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Dramatic Suburb online RPG "DE: Lithe" GAMEFI / NFT project starts!

ENISH Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato Ward, Representative Director, President, Representative Director: Yohei Nizu), February 2nd, 2022, a total download of 7,770,000 Subscribed Smartphone Dramatic Solid Online RPG "DE: Lithe ~ I knew that I started developing GAMEFI / NFT games in the letter of the letter of forgetting and the Angel of the Mating.

ENISH Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato Ward, Representative Director, President, Representative Director: Yohei Nizu), February 2nd, 2022, a total download of 7,770,000 Subscribed Smartphone Dramatic Solid Online RPG "DE: Lithe ~ We will start developing GAMEFI / NFT games in the letter of the letter of oblivion and the Angel of the Mating.

In addition, in the development of this project, we will inform you of business alliance with Hashport Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yoshida Expo, and HASHPORT).

New Project Official Site: https: //

In this project, unlike previous games, we aim to provide new play experiences that manage the items that have been obtained and the equipment that you have gained, etc., as a player's asset instead of the resource. We will focus on the following development as a new experience aiming for the project. ※ NFT is an abbreviation of NON-FUNGIBLE TOKEN (= unlikely token). Block chain technology is used as digital data with ownership certificates, and tampering and forgery are not possible.

# Item that I got in battle with friends is an asset!

A heavy story is one of the attractions of this work. Enjoy adventures in the magnificent world.

Diverse weapons and armor will appear, but among them, equipment with rare characteristics and ability is limited to the maximum number of existence. Get a powerful equipment tailored to your own play style.

10 NFT Games You Can Play Right Now By incorporating DEFI concepts into asset formation in the game, rare equipment, items, etc. can be traded between players, such as NFT.

A magnificent adventure is one person. Let's collect friends who want to make aspirations and face a mighty enemy. During the adventure, you may get important assets called tokens.

Collecting items and materials can increase the value of the item by enhancing it. Equipment with limited rare items and rare options are possible to have an unexpected value.

De: Lithe's game system with a variety of content Added a Play to Earn element to the Lithe game system and provides a new world that has been experienced until now.

# "De: Lithe (Dalisation) ~ Annion of Oblivion and Angel of Mating

A total of 772 million downloads from the start of service of 2020, "DE: Lithe-Angel Angel and Angel-Angel ~" is the theme of "life", and drama-ticed dramatic pendulic owner It is a co-fight online RPG. We will proceed with a serious story spun on the prayer "Mist" in a single play multiplayer real-time battle.

# "De: Lithe (Dalisa) -3 points of" Angel of Forgetto and Angel of Maintenance- "

Several story depicting the pace of God and human perfect battle to the theme of "life"

A dramatic human pattern that a unique character is woven by a large world view of the scales of God and human beings.

Online multi-battles that each challenge with fellow and mighty enemies while each plays a job role Hired high-speed active command battle with depths. While playing a job role, challenge the battle with a fellow and a mighty boss! Please pay attention to the 3D motion where the character moves around the character dynamically.

Many element elements. Wide range of content and deep development system A wide range of content groups that can play every day or multi even with solo. Enjoy the character development using the development and strengthening of the time.

# DE: Lithe x Gamefi / NFT Project Road Map

DE: Lithe x GAMEFI / NFT project has established a roadmap up to 2023 to achieve a new play experience.

Phase 1 February 2022: Project announcement, public SNS starts March 2022: Game information public # 1-Overview introduction, white paper release phase 2 April 2022: Presale round 1, game information released # 2-Economy Information May 2022: Discord Community Starts: Game Information Publication # 3-Game Details June 2022: Presale Round 2 Phase 3 2022 Summer: Game Publishing Phase 4 2023 Winter: De: Lithe φ Governant Ken IEO Phase 5: Update for further development The latest information will be announced at the official site of this project. Continue to expect "DE: Lithe × NFT Game Conduct Project".

# HASHPORT company Overview

Company name: Hashport Co., Ltd. HOUTHP 4-chome 5-10 Edge Turf 4-chome Building 10F established: July 13, 2018 Representative: Yoshida Expo Business Description: 1. Wallet System for Cryptographic Asset Exchange Business 2.NFT platform business 3. Block chain consulting business URL: https: //

# ENISH Co., Ltd. (Enish)

In ENISH, Under Link with Fun's slogan, we will work on providing attractive services to enjoy more customers in the mission, "creating an Enish fan from all over the world".

Headquarters Location: Kohoku Ward 6-1-20 Roppongi 6-1-20 Roppongi Electric Building 4F: February 24, 2009 Representative Director: President and Representative Director: President and Development of Yasuhi Neutaka: Planning, Development and Operating URL: Http: // www.


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