressively as I can contribute small adjustments to a much better feel.

What is your favorite change of patch 9.1.5? What detail did you notice, and the game greatly improved for you?


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