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World of Warcraft Dragonflight, Dracuyr evocative: everything we know about the new hero class

Unveiled recently, the new extension of the famous MMORPG World of WARCRAFT, Dragonfight, is still allowing the mystery to hover over the real novelties in terms of content. We still know that we will be able to discover a new class of heroes: the Drithyr Evocator. Let us discover some of its known characteristics.


Like certain old extensions ( Wrath of the Lich King and Legion ), the news that will arrive this year, Dragonflight , will offer to discover a new class of heroes. After the Knight of Death and the Demon Hunter , we will therefore have the pleasure of being able to play with a DRACTHYR EVOCTOR to discover very promising Islands to the Dragons of the Future extension.

What we know about DRACTHYR Evocateurs

The hero classes are very specific in wow extensions. They are always closely linked to the history and novelty of gameplay of the extension in which they come out. Blizzard with the upcoming arrival of Dragonfllight chose to create the Dractyr Evocator .

Two small peculiarities of this class of hero compared to the last two: it will be linked to a single breed, created for the occasion, the Drithyrs and will also be a class of distance, where the last two were classes of melee. It is a class that can wear mesh armor , which is an under-represented group in the game of Blizzard and will offer both a specialization of spectator ( devastation ) and a healing specialization ( Preservation ).

The Devastation specialization * focuses on blue and red magic. Blue magic will be more focused on focused and overwhelming spells, while red magic will be faster and explosive overall.

The specialization preservation * will be based on green magic and bronze magic. Green will get closer to the care of a druid that is done over time, while bronze magic will be more on fast spells like a priest or a paladin.

With the arrival of this class, we also see a new type of spell appear, called " Empower ". This will allow you to load a spell. ** The more you load it, the more it will have a powerful effect, whether it is a care spell or an attack spell.

This class will also leave you the opportunity to fly over the battlefields to launch spells.

Like the Pandarens Introduced during the extension Mists of Pandaria , playing a Dracuyr Evocator, You will start your determined without faction. A choice will be offered to you after a small series of quests in the start of the Drithyrs.

The characteristics of Drithyrs

The developers are still quite discreet about the characteristics of the Drithyrs, but here is what we know about this new playable breed:

You can freely alternate between a humanoid and draconic form , like worgens *. * The colors will correspond between your draconic and humanoid shape, mainly on the scales present on your body.

The Draconic Form of Drithyrs

The female humanoid form of drachtyrs

Dracthyr Evoker & Dragonriding Preview | World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

The male humanoid form of drachtyrs


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