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"Saintsuro" can be "Muchimuchi Boomerang Pants Uncle". Customized element that is too freedom

Publisher Koch Media / Deep Silver has published the "Ultimate Customized Trailer" of " Saints Row " on April 21. You can get a glimpse of a rich customization factor in this work.

"Saints Row" is the latest work of the Crime Action Series "Saints Row (Saints Row)" which boasts a total of 300 million world cumulative sales. The compatible platform is PS4 / PS5 / Xbox ONE / XBOX Series X | S / PC (EPIC GAMES Store). Players form "Saints" with three people, Kevin, Ely, as a future boss. Los Panteros, Idols, Marshal's strong gangs, build their empire and win the control.

You can check with the trailer that is a customized element of the character that the player will manipulate. In this work, fashion can be set finely. Hats, pants, shoes, hands, ends can coordinate the whole body, such as socks and gloves. If there is a fashionable item, there are also costumes of cosplay flavor. Item coloring can be specified finely from the palette.

In addition, not only clothes but also the appearance of the player character themselves can be set in detail. It can be combined up to hairstyles, hair colors, eyebrows and teeth. In addition, skin types and textures are also available. Not only can choose white skin and brown skin, but also special skin that glow to glared and metallic can also be selected. Gloss, scars, blood vessels, muscles, etc. can be customized freely. In addition, the function to add body hair to the boss for the first time in the series was implemented. This is the function that was added in MOD in the past, and it was officially adopted this time. Moving a boss also makes it possible to make wax hair loss.

Furthermore, it seems that body meat can also be adjusted. In the video, there is also a scene that produces the exciting great thing of Boumetang pants in the body of the mutter. At the end of the strice, it is possible to become a long-welding. In that case, it is a thorough setting that can be freely selected to a sticker for hiding the local. Furthermore, it is possible to select the prosthesis of arms and legs. It seems that there are various colors and materials blades and shells.

Customization of this work is not only the player character. There are 80 or more car types that can be riding in criminal activities, and various vehicles, helicopters and water boats. Customization of cars selects parts and parts and can be adjusted freely. The wheels can also choose a number of types. Car performance can be boosted. Adjust acceleration, fuel efficiency, speed, etc., and finish it into a car that can fight. In this way, it is also the best of this work to show a brilliant driving technique with a tune-capped car. Sometimes it seems possible to have a stunt such as dancing with the escape sheet.

In addition, in this work, we can change the appearance of various weapons, such as an assault rifle or a shotgun. Materials, colors, parts can be combined and you can handle unique items, such as showing bright textures. Also, it is possible to change the shape itself greatly, and it is possible to have a bold customization that the rocket launcher is put into a guitar case. And the headquarters of the crime empire can also be renovated. It seems that you can make all you know, such as installing a huge object in spout on a building that was a church.

"Saintsuro" will be released on August 23 for PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S / PC (Epic Games Store).


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