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Lost Ark: All songs and how you get

In Lost Ark you can find 21 songs . But what do you use yourself? Learn in this guide:

  • What the songs in Lost Ark are at all
  • Which benefit you have
  • What it has on the music sheet
  • Where you can find all songs

All basics that you should master in the MMO, we tell you in our beginner guide to Lost Ark.

What are songs in Lost Ark?

Even while you spend the first hours in Lost Ark, you will learn the first songs - such as "The Song of Escape". That does not mean that you are now standing somewhere and caught a little aria. Much more allow you the songs to perform certain actions.

The songs are identical for all classes , so that you do not expect any advantages or disadvantages in this regard. A look at the overview of songs also reveals that they differ in the cooldown. For some songs, the 5 seconds can be for more than 24 hours at others.

What is the sheet's sheet and where do I find it?

All your songs are collected in Lost Ark in the so-called central sheet . You can call it over F2 at any time and see what songs you have already learned and which are still missing.

The most important songs from the music sheet you should draw in your QuickSlot , ie the numbered taskbar on the right side. Thus, it is ensured that you can run the action with a specific key and does not have to be more cumbersome in the music sheet afterwards.

All songs in Lost Ark for your central sheet

In the following table you will find every 21 songs you can get. In addition, we tell you the decay times, which action you can do with the songs and what the quest you receive the songs.

Song & Action Quest / Location cooldown
song fleeing
(Abandon immediately dungeons and islands.) Tales and legends (main quest) 1 minute
song of bravery
(. The inspiring anthem of Luterra Gives desperate heart courage.) Song of Valor (main quest) 5 seconds
song of resonance
(Opened you hidden places.) For 16,500 pirate coins at Peyto to buy. His ship is between North and Vern Pleccia. 5 seconds
song Trixion
(Bring you to Trixion.) To the edge of the world (Main Quest) 5 seconds
Melody of the Heart
(A song that moved the hearts of the people.) Treatment time (main quest) 5 seconds
song of temptation

(Can enchant the target.) | Abenteuerfoliant (you will receive the song if you have completed 50 percent in Yudia.) | 5 seconds Song of Spring (A melody that heart and soul revives.) | Pure energy of Shangra (you will receive the quest for Eunsun the Shangra Islands.) | 1 second Waldmenuett (Releases behind tendrils hidden paths.) | It's all right, dear Dee (lullaby island) | 5 seconds song of remembrance (A reminder of past places and times.) | Vanishing tracks (. Start the quest chain in Schauderwellensee "A strange letter" is first.) | 5 seconds song of starlight (The song of the star guard derives the souls.) | Are you getting for 3,300 Gienahs Coins Favreau on the star list island. | 5 seconds Heavenly Harmony (A song in harmony with the flowers.) | Is there on the island Harmony on the co-op quest. | 5 seconds lament of serenity (A song that soothed the sadness.) | Dirge of serenity (glacier island) | 5 seconds song of hearth and home (Bring you to your fortress.) | Song of hearth and home (main quest) | 5 seconds Festival Overture (A song at the beginning of the holy feast.) | tba | 5 seconds song of eternity (A beautiful old song of Sylvaner.) | Abenteuerfoliant (Are you getting when you have completed in Rohendel 60 percent.) | 5 seconds song of return (Bring you to the portal Statue of your registered city.) | | Return (main quest) song 25 hours Romantic weapon (A funny song about love stories Yorn.) | Abenteuerfoliant (Are you getting once you have completed Yorn 50 percent.) | 5 seconds soulful Requiem (Requiem for Delain.) | Abenteuerfoliant (Are you getting when you have completed in Felton 60 percent.) | 5 seconds ** Song of Harmony

Lost Ark All Songs Location (The song of harmony blessing.) | Abenteuerfoliant (Are you getting when you have completed 50 percent in Punika.) | 5 seconds swan song of Twilight (A song that deceased souls mollified.) | She dreams only of peace (Island of Eternal Peace) | 5 seconds Serenade of Love ** (A beautiful love song that improves the relationship with NPCs.) | Relationship guru (Frozen sea) | 5 seconds

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