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Braunöder in the interview: The big goal is the Premier League

"If you look at the boy, he is a prime example of a player I would like to see at the Austria," said Manfred Schmid in the Manfred Schmid conversation about ShootingStar Matthias Braunder, who sent the balls in his debut season at the age of 19 Midfield of Vienna Austria distributed and now one of the most striking professionals in the squad of Violetten counts. Hardworking, purposeful, down-to-earth and modest, the blond chop is giving rise to the Academy and the Young Violets' youth, through the Academy and the Younts to the leap into the profieteam last summer as a prototype of the Austria DNA.

After a short degree of accuracy, the meticicultural workers and standard specialist is no longer an integral part of the first eleven, convinces with constant benefits at a high level and with its development is symbolic for the upswing at the "violets", which in the year after the restart with the entry into The master group can dream of a possible European Cup participation.

His convincing appearances have also made the Youngster interesting for larger clubs from the topligen Europe. Even with the scoreless remis of the ÖFB-U-21 national team in the context of the EM qualification against Croatia operation of the Goldenboy with a strong appearance again advertising in our own. In conversation with the Manfred Schmid, Matthias Braunöder accounts for his first year in the Bundesliga, talks about his own development and what goals he is still pursuing in his career.

Manfred Schmid: Mr. Braunöder, with the Wiener Austria you are currently in captive form. In the new year you could win five out of six games and is still unbeaten. How do you explain this positive run since the winter break?

Matthias Braunöder: I believe that we have really developed ourselves over the autumn as a team, but also every single one as a player, really extremely developed. We worked hard for it, it just fits a lot together, so we currently have this success.

In the end, you could qualify sovereign for the master group. How important is to reach the upper play-off for the players?

This is very important because we can continue to measure the highest level with the best teams in Austria and have the opportunity to play internationally next year. It was hard work to get there, but I am very glad that we have done that and we are among the best six teams in the league.

At the beginning of the season one had a team that has been formed out of financial distress - from some professionals from the previous year, a few loans and talents by the Young Violets -. How did you manage to make a unit so fast?

This has developed relatively quickly. In the beginning we have already needed some time until everyone has found his place in the team. There is also a lot of the coaching team to owe, but also the routinated games like Markus Suttner and Alexander Grünwald, who have shown us how it works in a team so you can be successful.

You have addressed the coaching team around Manfred Schmid. How much do you benefit from its quiet species as a coach in your young development phase?

He is a very important person for me and the other young players, because he radiates a lot of peace, many conversations with us leads and simply gives us trust. He really gives everyone the chance. Both of the human and the sporty side he has given me many tips because he has already experienced a lot and himself was player. He has taught well that it is only a football game in the end and that we should act with joy and self-confidence.

How do you judge your own development since the beginning of the season? Where did you concretely improve, where there is still some catching up?

I've developed step by step in all areas, but of course there is still a lot of air up. Specifically, I would say that I have raised myself in the game with the ball that I turn myself more in the offensive game and trust me to play the ball in the top. In general, I just get self-confident up and you notice that on the field. On the other hand, I could definitely become a bit more punishable and generally there are little things that can be improved. I'm still a young player, there is still a lot of potential. If you want to go up, you have to improve in all areas, whether physically, playful or in mind.

"If you look at the boy, he is a prime example of a player I would like to see at the Austria," said Manfred Schmid about her person. How much can you identify yourself as a prototype for the new face of Viennese Austria?

This is mainly due to the fact that I made the career from the lowest offspring through all academic teams, through the Young Violets to the fight team. As a result, I have always reached the next step step by step. Of course, it fulfills me with pride, if one says, that's the prototype for the way you want to go at the Austria.

Sample students, prime example of Austria DNA, the next young star - the praise hymns to their person overflow over the past few weeks and months. How do you go as a young professional? Is this additional motivation or busy it less?

Of course it would be lied if you would say, you do not get it all. But I'm a guy who is not much busy and does not make many thoughts. You are looking forward to it, I enjoy that simple and try to get better.

The Austria is currently at a high-altitude flight, but you have also given a considerable development since the winter break, have recently been able to contribute three assists and are among the most striking Bundesliga professionals in the new year. How do you explain this increase in performance? Did the basic education at the federal army during the preparation but also something good?

(laughs) The preparation was certainly not optimal because I missed three weeks. I just believe that I took a lot from autumn, could learn a lot and in that I want to be better and better, that works very well. The last achievements were always quite solid, it can build on it.

With solid they stack even deep. The Manfred Schmid was the best-rated professional in the Bundesliga after the basic passage and that in their first season and with just 19 years. How much do these individual statistics mean?

I did not know that until now. (laughs) primarily is primarily concerned with the team success, but of course it makes it very proud of a single person very proud and confirms the individual achievement, when you cut well week after week and is well rated by experts and journalists.

Does she surprise her own development in recent months? Or was it through the worker you lay in the day, the logical consequence?

On the one hand, this is certainly on the diligence. I do not so hard to put some discipline on the day because I have a very clear goal in mind and also knows what it needs. Therefore, it falls relatively easy to stay focused and improving me day by day. I've already thought that I can play a good Bundesliga season when I get the chance. That it runs straight so well is all the better. It was definitely conducive that I have always dinned in the year before with the professionals and it was good, if one as a young player already gets his missions in the 2nd league and prepared for the Bundesliga.

Remains time for this intense workload still for something else next to football?

(laughs) The fact that I was lived for a long time to go to school next to it, in contrast to the past, I have a lot more free time. But still the majority of the day is occupied with football or soccer-relevant things.

At the beginning of the conversation, they addressed the routinized professionals in the squad. Especially the cooperation with Alexander Grünwald have already highlighted them. What importance does he take as a guiding character in her still young career?

Of course, it's good if you can look up for such players who play a similar position and have been in professional football for several years. But there are other players like just Markus Suttner or Manfred Fischer, who help me extremely. Just passing a lot from me through your experience and I always try it to accept and worry about why you see it that way. I try to integrate into my game.

Now they have accepted a rapid development this season. What is needed to preserve these services over a longer period of time and to prove constancy?

This is definitely the next step I have to set. That I can hold over a longer period of time or can make it even to increase it. The key to it is that one is always aware of what you have to do that you are clear in mind and constantly gives gas to keep this level. Another thing is given.

The great goal is the Premier League because that's the best and most spectacular league in the world.

Matthias Braunöder

Is there a professional that fits your game style and take you as a role model?

N'Golo Kanté vom FC Chelsea is definitely a player, also highly swift, because he actually plays the same position as I play, suit safe and duel, and that I definitely take care of my career path.

In which top league, would you like to see yourself in the future? What would be there to your game style?

There is several, which I would call horny leagues. On the one hand, of course, Germany, but the great goal is then the Premier League, because that's the best and spectacular league in the world. Of course, I have physically a lot to read about it, but at some point it is already the goal to keep up there.

If you decide for a club change in the future, what would you personally be important to you?

The most important thing is definitely that the club wants me to absolutely and you can offer me a perspective that I have the chance to really play. Of course, there are some things that need to fit all around. Above all, the use times and sporting views are crucial.

With Can Keles, Dario Kreiker and Florian Westinger, some young professionals have recently signed new contracts. Your contract will run until summer 2023 with option for another year. What about this regard? Is there a tendency with you?

We are definitely in contact with sports director Manuel Ortlechner. Since I've come to Austria as a small Bub, I can identify myself very well with the club, his idea and the environment and therefore I could definitely imagine that to stay longer.

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How ready to look for a possible next step? Patrick Wimmer was about at her age when he dared the way to Germany and has been able to establish himself there quickly.

I'm still at the beginning of my career, nothing wants to overflow. I feel very comfortable at the Austria and would like to develop myself here, helping the team as well as back the club and the fans.


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