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Pokimane vs Ninja Beef intensifies with threats of legal actions

The first Twitch fight of 2022 is here, and has Tyler's wife «Ninja» Blevins, Jessica Blevins, threatening IMAGE «Primate» Any's with legal actions. The fight originally began as Primate vs. Vision «Vision» Adams after the latter, which is also popular on Twitch, but is best known for its popular YouTube channel, instructed its fanatics, on December 13, to attack Primate twitch transmission with and spam «L + ratio» in the chat. This led Primate to prematurely end the transmission and Vision to be temporarily suspended. And then, on January 17, this temporary suspension became a permanent ban. One would think that this is where it would have ended, but not even close.

Ninja got involved in the drama when he addressed everything during a recent transmission, and gave him some advice to Vision, who included suggesting that he does not instruct the followers of him to attack other transmitters. Ninja even alluded to help YouTuber get out of trouble, and pointed out that he would communicate with those he knows on Twitch about the situation through text messages. What put Ninja in trouble, at least with Primate, was when he told Vision that he can not provide bitches. Realizing the implications, Ninja quickly clarified that he was using bitches in general.

Primate was not very satisfied with what Ninja was doing or with her use of bitches, saying that he would not use it if Primate was a man. He also accused Ninja to try to use his connections on Twitch to raise Vision's prohibition, something that Ninja said he would do, but at that time there was no evidence that he did.


Now, it is part of the timeline when the wife and manager of Ninja, Jessica Blevins, gets involved. On Twitter, Primate revealed a direct message supposedly sent by Blevins that threatened to take legal action.

I think Jessica is trying to say that Ninja pretended to send a text message to her twitch's representative of her, which I am willing to accept, and I can not refute, Primate added at a follow-up of the previous Tweet. I just wanted the clip to show what happened.

After this, Primate also shared a direct message from the Ninja himself, where Ninja swore that he never contacted anyone on Twitch for the situation of Vision and pointed out that Primate was committing a big mistake.

For now, it remains to be seen what will come out of this situation between Primate and Ninja. As for Vision, he since then apologized and promised to overcome the situation.

As always, we will keep you informed as the situation evolves. Meanwhile, for more coverage especially everything related to games, including the latest news, rumors and leaks, click here.


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