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The best bonuses in the game Vampire Survivors

In the game Vampire Survivors, 14 gains are offered to choose from. They are purchased for gold in the main menu. Everyone has its own effect that changes the way all the characters in the game work. Best bonuses Good bonuses Average bonuses The worst bonuses Remember that you can always override your bonuses, so experiment until you are not enough gold to use them all. In addition, there are certain strategies that require that you do not use individual bonuses. So do not think that you need to be laid out at the maximum. Below we listed the best gain in the game Vampire Survivors. Best bonuses Quantity as well as Height Two best options for further advancement in the game. Experience is the most important resource in Vampire Survivors, and the presence of a larger number of shells increases the damage of your characters more than any other gain. Good bonuses cool , Good luck , Armor , Magnit as well as area All good options. Recharge increases damage more than po

How to open the door of shipwreck cabins in Voice of Cards: The Forsaken Maiden

In the north-east of the marine card lie debriefs that once it was passenger ship . He stands behind the whirlpool, protected by sea monsters. When you try to explore it, you will find that the aircraft salon is closed tightly. The game definitely creates the impression that you must leave her alone, but it is not. Cabin door can be opened with scratched key . It will be in a floating treasure chest. east of Omega Island . The exact tile on which you need to be is where our ship is below. Straight the chest when he floats next to you. Three weak marine monster will attack you. Win them, and you will get the key. Take the key back to the northeast shipwreck location and open the cabin door. This costs a little interesting story, but it is important that you get: Sound of compassion II . Increases the attack on two points and significantly increases the chance of a critical strike of the character. This quest is also the only place where you can get it, so if you want to reple

Wow Patch 9.2 Release: Large server maintenance on February 23, 2022

Do you still know when Blizzard has published the last, great content update for WOW: Shadowlands? It is a felt eternity. Concrete: On June 30, 2021, Patch 9.1 appeared. July, August, September, three in mind... Almost eight months. Holy Moly. It will be time for new challenges, go beyond well-good adjustments . Performance: Patch 9.2! Finally new content! Long maintenance on February 23rd Finally new content! With "end of eternity" appears tomorrow, on February 23, 2022, finally the new (and at the same time last), large content package for WOW: Shadowlands. At the start: the new Zone Zereth Mortis, including a fresh group and systems like the cipher of the first, but also the RAID challenge mausoleum of the first or the transformation of Tazavesh into two "normal" dungeons. Everything you need to know about the new content package can be found in the following two specials: WOW Patch 9.2: End of Eternity - Our Great Overview of the New Update WOW: Ever

Horizon Forbidden West: These types of quests and activities are available

The world of Horizon Forbidden West has a whole lot to offer. The number of different activities is enormous. Guerrilla Games apparently has the compulsion to clearly categorize everything. However, the Studio from Amsterdam uses Horizon Forbidden West just as with its predecessor Horizon Zero Dawn the well-known Ubisoft formula for Open World Games and there is a categorization of missions and other activities yes somehow. Guerrilla may have a little exaggerated. Open the quest menu in Horizon Forbidden West, presents the game a list of rich 15 categories. Now the title is truly offering a wide range of things that you can do in its extensive game world, but some subdivisions would have been able to save the Dutch also for clarity. Since the game does not reveal the game at the beginning in the case of most categories what it is about (they are only listed as "unknown"), we introduce you to all activities and quests in this guide. But it was already on the way that everyo

Pokémon legends: Arceus is completely successful, but according to players, it lacks an essential feature

What is Pokémon Legends: Arceus So Anders? This Pokémon video game is fundamentally different from all other video games of pocket beasts. You might also claim that it is more than likely to bear in mind the mobile traditional Pokémon Go. Gamers require an ideal attribute to Pokémon legends: Arceus Tips for arranging the pastures in Pokémon legends: Arceus. Pokémon legends: Arceus is already among the best-selling Pokémon games and also commemorates a significant success with the fans. An important function lacks the players of the new button video games - and no, it's not concerning the visuals that is otherwise ever before denounced. Meinmmo tells you what it's all around. Stood for are 244 pocket beasts from all previous editions of the Key series (using YouTube). Together with Fiurigel, Ottaro or Bauz as your starter Pokémon you make on your own on the journey to complete the Pokédex. Unlike otherwise you do not have any fields, the Poké League or seldom instructor

Words of 5 letters start on the one - Wordle Help

The popular Wordle Puzzle, which swept the whole country, can be very difficult on some days. This is especially true when you are stuck on the first few letters, not knowing what to guess further. If today (or on any other day), you struggled to come up with guesses that you can try in Wordle, then we have a list for you! words out of 5 letters starting on that - Wordle List Today's letters from which Wordle word begins, TA . Try any of the five-letter words in our list to get the highest possible Wordle. Just view this list until you find the word you want to use to assume, enter it in Wordle mailboxes and press ENTER. Tabby Table taboo silent tacks sticky Tako So you Tuffy Tails Secrets damage taken taking accepts Talci Taler Fairy tales Negotiation talkative heights check Talon tame teller tames Tampa tango spicy Tanks Tapas Picked cone tapes Tapir late Tarot tarpaulin Tarry Pies Tarti Tased

Dragon Ball Fighterz: First Gameplay and Specials A21 Lab Coat

Dragon Ball Fighterz continues in full evolution and Android 21 Lab Coat is the next character that will reach the game through the Fighter PLab Coats 4. And Lab Coat part of the Dragon Ball Battle Hour 2022, Bandai Namco hLab Coat us Shown the First Gameplay of the character in question, in which we can see it in action by making some attacks of its repertoire. Then we leave you the video. The game that raised the fight to a new dimension in Spain Dragon Ball: The Breakers, First impressions The game that raised the fight to a new dimension in Spain Dragon Ball Fighterz hLab Coat become one of the best-selling games in the history of the franchise, but his achievements transcend beyond the number of copies sold . The impact that hLab Coat caused during the competitive scene in countries such Lab Coat Spain, the United States and France allow it to stay at the top, thanks to the railroad community that hLab Coat been able to create. In the following link you can read the full

Diogo Jota is missing against Norwich, downtime unknown

In the Champions League game on Wednesday at Inter Milan (2: 0) the Portuguese was replaced at halftime, Roberto Firmminio came for him. His coach Klopp announced as a result on Friday on the press conference in front of the home game against Norwich City (Live! Saturday, 4 pm, at Roberto Firmminio) that Diogo Jota is not available for the game, but the extent of its injury is not yet known. "We need another assessment. It's something with some bands, in and around the ankle, but not 'the band, but some others," Klopp said. So everything else is possible: "That it will go very fast or vice versa. So we have to wait." If the 25-year-old will be longer, the winter commitment of outer storm Luis Diaz from Porto would probably be paid directly. He is already for the Norwich game hot candidate for the starting element.

Europa League: Thanks to Var! Barca rescues Remis against Napoli

Mitvorit FC Barcelona has to tremble the eighth place in the Europa League. In the playoff first leg against the SSC Naples, the team took a national goalkeeper Marc-Andre Ter Stegen on Thursday night after residue a 1: 1 (0: 1). Europe League Playoffs: Conference-League playoffs: Piotr Zielinski (29.) Request in his leadership ter Stegen only in adoptment, new entry Ferran Torres (59th) compared to the network of video proof in the second half. The second leg in Naples rises on February 24th (21.00 clock). Barca was as a group-writer behind Bayern Munich and Benfica Lisbon from the Champions League descent. Mario Götze, however, reached with the PSV Eindhoven a 1-0 (1: 0) against Maccabi Tel Aviv. Cody Gakpo (11th) achieved the winner for the team of Roger Schmidt in the initial phase. Europe League Playoffs: Home Guest Result FC Barcelona SSC Naples 1: 1 (0: 1) Borussia Dortmund Glasgow Rangers 2: 4 (0: 2) Sheriff Tiraspol SC Braga 2: 0 (1: 0) Zenit

This laptop Gamer Dell G15 is really cheap (

The FNAC is raining the promos and a Gamer laptop benefits. This Dell G15 equipped with a small configuration for the full HD game loses 400 €. Thanks to this reduction, it passes below the 650 €, something to be happy in the games. Its advantages Some reservations Find the best material the good plan What alternative? the good plan Dell G15 5515 Dell Inspiron G... Amazon 1,399,00 Amazon 949.00 Marketplace 1 226,17 Rakuten 1 226,61 Dell is a PC specialist and relies on its subsidiary Alienware , specializing in Gaming , to offer powerful gamers computers. The Dell G15 is a gamer PC that inherited the expertise of Alienware . Its aggressive design demonstrates its orientation Gamer and its large ventilation vents suggest the cooling capabilities of the machine. In this configuration, the Dell G15 embarks a classic processor Intel Core i5 10500H , accompanied by 8 GB of RAM. The graphic part is entrusted to a small GTX 1650 , sufficient t

Daily Deals from 13.02.: PS5 raffs b. Amazon • MSI Gaming

All Daily Deals of the Day in the overview with direct links All Daily Deals of the Day in the overview with direct links Daily Deal: These conditions must be fulfilled Raffle at Amazon: PlayStation 5 + Horizon Forbidden West as a grand prize Daily Deal: These conditions must be fulfilled Raffle at Amazon: PlayStation 5 + Horizon Forbidden West as a grand prize Welcome to the Daily Deals of today beamazon, Media Markt, Saturn, Mindfactory, Alternate and Co. These are today's highlights: Daily Deals • MSI Gaming Monitor 24 "165Hz 199 € • Logitech Lightspeed Gaming Keyboard 174,34 € • Alternate Daily Deals (UA Transcend 1TB SSD PCie 4.0 (PS5-compatible) 109,90 € • Mindstar (UA PowerColor RX 6700 XT 12GB 795 € • PS5 raffle at Amazon • Surface to best prices [Advertising] All Daily Deals of the Day in the overview with direct links Daily Deal: These conditions must be fulfilled A big discount at Amazon, a price campaign at Media Markt or a special offer at Alt

Lost Ark: All songs and how you get

In Lost Ark you can find 21 songs . But what do you use yourself? Learn in this guide: What are songs in Lost Ark? What is the sheet's sheet and where do I find it? All songs in Lost Ark for your central sheet What the songs in Lost Ark are at all Which benefit you have What it has on the music sheet Where you can find all songs All basics that you should master in the MMO, we tell you in our beginner guide to Lost Ark. What are songs in Lost Ark? Even while you spend the first hours in Lost Ark, you will learn the first songs - such as "The Song of Escape". That does not mean that you are now standing somewhere and caught a little aria. Much more allow you the songs to perform certain actions. The songs are identical for all classes , so that you do not expect any advantages or disadvantages in this regard. A look at the overview of songs also reveals that they differ in the cooldown. For some songs, the 5 seconds can be for more than 24 hours at others. W

Call of Duty 2022 will be Modern Warfare 2, Activision officializes rumors

It is an unexpected and yet Activision did. During a small thread on Twitter, Activision simply confirmed the rumors that ran around the Call of Duty of the year 2022, namely that it will be many Modern Warfare 2. The real name of the game N ' is not mentioned not mentioned, but the American publisher says it's the rest of the 2019 Modern Warfare. The Studio in charge of Development is well Infinity Ward and the latter also takes care of the new direction that Va Take Warzone in the future. Since Modern Warfare 2022 and Warzone are developed in concert, it will be necessary to expect large evolutions, with a new 3D engine and especially a brand new map. The month of April is obviously, which is usually the most conducive period to unveil the new call of annual pumps. We will obviously be there to relay everything.

Hardly gaps to find at 1: 0 victory against Wegberg

The SC Prussia Münster was successfully launched in the compulsory yield 2022 and drove a total of 1: 0 home win on the 23rd match day of the Regionalliga West. On the way, the Eagle Club was clearly better team, even if he could not fully bring the quality benefits into the place. Thus, a sometimes somewhat tough game developed on heavy Bode against a well-staggered and difficult opponent. Dream combination to the 1: 0 Clearer chances in passage two Data for the game The very big surprises in the starting eleven stayed on Saturday afternoon, the nomination of Winterszugang Lukas Frenkert may be most likely in this category. He defended behind the left and should contribute to the game, especially with his physical cake and his long suspects. On the opposite side, team captain activated Julian Schauerte, Simon Sherder and Marcel Hoffmeier formed the center-containing duo. In the midfield, Nicolai Remberg, Dominik Klann and Gerrit Wegkamp on, in the offensive Henok Teklab right, Alexa

The developer of Horizon Forbidden West reveals how long the game lasts

One of the developers behind Horizonte forbidden west has revealed how long it should take to end the next sequel to PlayStation. In a next month of launches that will be filled with titles as Luxury moribund 2 , pokémon legends: arceous and anillo by Elden Some fans have been asking specifically how much time for prohibited west_ will take to overcome so that they can try to make juggling with everything else that It is coming out. And while Horizonte forbidden west will not be a short game in any way, if you could quickly beat the first installment of the series, it seems that you should not have problems with the follow-up. In a conversation with Gamerapro, horizon of West Forbidden ​​The director Mathjiz de Jonge revealed that the duration of the game should be equivalent to that of horizonte zero dawn . Although he specified that ewest prohibited, it will be larger than the game that preceded it in some aspects, the main story alone should last as much as _amaner zero . Ba

Dramatic Suburb online RPG "DE: Lithe" GAMEFI / NFT project starts!

ENISH Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato Ward, Representative Director, President, Representative Director: Yohei Nizu), February 2nd, 2022, a total download of 7,770,000 Subscribed Smartphone Dramatic Solid Online RPG "DE: Lithe ~ I knew that I started developing GAMEFI / NFT games in the letter of the letter of forgetting and the Angel of the Mating. ENISH Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato Ward, Representative Director, President, Representative Director: Yohei Nizu), February 2nd, 2022, a total download of 7,770,000 Subscribed Smartphone Dramatic Solid Online RPG "DE: Lithe ~ We will start developing GAMEFI / NFT games in the letter of the letter of oblivion and the Angel of the Mating. In addition, in the development of this project, we will inform you of business alliance with Hashport Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yoshida Expo, and HASHPORT). New Project Official Site: https: // In this project, unlike previous games, we aim to provi

Africa Cup: Senegal gets first title to drama in penalties

The Senegal won the Africa Cup for the first time. After two lost endgrounds 2002 and 2019, the team defeated topstar Sadio Mane record winner Egypt (seven titles) with 4: 2 in penalties, although Bouna Sarr had failed from the German record champion Bayern Munich from the point. The decisive penalty transformed MANE from FC Liverpool. There were no goals in the regular season and extension. Egypt and Superstar Mohamed Salah have to wait for her first triumph since 2010. Mane was at the end to the hero, although he had failed under the eyes of FIFA President Gianni Infantino in the seventh minute with a faulerfeter still on the strong Egyptian goalkeeper Gabaski. Overall, it was a tough final. Egypt has been heavily difficult for three extensions in the games. The Senegal was game-determining, but repeatedly failed to Gabaski. Host Cameroon had been secured on Saturday three through a 5: 3 in penalties against Burkina Faso. In the regular season, Cameroon had transformed a 0: 3 res