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Seoul Like game has the effect of making evil spirits-UPDATE impact on the NFT industry of the Overseas Government Company

The Spanish security company Kosla, " Seoul Like game has the effect of adult spirits " The company's official site will be released on the company official site and making noise.

The company is an industry's largest security company that contracts security services such as commercial facilities and collective housing, public facilities, and builds a security system such as a surveillance camera or infrared sensor. The company has achieved rapid growth to the industry's largest, as a reason that the know-how about security is actively published to increase the security awareness of people. At first glance, it seems to be an act of sending salt to competitors, but it is actually said to have enhanced corporate brand image and acquired trust from many people.

Last year, " Seven-colored gaming devices have no crime prevention effects ", and shocked gamers around the world. And this year, "Seoul Like Games has published the survey results entitled.

Speaking of Seoul Like, high difficulty game genres that explore the capture thread while repeating death many times. In 2022, " ELMON ERINGI " that can be said to be a collection of genre is released, and the fun of open field search is a topic in SNS.

The Seoul Like game has the effect of making evil spirits to be Buddha, Antonio V and Survivor, who works as a core kiper in the security measures section of the company (following: Antonio). Core Kiper is a job that ensures safety of places to do security, and works in a wide range of fields, as business includes electrical and pests removal, cohesion and spirits. Overseas there are 500,000 core keyers, and the number is gradually increasing in Japan.

Antonio, a famous Antonio as an expert of spirits, is one of the reasons why ghosts do not have to be Buddha, focusing on the point that he does not have to be dead. So he asked the ghost to play Seoul Like game " SEKIO " and repeating death many times in the game, and it is not aware that he is dead I thought.

It seems like a wilder-free idea to play the game in a ghost, but when the portpartist phenomenon occurs, it is often often done that the appliance starts up or not learned to work., During, the keyboard has run out of Katakata and a case where a ghost sends a message on a PC. In other words, it is possible in theory.

Antonio has established a game console that launched " SEKIO " as a property that is rumored to appear that ghosts will come out. After a few days later, if you return to the property again, the ghost's signs disappeared, and instead, cleared save data of " SEKIO " remained.

However, Antonio did not think that there is so much effect, and otherwise, I thought that there was an element that works to be a breeding.

So Antonio requests an experiment to Japan's research institute. And, in a comfortable environment, the electroencephalogram of the experimental guinea pig at the moment when the lifetime was reached, and the Seoul Like game is played, and it is difficult to repeat the death and kill the boss, and the guinea pig's electroencephalogram I know.

This experimental results mean that the sense of release and the sense of accomplishment that can be obtained by clearing the Seoul Like game are similar to the sense of the Buddha. In other words, the ghost is the moment of clearing the Seoul Like game, and the brain will make it a misfire.

With this survey results, a game console launched Seoul Like game has now been installed in an accident property in Spain.

ANNNO S. Antonio will serve as a ghost to the NFT auction.

Safe save data is not only a gamer all over the world but also from investors who are promoting excess money games, and the American Michido Gave Oldwell is a successful bid for € 260,000 (about 35 million yen) It will be.

Mr. Gave who confirmed the contents of save data was " Save data that has changed as a living person. Yes, it seems that there is also a trace that was deceived from a lie message written by another player, The place where you're noticeable without the curse is gentleman and great. If I'm a ghost (laughs) "and comments. However, I did not believe in the presence of ghosts, and I made a successful bid as a speculation that expanded the price rise after a few hundred years.

And Antonio, who tasted to this successful bid price, has a ghosted save data one after another. That The winning bid price is also a total of 8.9 million € 800 million (about 1.2 billion yen) .

Line Goes Up – The Problem With NFTs

"Selling ghost save data" is an Antonio who was successful in the strange business, but It will be arrested on suspicion of tax evasion that underestimated the gain gained at the APT auction. In addition, it is discovered that most of the save data that ghosts left behind by the inspection of the prosecution is created by Antonio. The evidence of the saved save data, the clear time is gradually shorter, and the number of mortality is also disclosed, and the first looked as the first look player is cleared.

After later Antonio, " Save data of ghosts sells so much high prices... If you think, the devil has a devil. How to clear more save data and clear it efficiently to get rich If trial and error, you can clear it with Nordes for some time, clear time is 30 minutes...... "and it's a good condition and talk about your own tea eye.

However, Antonio admits that 90% save data exhibited at the NFT auction is a self-made self-made, but the remaining 10% save data (including the save data that Gave made a successful bid) I argue that it is real.

On the other hand, KOSLA, who worked by Antonio, has posted an apology that he immediately fired the arrest report, but from the TWITTER, the user has not checked in-house about the survey results. There is a rushing of accusations as well as KOSLA.

In any case, "Seoul Like Games has the effect of making evil spirits that has the effect of making Buddha" Mr.-san will be attracting attention from the RTA neighborhood. After finishing his prison, he wants to expect what he will show as a RTA runner.

Please see the source related to this article from the relevant link.

※ Update (2022/04/01 12:00): This article is the creation news prepared for April 1st April 1st.


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