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Lol: Faker's absurd record with T1 that very few people will be able to overcome

They can spend every year that we want; Whether it's a decade or half a century, there will always be a player of League of Legends that will be eternal and even insurmountable in some aspects. As not, we speak of the midlaner Korean Lee "Faker" Sang-Hyeok, who has just been fulminated another record that very few people will be able to reach in a short stretch of the history of the riot Games.

But first we put you in a situation; T1 , team of our midlaner, was in a tremendously important game since they have not lost a series at all that we have been in regular league and were tied in maps, so it was the all or nothing. It's here when Faker pulled out a new pick that we had never seen before in the Korean player: Kai'sa.

A record of picks for Faker that scares

GEN VS T1 GAME 1 *FAKER VS CHOVY* LCK SPRING 2022 - GENG VS SKT T1 GAME 1 LCK SPRING 2022 And it is that, with this pick of Kai'sa, it will be champion number 71 that passes through the hands of Faker in its 10 years of competitive circuit. A number that of first does not seem much but that it really imposes; For you to give you an idea of ​​the dimension that this has, if we currently have all the champions that are available to choose from in the central lane by default on the official client, we find ourselves with so "only" 37 characters in total.

Among the champions that we have been able to see in the hands of Faker, the most played have been Azir (100 games), Ryze (63 games) and Orianna (52 games). We have also been able to see Picks very bizarre as the case of Kai'sa itself, which teleports directly to 2018 with the goal of the shooters in the central lane, its historical Riven with which changed the rules of the champion or even Master Yi , one of the worst champions of all the game in the highest ELOS.

For now this vacuum champion has served him to continue enlarging her legend, but we are sure we will see many more new champions in her hands and a lot of action around a team that is about three series to make history. **


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