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Formula 1 | For the good cause: Haaland

For some years Formula 1 star Sebastian Vettel has been intensively involved in environmental protection and is progressing with a good example. In the eyes of a Norwegian football national player, the Heppenheimer could do more. For this reason, the Aston-Martin pilot was now a new challenge.

In a video message to the Formula 1 star said the Norwegian international Morten Thorsby: "Hey Sebastian. It is very inspiring to see your commitment to sustainability. I have read on your website that the clock is ticking and we have to find solutions, To help the planet. I agree with you completely and believe that athletes can be part of the solution. "

Thorsby himself has already set a sign in the past and launched the initiative "We Play Green". Meanwhile, he was able to win Bayern-Star Serge Gnabry and Chelseas Romelu Lukaku as an ambassador.

What does his solution look concrete? First of all, athletes should start with themselves and confessed to a "green turn", demanded the Norwegian. He also explained that one must also offer the athlete a platform where they can spread their messages. "I'm trying to do that with football players." Now he challence Sebastian Vettel to do the same for racers.

Vettel challenge for Thorsby

Confronted from the Norwegian TV station with the video message, Vettel said, "He challenges me out, but I think it's a challenge for all of us. We all live on this planet and enjoy his beauty. That should be the first to be what We take care of and what we are fighting for. Our future is threatened, the future of future generations is threatened. I also believe that we can be part of the solution. "

Sebastian Vettel wants jelly beans for the most overtakes in the season award.

According to its own statement, Vettel is already working on the fact that environmental protection also takes a greater significance in Formula 1. The heppenheimer does not want to be satisfied with this.

And for the Norwegian national player, fourfold already has a new task. "This is my challenge for Morten," said Vettel, "He should work on to reduce disposable plastic on the exercise premises and around the games."

Vettel at a loss

Many people still have not understood how urgent this topic and how big the problem is, warned Vettel: "And it threatens everyone who lives on this planet. [...] I can not understand how people can not understand that But that's exactly what is part of the problem and the challenge. "

Formula 1 was like other Sebastians and major events another part of the problem, explained Vettel. "Many people come to be entertained. And that's fine too. But I think you can do it better."


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