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This laptop Gamer Dell G15 is really cheap (

The FNAC is raining the promos and a Gamer laptop benefits. This Dell G15 equipped with a small configuration for the full HD game loses 400 €. Thanks to this reduction, it passes below the 650 €, something to be happy in the games.

the good plan

  • Dell G15 5515
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Dell is a PC specialist and relies on its subsidiary Alienware , specializing in Gaming , to offer powerful gamers computers. The Dell G15 is a gamer PC that inherited the expertise of Alienware . Its aggressive design demonstrates its orientation Gamer and its large ventilation vents suggest the cooling capabilities of the machine.

In this configuration, the Dell G15 embarks a classic processor Intel Core i5 10500H , accompanied by 8 GB of RAM. The graphic part is entrusted to a small GTX 1650 , sufficient to launch its games in Full HD in good conditions and enjoy the 120 Hz of the screen in competitive games. Only black point, SSD is only 256 go , which is limited to install games, but the Dell G15, in good PC gamer, is quite evolutionary and leaves Easily extend the RAM and storage.

Offered usually to 1049,99 € , the Dell G15 dearly pays its very good chassis for such configuration. But with this price 38% , the new price of 649,99 € looks much more interesting for this PC Gaming well built and well sufficient for a first approach of gaming * * On PC laptop **.

Its advantages

Some reservations

Discover the offer at Fnac

RTX 3050 (80W) - Dell G15 5510 - Gameplay Test in 30 Games

What alternative?

  • OMEN by HP 16-C...

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1 715,90

By adding some tickets, it is possible to afford a PC gamer otherwise more vocal. At the moment, the FNAC also offers a very nice promo on a * PC Gaming HP OMEN 16 . This computer embarks a much more muscular configuration, counting on a Ryzen 7 5800h associated with a RX6600M and 16 GB of RAM . Storage switches to 1 TO while we have the right to better QHD screen ( 2560 x 1440 pixels ) 165 Hz **.

If you need more power, storage and a better screen, this Omn 16 is for you. Usually sold more than € 1500, it is currently at the FNAC for only € 1099.99 **, an excellent rate for this machine.

Discover the offer at Fnac

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