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How to defeat snail cilancer in Elden Ring

Snail Svoker Spirior - the last mini-boss of Catacombs at the end of the road. The catacombs at the end of the road are an additional dungeon that can be found in the western part of the laurnia, next to the converted tower. This battle with the boss can be difficult, so that's how to defeat snail!

General advice

  • Use a spiritual appeal To distract the designed knight.
  • ignore a designed knight .
  • Invidima snail Attack the light.

Spirit-Caller Snail (Road's End Catacombs) - Narrated Boss Guide - Elden Ring [4k HDR]

Snail Mechanic Spirit Caller

Snail's Snail Summoner will not attack you, because Invisible snail and can be found by finding Light spot that does not have a light source . Snail usually begins in Rear to the right of the room with the boss Then teleport around the room after impact.

The main threat in this battle is the called knight. This knight will perform various combinations of slow attacks that will apply a big damage. The best strategy in this battle is Call your spirits, let them distract the knight , while you are chased by snail around the room. If your appeal is destroyed, continue ignore the knight . As soon as the snail is destroyed, the battle will end.

Awards Snail Calusing Spirit

Snail Clarifier Spirit will drive you crazy. 3000 Runes and Call of Spirit of the Swords of Koldun Glinstone . This is a call of a distant combat, which can be very strong if improved it.

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