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Horizon Forbidden West: These types of quests and activities are available

The world of Horizon Forbidden West has a whole lot to offer. The number of different activities is enormous.

Guerrilla Games apparently has the compulsion to clearly categorize everything. However, the Studio from Amsterdam uses Horizon Forbidden West just as with its predecessor Horizon Zero Dawn the well-known Ubisoft formula for Open World Games and there is a categorization of missions and other activities yes somehow. Guerrilla may have a little exaggerated. Open the quest menu in Horizon Forbidden West, presents the game a list of rich 15 categories. Now the title is truly offering a wide range of things that you can do in its extensive game world, but some subdivisions would have been able to save the Dutch also for clarity.

Since the game does not reveal the game at the beginning in the case of most categories what it is about (they are only listed as "unknown"), we introduce you to all activities and quests in this guide. But it was already on the way that everyone is worthwhile. Maybe not every actuation in Horizon Forbidden West shines with great design art, but the good game mechanics always ensures a minimum of fun and the other are also the rewards.

Main quests: We do not really say much, right? The main quests drive the main history of Horizon Forbidden West and you have to complete each individual if you want to see the credential.

Side quests: These are optional missions that are similarly complicated as the main tasks. Each of these quests tells their own story, sometimes they also access action strands that open the main quests. And some of them are quite long and extend over several chapters of the main story. You should not miss a single one of them.

Jobs: These are also side quests that tell stories and directly connected with characters in the world. Actually, Guerrilla Games would not have to pack them in their own category, other developers would not do that either. But seemingly the Dutch countries want to be as transparent here as possible, because the orders are less complex than the official co-missions. Partly it is also pure fetch quests, in which you just should get certain resources. That sounds a little exciting, but the orders are well integrated into the world and their overarching stories. Some are then more interesting than others and / or keep good rewards ready. In the first territory, for example, you switch over the quest "More wumms" (to find in chain scratch) the first stinger free.

Horizon Forbidden West: 10 Things The Game DOESN'T TELL YOU Tasks: This is not missions that Guerrilla Games has created, but which, which lets you. For each weapon and every outfit for dealers and any upgrades for your equipment, for which raw materials are still missing for you, you can create such a task with a touch of a button. If you have already discovered areas where the appropriate resources are found, they will be marked on the map. The feature comes from Horizon Zero Dawn and is enormously practical - in Horizon Forbidden West all the more because the number of weapons, outfits and upgrade options has greatly multiplied.

Booting contracts: There are traders in Horizon Forbidden West for which you go to the search for specific items. These missions have only a small narrative context, but the rewards are really good. And above all, when they are associated with the hunting on machines, they also have fun because the fighting against the partly gigantic robot are the playful highlight of Horizon Forbidden West.

Hunting Areas: Have you played Horizon Zero Dawn, you are already well familiar with this activity. These are hunting challenges that you have completed in certain areas. There are several challenges per area, in which you always have to fulfill a goal on time, for example, sum x of mechanical engineering y captured.

Melee: In some settlements of the game world, there are small arenas in which you are in duels against NPCs and need to apply certain skills. Accordingly, you have to unlock the respective attacks on the "warrior" talent tree, otherwise you can not even tackle the challenges.

Arena: Pretty well in the middle of the game world is the Arena of Tenakth, where you can face properly sophisticated fighting challenges. Here you are at a closed area (in an arena hold) against mighty machines. The challenges are divided into several levels of difficulty and as a reward for victories will receive your brands that you can exchange for legendary weapons and outfits at a dealer. So it pays off to start in the arena, but introduces you to a few really crisp encounters.

Rebelle Bearing: Enemy bearings that need to make it out of the Open World Standard, especially the Ubisoft formula. In Horizon Zero Dawn they were not missing and the successor also offers them. This time, however, there is significantly more of it, and subdivided into two categories. Rebel camps are big camps in which you can do it with many opponents. But it is not only necessary to eliminate all enemies. You must always destroy certain objects.

Rebel outpost: There are significantly more than from the rebel camps. For this you are much smaller and your goal is always to kill the leader and to capture his badge.

Reliktruinen : If you want to challenge your gray cells, you should pay a visit to the relic truins. These are remains from the old world, in which you always find an ornament (a collective item) and other valuable lot. To get to the whole stuff, you always have to solve small ambient puzzles. This is a wonderful change to the rest of Horizon Forbidden West and reminds in approaches to the tombs from the "Tomb Raider" games.

Langhales: The large, giraffe-like machines are one of the returners. Already in Horizon Zero Dawn they have been the cool replacement for the towers of the Ubisoft formula. This time Guerrilla Games has set himself really in stuff. You no longer only have to scan the environment for high positions, from which you can jump on the wandering colossi. The climbing of each Langhal in Horizon Forbidden West is its own, multi-stage quest, and the tasks are more varied than one would first think as a connoisseur of its predecessor. Yes, this type of robot is still serving to uncover large parts of the map on a blow, but believes us: You will "work out" primarily because of this kind of challenge just a lot of fun. The revealing of the card is just a bonus.

Brutstätten: They too are old acquaintances from Horizon Zero Dawn. Brutstätten are (with the exception of a single) pure optional dungeons. Here are partly tricky climbing passages and challenging fighting in futuristic environments, which alone is already visually a tremendous variety to the wilderness and the ruins of the old world. With each completed breeding area, you also gain the opportunity to bridge more machine types and thus bring under your control. They then serve you either as support in the fight or as a mount.

Machine Races: Horizon Forbidden West has its own Mario Kart. In fact, the inhabitants of the "forbidden West" organize machine race. This is not just about who can ride the fastest and best, you will also use your weapons to spend the competition. If you win every four races, you will receive a legendary warrior bow as a price.

Machine dispute: Do you need a break of all the action, you put yourself in one of the settlements to someone who wants to play with you one or more parts of the machine. This is Horizon Forbidden West Pendant to Gwint from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, except that it is not a card but board game. It has a little bit of chess, fits really well into the world and is easy to learn (also thanks to good tutorials), but hard to master. And as you collect more and better cards in the Witcher 3 in the gameplay, you collect more and better figures.

In addition to all these quests and activities, you can of course also be free snout on machine hunting in Horizon Forbidden West, looking for other raw materials and look for all sorts of collection objects. As in its predecessor, there are text logs and audio logs everywhere. The hologram viewpoints, which give you insights into the past, are again with the game. If you really want to make everything in the game and want to find everything, just over 60 hours is busy.

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