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Again draw: Carlsen continues on course

Both players renounced significant profit attempts in the duel on Wednesday. If the three points had wanted to play past Nepomnajaschi on victory, would have been to be expected with a Sicilian opening, but the challenger remained with black in the solid Russian. Carlson also chose a risk-free variant. With reaching the 41st train, the point was finally divided.

Decision already in the next game?

This is the 31-year-old Norwegian now with 6.5: 3.5 lead. Since a victory is considered a point, Carlson could already defend his title in the coming game on Friday with a success. Alternatively, the Grand master would also give two draws, for each of which is awarded half a point. In such a result, after 2014, 2016 and 2018, the fourth successful title defense Carl sens would be.

Chess World Cup in Dubai, tenth game, 8.12.

White : Magnus Carlson (Norway)

Black : Jan Nepomnjaschi (Russia)

Magnus Carlsen Offers A Draw to Ian Nepomniachtchi in World Chess Championship 2021

10 . World Cup game, Russian

1. E4 E5 2. SF3 SF6 3. SX5 D6 4. SD3 SXE4 5. DE2 DE7 6. SF4 SF6 7. D4 SC6 8. C3 D5 9. SD2 SD8 10. SF3 DXE2 + 11. LXE2 LD6 12. OO 13. LD3 TE8 14. TE1 TXE1 + 15. SXE1 SE6 16. SXE6 LXE6 17. G3 G6 18. SG2 TE8 19. F3 SH5 20. KF2 C6 21. G4 SG7 22. LF4 LXF4 23. SXF4 G5 24. SE2 F5 25. H₃ KF7 26. TH1 H₆ 27. F4 FXG4 28. HXG4 LXG4 29. TXH6 LF5 30. LXF5 SXF5 31. TH7 + SG7 32. FXG5 KG6 33. TH3 KXG5 34. TG3 + KF6 35. TF3 + KE7 36. SF4 KD6 37. SG6 TE6 38. SE5 SE8 39. TF7 TF6 + 40. TXF6 + SXF6 41. KE3 Remix.

Stand: 6.5: 3.5 for Carlson


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