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Seoane announces: Pause for Hradecky, debut for Lunev

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It is a trump, which Bayer 04 has developed on the first five match days of the Europa League. While the Contract from Frankfurt, where the Herself is on Sunday, on Thursday at Fenerbahçe Istanbul still to fight the group victory and thus the direct entry into the second round of the second, Bayer 04 has already completed this step. A constellation that Gerardo Sloane will use.

We'll change a lot, as much as possible, the Leverkusen coach announced on Monday for the tabular fully meaningless game at Ferencvaros Budapest on Thursday. In Hungary, the Swiss will protect so many family forces, as the now again relaxed personnel situation gives.

This will also lead to Andrey Line (30) will give its debut for Bayer 04. The Russian national goalkeeper (seven missions), which came in the summer of Zenith St. Petersburg, has already assigned a place in the starting elf. Stand today we discussed that Andrey starts this game, explains Sloane, he always trained well and deserves this chance.

Luke — that's not forgotten in the national players — has never been free.

Roger Federer

Gerardo Sloane

In addition, the coach can give some peace of mind so its number 1, the Finnish national goalkeeper Lukas Radetzky. Luke — that's not forgotten in the national players — has never been free. The others have two three days in the country play period, the national players are always traveling. The entire stress is already a big burden, explains Sloane.

Of course, this also applies to many other actors that were active for your country. Consequently, Sloane announces for the Budapest Trip lasting from Wednesday to Friday: It may also be that one or the other here. And he is likely to think about his two offensive key players, Florian With and Patrick.

Chic not yet painless — well-considered load at With

Chic celebrated after a ribbon tear in the ankle with relatively little team training eight days ago in Leipzig (3: 1) his comeback and on Saturday at 7: 1 against Fürth a four-person pack. But painless is not the center forces yet. At With, the burden must be well-considered, as the tens of the start of the season repeatedly plague and hip problems.

The thought is in both players to work on Sunday, now to reduce a bit, to work individually, explains the coach, it is also an opportunity we need to perceive so that these players did not hurt. Sloane and Bayer will use this option they have developed themselves.


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