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The paper house will have a spin

Aurélie Donate, born upon September 27, 1976, in Savigny-sur-Barley in Essence, is an actress, vocalist and French professional dancer. It is publicly exposed in 2002 many thanks to the 2nd season of the Celebrity Academy program, while getting on the poster of several effective programs such as: beautiful lovely (2003), Hi Joe (2006) or the Francophone version of the SISTER ACT PROGRAM (2012). She is likewise known for playing in the series sing! (2009), Camping Paradise from 2013 to 2016, tomorrow belongs to us in 2018 as well as more lately more lovely life from 2021.

Paper House The last episodes of the fifth season of The Paper House will arrive at Netflix in a few more days, however, the saga will not end yet. We say this because in 2023 there will be a new spin-off, focused on one of the most important characters in the series.

This is, Berlin will have its own spin-off in the future, and previously it had already been indicated on its existence. Alex Piney, Creator of the series, came to mention that he had a few ideas in mind to continue with the series in the future, and now we already know what he was referring to exactly.

Apparently, this new series will be a history of origin for the character played by Pedro Alonso, but at the moment, Netflix has not revealed official details about the project. During a recent question and answers session, Alonso said the following regarding this Spin-off:

I know that the producers will give the series a lot of twist turns. The responsibility to create a spin-off for such a popular series goes that it is a burden, and I hope we can have the courage to use all this incredible energy to risk everything once more.

Berlin: A New Series reaches Netflix at some point of 2023.



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