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Seoul Like game has the effect of making evil spirits-UPDATE impact on the NFT industry of the Overseas Government Company

The Spanish security company Kosla , " Seoul Like game has the effect of adult spirits " The company's official site will be released on the company official site and making noise. The company is an industry's largest security company that contracts security services such as commercial facilities and collective housing, public facilities, and builds a security system such as a surveillance camera or infrared sensor. The company has achieved rapid growth to the industry's largest, as a reason that the know-how about security is actively published to increase the security awareness of people. At first glance, it seems to be an act of sending salt to competitors, but it is actually said to have enhanced corporate brand image and acquired trust from many people. Last year, " Seven-colored gaming devices have no crime prevention effects ", and shocked gamers around the world. And this year, "Seoul Like Games has published the survey results entitled.

[Emperor] Pingku Pingku Tumbler appeared,

I have a game that is not always missing , but I have a game that is not always missing. Just, 'I am a raid of the stars of the stars'. I am a simple topic that finds a soft and sweet strawberry cake, but I can see a lot of a lot of combinations, but I have a lot of fun with a lot of combinations. Especially, if you see a cute dot graphic of cute dot graphics that swallow everything, it was a healing. Kirby's Kirby's Kirby, which celebrates this year, as the aid of the food was the 30th anniversary, Last February 'Nintendo Direct', a trailer with Kirby's appearance with the vending machine is released, and laughs, but it seems to be laughing, but it seems to show the sincerity of the food aid. 'Kirby's Kirby Discovery' is a variety of goodies from the launch, and I made my mind because it was released as a reservation promotion. Among them, I have succeeded in purchasing as a package containing the Leakage Cup that I wanted to have. As soon a

Jim Carrey felt "disgusted" by the blow of Will Smith

Such it seems that everyone has an opinion about the blow that Will Smith gave Chris Rock during the last ceremony of the Óscar . From those who are against, and others who support these acts. Now, the conversation has joined Jim Carrey , who mentioned feel "disgusted by the standing ovation" who received Smith after winning his prize for best actor. In a recent interview with CBS Morning, this for the next premiere of sonic the hedgehog 2 , Carrey revealed that he is not happy with the way Hollywood ovacioned to Will Smith for winning the Óscar, this after hitting the Óscar to Chris Rock. This was what the comedian said: "I felt disgusted by the standing ovation. Hollywood has no scruples and I really felt that this is a very clear indication that we are no longer the genial club. " Next to this, Carrey mentioned that if he had been beaten, he would have sued Will Smith : "I would have announced this morning that I was claiming Will for 200 mil

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wildin jatko

Nintendo announces the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wildin Postgraduate Part of 2023. Still a formal number of words waiting for the BREATH OF THE WILD DOWN PARTY, it has been expected to be released during the current year. However, the expectation will continue to be disappointing a little longer, as the development of a massive adventure takes up its extra time. The producer of the beloved series Eiji Aonuma Slowly determined a new bulletin in the game of a new release for spring 2023. Under still Nintendo's announcement:

Steam: Is Elden Ring continue the measure of all weekly charges

A new week has begun and thus a fresh look at the current sales charts of Steam is also thrown . It quickly becomes clear that nothing has changed on the "winning lotoon" compared to the previous week. The action role-playing Elden Ring is still undisputed in the top spot, where it was already finding shortly after the launch. Directly behind it is still the handheld Steam Deck , which still seems to be very desirable. The third and thus last place of the podium is currently the co-op game IT TAKES Two, which is currently experiencing a kind of second spring. However, we can also welcome some newcomers to the top 10 sales charts. The recently published Action Adventure Ghostwire: Tokyo is even represented twice thanks to multiple available versions. The Klötzchen-Adventure Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is currently getting the honor thanks to the pre-orders. The calculation of the charts is based as usual on the generally achieved sales of the individual games. Her

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3990 Ti: probably five to ten percent performance plus to RTX 3090

Now that it has been officially clear for a few days that there will be a Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 Ti, there is more information about the new professional graphics card. CaPFramex posted on Twitter that the performance Plus should be between five and ten percent to normal GeForce RTX 3090. For games, this means that, for example, a title that runs in 4K resolution with up to 66 instead of 60 fps. The CUDA CORES uses 10752, which is only four percent more than the normal GeForce RTX 3090. In addition, the TDP, ie the possible waste heat specified by NVIDIA, should be 450 watts. This does not mean that the 450 watts correspond exactly to the possible power requirement. The TDP is a good indicator of power consumption - the normal RTX 3090 with a TDP of 350 watts consumes in game tests, for example, in fact about 350 watts at load. Thus, with 100 watts more power requirement at the RTX 3090 Ti can expect. For overclocked custom models, more may become due, our colleagues of the PC Game

Paladins: Monstercat x Paladins jetzt live

Hi-Rez has published the Crossover Monstercat X Paladin, with the four EDM artist of the Independent Label celebrate its premiere in the world of the fantasy shooter. Details can be found in the monstercat patchotes. The party in Paladins can start! In the MonsterCat Crossover Pass, a total of four skins await the musicians and their world in the game. GG Magree Skye, Bossfight menu music and further rewards can be fully free. Access to all rewards of the MonsterCat Crossover Pass, including Justin Oh Khan and three more music packages, players get a unique investment of 500 crystals. For two months, it goes on with the MonsterCat beats in Paladins, because with Whipped Cream Cassie and Bossfight Koga two more musical skins will appear. These two skins can be activated for free from all prime gaming subscribers on this website. Whipped Cream Cassie will be available for a month from 5 April, followed by Bossfight Koga from 5 May. New Champion: Betty La Bomba Today, a new damage

Braunöder in the interview: The big goal is the Premier League

"If you look at the boy, he is a prime example of a player I would like to see at the Austria," said Manfred Schmid in the Manfred Schmid conversation about ShootingStar Matthias Braunder, who sent the balls in his debut season at the age of 19 Midfield of Vienna Austria distributed and now one of the most striking professionals in the squad of Violetten counts. Hardworking, purposeful, down-to-earth and modest, the blond chop is giving rise to the Academy and the Young Violets' youth, through the Academy and the Younts to the leap into the profieteam last summer as a prototype of the Austria DNA. After a short degree of accuracy, the meticicultural workers and standard specialist is no longer an integral part of the first eleven, convinces with constant benefits at a high level and with its development is symbolic for the upswing at the "violets", which in the year after the restart with the entry into The master group can dream of a possible European Cup par

Hertha BSC | Promise broken? Berlin Investor Windhorst is defending

The reports around the internal dispute during the relegation-threatened football Bundesliga club Hertha BSC do not break off. On Wednesday afternoon, the Grand Investor Lars Windhorst personally speaking to his own way to defend himself against the recent reporting on him. What happened? In a "Herthas picture" report, it was finally called, Windhorst had hit a secret meeting with Herthas Herthashead Fredi Bobic some time ago. In this case, Windhorst should have submitted the promise, among other things, at least until the desired class preservation in the Bundesliga no longer publicly negatively comment on Hertha BSC. He should then have broken this promise on the last weekend when he raised publicly to the fall of the club's president Werner counterbauer. More about this: The Hertha investor broke his promise after secret meeting with Bobic? The accusation of the media report, the 45-year-old Hertha investor did not want to leave the 45-year-old Hertha investor

Lost ARK: Season 1 starts soon, the competitive exam arena

In the past week, the responsible persons of Smilegate and Amazon Games had announced that tomorrow, on March 24, 2022, the first PVP season from Lost Ark will start. Competitive Exam Arena is the fun in Arkesia. A Overview of the arena modes we had presented you to the launch, where you unlock the exam arena already in the course of the main scenario. And there is also good reasons for PVP muffle , at least short to visit the exam arena , regardless of the season soon. Preview on PvP Season 1 by Lost Ark Rewards and ranks of season 1 Preview on PvP Season 1 by Lost Ark On the official website of the online role-playing game, there was a preview of what awaits you in PVP Season 1 from Lost Ark shortly before the company's competitive audience. From tomorrow, interested players can face the "Team Death Struggle" mode in the queue and fight against each other for glory and rewards. Your victories and defeats in the competition matches During the season you can follow

Formula 1 | For the good cause: Haaland

For some years Formula 1 star Sebastian Vettel has been intensively involved in environmental protection and is progressing with a good example. In the eyes of a Norwegian football national player, the Heppenheimer could do more. For this reason, the Aston-Martin pilot was now a new challenge. Vettel challenge for Thorsby Vettel at a loss In a video message to the Formula 1 star said the Norwegian international Morten Thorsby: "Hey Sebastian. It is very inspiring to see your commitment to sustainability. I have read on your website that the clock is ticking and we have to find solutions, To help the planet. I agree with you completely and believe that athletes can be part of the solution. " Thorsby himself has already set a sign in the past and launched the initiative "We Play Green". Meanwhile, he was able to win Bayern-Star Serge Gnabry and Chelseas Romelu Lukaku as an ambassador. What does his solution look concrete? First of all, athletes should start with t

Because of Ukraine war: UEFA fits Europapokal

As the UEFA announced on Monday, the clubs, which participate in the Champions League, the Europa League and the Europa Conference League, may post two more players for their squad list. The messages must be made by 1 April. Also in the Women's Champions League, the scheme applies, here the players must be re-dominated by 7 April. Thus, the association responded to a decision of FIFA, which had opened an extraordinary transfer window for foreign players and coaches under contract in Russian and Ukrainian clubs at the beginning of March. Regardless of whether an association has become active in the special transfer window, it may now be post-nationalized. Actually, each team is only 25 places on the so-called A list.

The source code of Warhammer: Odyssey hacked, Virtual Realms closes the servers of his mmorpg

The last days have not been simple for the Virtual Realms studio. Last week, the developer's infrastructure was the subject of an unauthorized intrusion: the accounts of the players of Celtic Heroes are compromised and the studio was therefore forced the servers of his mobile MMORPG. In the stride, last Thursday, it was Warhammer Odyssey (the other mobile MMORPG of the developer) that was targeted with the same consequences - a closing of the servers the time to identify the security flaw, from the colmate and restore players' data. The operation is nevertheless complex: Celtic Heroes has certainly been revived this weekend but has been the subject of denial of service (DDOS) and not only the Warhammer servers: Odyssey have still not been relaunched, But the mobile MMORPG has been removed from the App Store and Google Play to avoid attracting new players to an inaccessible title. Today on Discord, the developer brings some clarification: the intrusion is manifestly m

Fortnite servers do not work? How to check the Fortnite server status (Chapter 3, Season 2)

As one of the most popular games in the world, Fortnite had its own share of failures and downtime. Even when all systems work, the number of permanent players means that there will always be someone who has problems with the entrance to the system. If you find yourself one of those who cannot join the game, there are a pair of options to see if there is a connection problem for Fortnite on the server side. Option FIRST: Official page status status page Epic Games Option Second: Official status Fortnite on Twitter Option Three: DownDetector How to check server status Update on March 20, 2022: Fortnite server idle time seems to last longer than usual because of the transition to chapter 3, season 2. Some players report that they can enter the game, but there is a long turn. Other players report that the Epic Games launch program still says that the servers are disabled. At this stage, it is best to wait for the official backup of the servers, and then check this page again if you ca

Forza Horizon 5: These are the new challenges and bonuses of winter

How fast the seasons can change, Forza Horizon 5 shows every week. For a few hours, the winter season is running in the Open World racing game. And that means there are new challenges and rewards on you again in Mexico. Also, the forzathon shop was provided with fresh offers. For the seasonal rewards, two vehicles can be unlocked for 20 or 40 points with the Noble M600 or the Mercedes-Benz M-B 300SL. Here is an overview of the contents of the current winter season as well as the forzathon shop:

Is Rockstar Games remastering GTA 4?

In November, a report of an outstanding industry and filtering that stated that Rockstar Games was remastered Grand Theft Auto IV for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X and launch this remastery in 2023. So far, nothing has emerged from this report, but now, apparently, it is repeated in another or, more specifically, a filter that specifically tracks Rockstar Games leaks. We apparently say because, unlike the previous report, it is not 100 percent obvious what is being joking exactly, but it seems to have something to do with gta 4 . The new filtering comes from the hand of Matheusvictorbr on Twitter, who recently, without context, shared an official image of GTA 4 . After this, there is a GIF with the following title: "No afternoons, we will pack soon." And that is the scope of what is obviously a provocation of some kind. Next, you can check the advance for yourself: The source in question has a brief and inconsistent history, as well as many &q

"KOF XV" Added Content "Hivalo MOTW Team" Delivery started! Bugs and balance adjustment update patches

SNK started delivery of the latest update patch "Ver.1.11" of the battle fighter action series latest work " THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV ". Updates mainly focusing on defects. "Bugs that the game can not be progressed during story mode" and "defects that do not disconnect", such as, such as rooms and training are being made. In addition, in battle-related, the bounce distance when "shutter strike" is aerb hit is changed to be unified with all characters. Corrections and adjustments are being made to "Dolores" "Vanessa" "Ash" "Kukuri", "Ralf" "Maxima", respectively. For details, please refer to the official site patch (PDF). Besides, the DLC team "Motw Team" from today is delivered. At the official site, the team member "Rock" "Jenny" and "Faga" each character page and team story are also available. In addition, at the time of article wri

New Star Wars movies with Rey? That says Daisy Ridley

Recently, the rumor has been circulating, according to which Lucasfilm allegedly plans another star Wars trilogy, in which, among other things, the character Rey should be involved. The new films are supposed to be settled in the time after Star Wars Episode 9 and a new Jedi-Order in the focus. But what does the Rey-actress Daisy Ridley say to these rumors? Daisy Ridley returns as a Rey? What are the chances of a comeback of Rey at Star Wars? Daisy Ridley returns as a Rey? At a large event, which recently took place including a red carpet, the actress Daisy Ridley was also a guest. During one of the numerous interviews she gave there, she was confronted with the question of whether she would miss it to embody Rey and if she would ever return to Star's. After a short hesitation, Ridley replied with a mischievous areas on his lips "I will always be Rey". This very short answer makes very much room for interpretations . You may want to say that it will always be co

LOL: Nisqy talks about the Midlaners of the LEC with a Top 5 controversial for some

The regular season of lec is over and the 6 classified League of Legends teams are on the output grid and prepared for the playoffs . Of the 4 eliminated teams of the race, it touches balance and astralis , last in the classification, has already thrown two players. Therefore, the signing market promises to be encouraged during offseason and franchises that are at low hours will try to strengthen by finding a raw diamond in the ERLs. The next period of signing is surely also expected for Nisqy . The Belgian Midlaner is still trapped in the bench of FNATIC and we imagine that he should be courted by Lec and LCS teams. In any case, the Belgian believes that he would have the site of him in the Top 5 of the European League. In the classification of him, he also thought about giving a wink some players from the ERL with a very good performance as Saken , the Midlaner of Karmine Corp. NISQY better than Perkz? Started by your followers in streaming, Nisqy ventured to a curren

This crass secret in Elden Ring is certainly not noticed

Two weeks ago, it's time again that ELDEN ring appeared in the trade. Fans of the title use the time to ventilate many different secrets of the intermediate country . Now they have encountered another detail in their search, related to George R.R. Martin should stand, which has worked with from software to Elden Ring. It is especially concerned about the names of the gods and semi-gods of the game. Spoiler warning! ELDEN RING: Players are available as NPC, overlooked Invader Elden Ring: These are the funniest memes of the community Hat George R.R. Martin missed the bossen his initials? Tips and tricks to elden ring Hat George R.R. Martin missed the bossen his initials? If you now throw a close look at the names of the gods of Elden Ring, quickly falls on that here is definitely the famous author behind it. In the course of the action roleplay players must prove themselves against Godfrey, Rostala, Radagon and Marika - look now exclusively on the initial letters the go

Brookhaven Music Codes (March 2022): Every functioning songcode in Roblox Brookhaven

Are you looking for Brookhaven Music Codes? If so, then you have just found the right place to find it. Brookhaven RP is a repeat game that offers players a place where you can depend with your friends and other players. Players can not only depend on their friends, but also explore the city, buy houses, drive many vehicles, go to the houses of other players and even hear their favorite music while they drive through the city. How to solve the codes Brookhaven Music Codes (March 2022): Every functioning songcode in Roblox Brookhaven Brookhaven RP is one of the biggest titles on the Roblox platform. The game has been developed in 2020 and has so far has more than 16 billion visits, 12 million favorites and 500,000 active players on its servers. To spend itself as a giant on the platform, considering that some games have only a fraction of their visits and active players. Brookhaven Music Codes (March 2022): Every functioning songcode in Roblox Brookhaven All of these music codes

Lol: Faker's absurd record with T1 that very few people will be able to overcome

They can spend every year that we want; Whether it's a decade or half a century, there will always be a player of League of Legends that will be eternal and even insurmountable in some aspects. As not, we speak of the midlaner Korean Lee "Faker" Sang-Hyeok, who has just been fulminated another record that very few people will be able to reach in a short stretch of the history of the riot Games. But first we put you in a situation; T1 , team of our midlaner , was in a tremendously important game since they have not lost a series at all that we have been in regular league and were tied in maps, so it was the all or nothing. It's here when Faker pulled out a new pick that we had never seen before in the Korean player: Kai'sa. A record of picks for Faker that scares And it is that, with this pick of Kai'sa, it will be champion number 71 that passes through the hands of Faker in its 10 years of competitive circuit. A number that of first does n

Wormatia Worms goes up in play with scarce lead

Wormatia Worms is looking for his form in the new year. Already for the third time, the wormats left the place on Wednesday evening as a winner. Against the FV Dudenhofen, the traditional club even played a 2-0 lead. Instead of the spotted four points lead Worms now goes with only one counter more than Eintracht Trier in the rise round. Dudenhofen was initially the more dangerous team, but the first opportunities left unused. After a quarter of an hour, the leaf turned and the homeland came better into the game. Marx scored the 1: 0 (21.) with a worth seeing. Worms was now on the pusher. Darkaoui sat down a fall retractor, a little later, he aimed for a little more detail - 2: 0 (31.). Worms had even after 40 minutes even the third goal on the foot, FVD-Keeper Little prevented but worse. That's over the hosts. With the pause whistled, Straub shortened after a running duel in the long corner to 1: 2. Nevertheless, the Wormatia was initially sounding after the side change, but, as

New details of the incursion Lost Ark Abyss revealed

Last week, "ARCA Loss_ The developer Smilegate RPG shared the first details about the new Abyss Raid function of the game that will come every time the March update is published. These new incursions are a type of final activity that puts players against guardians who offer greater challenges in exchange for valuable rewards. The first of those Abyss Raids will begin with a guardian known as "Argos", and this week, Smilegate shared some new details about the Guardian and how this specific incursion will work. For those who are invested in the lost, history and everything that implies, it is worth reviewing most of the information shared by Smilegate this week, since it clearly establishes the fight against Argos when sharing the background story of The Guardian and put To players a day. For those who only want to know how it will affect them in the game itself, that information is towards the end of the publication. "Argos will emerge in the March update, thre

Battleground 2042 launches a new update that brings renewed book markings as well as a gift

He has already remained in the marketplace for a few months, however Battlefield 2042 has actually not taken care of to return the controversial sensation he left at his begin. From Say as well as EA have actually reacted to the objections of the gamers and also have actually promised future improvements in their maps, however presently there are still more minor modifications to boost the current game experience. This same Tuesday comes upgrade 3.3 to the aggressive, and also in the patch notes we examine that there is an excellent uniqueness over the error adjustments. We speak about the renewal of scores that, although it was revealed, it is currently readily available both on PC and PlayStation and Xbox consoles. In this method, the classification interface in the things has received a face cleaning based on the opinions of the community. You can see your new element listed below: The update brings various pest corrections , both with respect to general issues and also

How to defeat snail cilancer in Elden Ring

Snail Svoker Spirior - the last mini-boss of Catacombs at the end of the road. The catacombs at the end of the road are an additional dungeon that can be found in the western part of the laurnia, next to the converted tower. This battle with the boss can be difficult, so that's how to defeat snail! General advice Snail Mechanic Spirit Caller Awards Snail Calusing Spirit General advice Use a spiritual appeal To distract the designed knight. ignore a designed knight . Invidima snail Attack the light. Snail Mechanic Spirit Caller Snail's Snail Summoner will not attack you, because Invisible snail and can be found by finding Light spot that does not have a light source . Snail usually begins in Rear to the right of the room with the boss Then teleport around the room after impact. The main threat in this battle is the called knight. This knight will perform various combinations of slow attacks that will apply a big damage. The best strategy in this battle is

Fan riots in Mexico: FIFA "shocked"

"Even if there are no dead, we can not say that this is not a tragedy," Queretaros Governor Mauricio Kuri had already been expressed before the World Association on the events from the night to Sunday (European time) had a statement. One was "shocked by this tragic incident," it said in the opinion, "for violence is absolutely no place in football." As a result of fierce riots between rival fans at the Mexican first-division game between Queretaro and Atlas, at least 26 people have been sometimes seriously injured - three are allegedly "critical condition". When some fans flee to the playing field, the game was aborted in the 63rd minute.

German trainer criticized his lol

Last wintertime was the European Esports Scene Inleague of Legends in transition. The German Train Fabian "Grabbz" Lohmann **, that had actually educated G2 Esports for years, instantly had to look for a brand-new club. "The last few weeks were challenging due to the fact that of the reaction of our gamers" harsh objection, which numerous fans can recognize Where is Grabbz straight train? Grabbz educated the Team G2 Esports from 2017 to November 2021. Under his leadership, the group won the LEC numerous times, safeguarded the Mid Period Invitational 2019 and also got to 3/4 (2018, 2020) and 2 (2019) at the World Mug. 2021, however, was a season failing to remember. The team purchased the Ad-Carry Rekkles as well as intended to construct a European incredibly team. Yet the players did not harmen and also ultimately it is not even sufficient for the certification to the Globes 2021. G2 Esports sold practically all gamers as well as also their coach. For the Sp

Wow: Nearest Content

Yesterday, on March 3, 2022, I have a preview of the next content phase of WOW: Burning Crusade Classic and thus also written on the Troll-Raid Zul'Aman. After all, Hyjal and the black temple are already a small while for farm status in many guilds. Blizzard will surely boot the content soon on the PTR, I thought. The article should go online on Sunday. And lo and behold: Blizzard scanned the contents of Phase 4 last night on the public test server. Goods for justice badges Developer Notes for Patch 2.5.4 by TBC Classic Further innovations from Content-Phase 4 Developer Notes for Patch 2.5.4 by TBC Classic However, many words are losing community manager KAIVAX in the parallel forum mail about the PTR premiere: Zul'aman can be tested - let's teleport from NexusFurst Donjon Rade Jr. in Shatttrath in front of the RAID. The Burning Crusade Classic Version 2.5.4 Public Test Realm (PTR) is now open for testing. Players May Copy Their Character To The Ptra Or Create A Templ

After 95: Mkhitaryan no longer runs for Armenia

Armenia's longtime football figurehead Henrikh Mkhitaryan finishes its country career after 95 inserts in 15 years. The former Bundesliga professional of Borussia Dortmund (2013 to 2016), now in the services of the AS Rome, declared Via Twitter, he wanted to concentrate entirely on his association and the tasks in the series A. ## Gate against Germany at the end The last international game of the 33-year-old, who has already accumulated in his career for Schachtar Donetsk, Manchester United and the FC Arsenal, thus remains 1: 4 against Germany in November in the World Cup qualification. Mkhitaryan came by a penalty at the time. With the Roma fights the offensive midfielder, who comes in 25 players on three goals and five assists, currently around the European League places together with Atalanta, Lazio and Florence

"Mikuni Shiman Battle", Season 1 renewed! "Han's disturbance" starts! Breaking the army of the yellow crime and flatten the ruler!

QOOKKA ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED Co., Ltd. Cae Tecomo Games History Simulation Games "Sangokushi 13" IP is used, and a smartphone for smartphone developed under the company's supervision "Mikuni Shimitsu". The game has renewed the season 1 for new users from March 3, 2022 (Thursday), and informed that the new season 1 "Han's disturbance" is started. QOOKKA ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED Co., Ltd. Cae Tecomo Games History Simulation Games "Sangokushi 13" IP is used, and a smartphone for smartphone developed under the company's supervision "Mikuni Shimitsu". The game will notify you of the season 1 for new users from March 3 (Thursday), March 3, 2022, and will notify you of the new season 1 "Han's disturbance". Compared to Season 1 so far, new elements have been added in "Han's Ranking", so let's check the latest information together. Like the season name of "Han's Danka", the scenario of

Asus ROG Strix: Gaming

With gaming laptops, many rely on a Ryzen CPU from AMD, for example to the Ryzen 9 5900HX, one of the fastest mobile processors at all. The Power CPU is also installed in the Asus Rog Strix G15, next to the current Geforce GPU RTX 3060. If you want to buy the gaming laptop, it currently gets at Saturn at the best price. In addition, the dealer has other notebooks with AMD Ryzen CPU for gamers and for office applications at reasonable prices. What distinguishes the gaming laptop with Ryzen 9 and RTX 3060? Which laptops with Ryzen CPU can still be purchased at Saturn? Gaming laptops & notebooks with AMD CPU at Saturn buy cheap (selection) AMD Ryzen 5900x in the test video Table of contents Table of contents What distinguishes the gaming laptop with Ryzen 9 and RTX 3060? Which laptops with Ryzen CPU can still be purchased at Saturn cheap? Buy cheap Gaming Laptops & Notebooks with AMD CPU at Saturn (Selection) AMD Ryzen 5900x in the test video What distinguishes the