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Nurito's second firing is in May next year

Nuri-myeon's second launch schedule scheduled for May next year will be delayed.

This is because it requires a time to complement the design changes to overcome the problem of the three-stage oxidizing tank identified in the primary launch.

The Sisters of the Saturdays of the Saturdays of the Yuri Launching Committee, said, In Yuri, the Causes of the Helium Tank, which is the cause of a satellite simulation in the first shot of Yuri, In contrast to design changes to resolve this, the second firing scheduled for May will be postponed in May next year.

He said, However, since the three-stage engine was normally operated and the system of supplying the oxidizing agent, it is said that it will prepare the second firing through complementary work that enhances the structure of the helium tank fixing part and the oxidant tank.

9.1 Identify the Oxidizing and Reducing Agents in Redox Equations [SL IB Chemistry]

The following is the contents of the Mt. CWA Tuning survey chairperson, Won Hymn John Giant Public Policy, Won Hymn John.

How to increase the weight is increased by the design change of the 3-stage, and how much the limit value is.

The vibration in the launch body is essential, and there is no choice but to prepare for it. In the three-stage oxidant tank, the fixing part was caused in the process of contending the fixing part to the internal structure. The specific vibration was not the cause of abnormal flight and was ancillary occurring in the oxidant tank. The weight increase can be inevitably inevitable and depends on how the design changes. Weight margins are sufficient and can be in the level.

— Can May Second Launches will proceed as expected.

There is an improvement method. I am looking for specific content on improvement plans, but May 2nd launch is difficult. We will announce the business promotion committee and the National Astronomy Committee.

— If it is difficult for May), can I fire it?

You have to worry about how to change the design, and how to make it easier for the actual tank. It is difficult to talk about when now. I will do my best to make a disruption to another subsequent schedule.

— Where is the subject developed the 3-stage oxidizing tank.

Developed with Di amen Heavy Industries. Supplementary, reinforcing work for this cause will also be dedicated to doubt. It is not easy to accurately reproduce flight. There is a pretty test that can not be done on the ground. This is true.

— Third, the engine is a universal method.

It was a problem of a system that supplies an oxidizing agent, not a three-stage engine. The three-stage engine worked normally.

— Can I say that the final result is partial success.

The first test launch of the launch of the launch of domestic technology. The failure process is also part of the development process. There was a performance of technology accumulation. In 2015, there was an oxidant tank explosion accident as a problem with the same way, and there was such a case in advanced countries recently. It was a case that could have a lot of experience.

— This problem is that it is possible to solve. Is there any influence on the second launch.

& Quot; Sufficiently supplemented and designed can be applied. We are investigating throughout the flight and confirmed that there is no problem yet in other areas.

— What is the role of helium tank

Helium tank is a role to press the fuel and oxidizing agent smoothly to the engine. Helium is used to pressurize the propellant tank.

— How much the buoyancy increased?

There is a phenomenon that increases the buoyancy in proportion in acceleration. There was a buoyancy for 4.3g in the actual flight, and there was a mistake that did not take into account the buoyancy for the maximum acceleration.

— I could not check the problem of vibration

More than 2,600 telemetry data are found. When you launch, you can not confirm everything, and you can see about 200. Vibration data is not real-time confirmation. It is the fact that all the telemetry data is collected and confirmed from the next week.

How can the internal design change affect the second firing

Because the current cause is confirmed, we must proceed with the design change. Internally requires a process of reviewing, and a procedure for establishing a schedule is required.


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