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[Reporter Handbook] Xbox Game Pass, It's good

Everyone who started to subscribe to the Xbox game pass, but it was just a perificent reason. First of all, I missed the Cyber Punk 2077 timing that you upgraded to the graphics card, and the price will not be able to buy a soaring graphics card, and however, I have an XSS.

In fact, I had faith that I would be able to replace graphics cards in the future that I only wanted to subscribe to the game pass. In fact, if you actually change the graphics card, other computer parts were in a state of purchasing the buds. I just wanted to be able to satisfy with the white and cute XSS until I played a computer specification with a high level of unusual. Then, I have a game passing a game pass that supports the Natural PC and the console at the same time. I paid the game path and use it for 10 months. Of course, graphics cards have not yet upgraded.

Well, the current console and the PC can be used without limitation, and the ummits that are provided by cloud services that think of the game of the game pass can be subscribed to the price of 11,900 won. It is a reasonable price, but it is a price that is not burdensome.

I think that most of the package games are between 5 and 80,000 won. I think it's been able to get this cheaper in the steam, and I think it's possible to pay it because I put it out. And, right now, the otttes that are subscribed to the OTT, the Youtube premium, are almost similar.

I think it's what I really like to say, the more I really use this game pass from one ordinary gamer's position. The more I play, the more I think I'm "really good". It is not simply that this game is unlimited. I was able to play comfortably, so I was good because it was comfortable.

First, there is no pressure on the game purchase. In fact, we are actually rarely played and purchasing the game for a while. If you do not want to loose the demo version. Even the larger the size of the game, the greater the demo, the like is that you can hardly find the same hope. Even if you do not even taste, the gamer will be right in this game, and I think it is not a trailer fraud, and I think it is not a trailer fraud, and the gerder glamor takes a few days.

Yes, after that purchase, the play time 2 hours and the games that stay in 3 hours are in place in my library. When the impulse purchased game, the most of the time is that. Among them, because of them, the others are funny, so that they have swept away from the award, and are famous and so on, and the mountain games are still quite verified. Why do not you think that such games do not meet me, for more playback,

However, games that remain in such a library are not easily falling in the eye. Recently, Elder Ring is just right. They are funny, but they can not feel funny. I still bought it, so I look at the steam window right now, so I can even turn on the XSS, so I do not have fun, but I do not have fun. I do not mind.

In fact, the game does not think that the game is a very burdensome or expensive hobby activity. Nowadays these days, even if you go outside and try to see a movie, the price is 14,000 won. However, it is a few thousand won, just a few thousand won, but the game is buying a game, and it is not the case that I can not get a whole of 1/10. But I am also anticipated, but the famous game is sold, and I see the trailer, I see this, but I do not look like this.

However, the game path is that of course, because of the subscription-type service, there is no pressure from such a "purchase". I think it would be better to say that it is a bit strong because it looks like a pressure. If you do not have a little more than 30 minutes, or if you do a little more, you will stop it if you do not have a lot of time to think about it. I do not feel like I'm so sick. 'I did not have it, I can not do it, I have to go to another.

If you are a few hundred thousands of games, you will have a bunch, but Subscribe is very noisy. Even if you are now in Microsoft, the AAA class games are also applied to the game path simultaneously. It is Microsoft limited, but you can play the latest games, the latest expectations, just play with your subscription service. There is no need to purchase a pretty high amount of money at the time of release.

Next, let's make the game easier to get and enjoy the game. The Games Pass is just a very useful subscription system for those who are normally worked, come to work, come to work, wash, dinner, and enjoy a second time for a second time to go to bed. It is to be a burdensome that plays the game at a time, or when it is time to play more than one time, or play a long game. However, it does not fit hardcore gamers.

Anyway, to light gamers, the Games Pass is a passage that allows you to enjoy a variety of different package games of various genres. I can not believe that something I want to do, I want to see, I want to listen, or I can not bear any game. I do not know what we subscribe to OTT, and you do not see all the content in it, so you do not meet a few hundred games to subscribe to a game path. I just want to be a Marvel hero today, and Gadians of Galaxy, and tomorrow, I want to be a DC hero, and I want to be a Batman Akamite.

And this convenience is that the XBOX cloud gaming is just to share. You can see 'take a picture' without having to install the game at all. Just as a drama or movie I want to see, I just look at hundreds of games, and I'll try to play it once.

The time to install a few tenth gigabyts, and because of the capacity, it has been a lot of hard-tolerance that the cloud service was sprouted. This game is not limited to that game, especially when you install the time and the capacity of the device, and you can enjoy it very light and simple.

It is not necessarily a console. Just if you have a desktop and a controller, you can try many console games with no cell phones. This is a bigger advantage than I thought. Even friends who still do not even play games right now, even if you have a mounting console, you do not have a mounting console except for the Nintendo switch. Although the Domestic Console market has been exceeding a 1 trillion won, most ordinary gamers are still satisfied with desktops. However, through cloud gaming, you can play console games without console.

In fact, in November 20, 2020, the Phil Spencer, in the interview with the gamespot, he said that in Korea, the Pc or Console, in the case of the Pc or Console, he said he had more people playing with the prefectural cloud gaming system.

The game pass is unconditionally. There is also a clear thing that is obvious. I have a very big problem that I can not know until I play Korean, Even the game is in Korean, and if you do not support it, it is placal if it does not support. It's so difficult to add a support language. And it is pretty sad that many games do not support Korean than I thought. Like Tropico 6, other platforms are already supporting Korean on the game pass.

But anyway, the biggest advantage of the game path is also a high accessibility. You can enjoy a variety of games, and you can do the latest work of Microsoft, and you can play without installing it with cloud games, without installation. Perhaps the high accessibility of the game path will be further strengthened if a family plan, known as Microsoft is planning, is a family plan.

Various OTT and shopping services here, subscriptions to people are not more unfamiliar or burdensome. There are many people already using subscribe services, and we are using. There is nothing to say.

Xbox Game Pass Games To Play Right Now

Anyway, what you want to say is not the other. For those who want to do various games, but to buy all of these games, the console is not a console, but for someone who wants to do the console game, the game pass is a pretty good choice. And if you do not have anything anymore, you just need to cancel your subscription.


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