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Crysis 4 comes: Crytek makes the bomb burst and unveiled long-awaited Sequel

Crisis 4 was announced. Creek had obviously accidentally released an image on the Chinese social media platform Bidibidi, but now the whole thing has been officially announced. Accordingly, it will soon be finally maximum armor, Barnfield activated and of course But Can It Run Crisis?. The question of which platforms the continuation the last bit of power can be checked out, maybe can already answer. Creek speaks of a real next gene shooter, so we go from PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Crisis 4 officially announced with NATO teaser

That's why: The Crisis games have been considered a solid shooter since part 1 as a solid shooter, but above all as a particularly pretty and hardware hungry. With the help of a pantsuit we can either activate a camouflage field or get a stronger armor as well as more force. Romero relaxes a wild story full of aliens and mysterious events in a not too distant future.

Not all too long ago, the Crisis Remastered trilogy appeared. Here you can see a trailer:

Crisis 4 comes! What many have already suspected given the new editions has now been officially confirmed. The main character prophet slips again into his pantsuit, and we get a fourth part of the graphically complex shooter series. First, Creek had published a picture on the Chinese social media page Bidibidi, but that was deleted shortly thereafter (via: Euro gamer).

Officially: A short time later, a very short and unfortunately relatively unsuspecting mini teaser on Twitter was published. This actually shows only some destruction, possibly NATO particles and a broken helmet as well as various similarly destroyed skyscrapers. But best you can see yourself:

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Otherwise, unfortunately, there are no information about the release date, timeframe, information about the story, platforms or similar. However, Creek clearly makes it clear that Crisis 4 is expected to be part of the journey and hero.

But at least there are a few smaller details on the official Creek side. For example, the indication that Crisis 4 is still in a very early stage of development. Accordingly, it takes for a while for a while. In addition, there is talk of a real next gene shooter, on PS4 and Xbox One Crisis 4 should no longer appear.

How do you find the short teaser? What are you hoping for from Crisis 4?


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