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Thomas Helmer remains to see Hertha BSC in the basement: is not a group

Hertha BSC only avoided relegation to the second Bundesliga in the relegation secondary versus HSV. Ex-Bundesliga professional Thomas Helmer is currently not thinking that it will certainly be much better for the resources club in the brand-new period. Current city opponent Union is presently "clear number one in the resources", besides, the team of coach Urs Fischer sensationally wrapped up in fifth place and therefore plays in the Europa Organization in the future. From Burger SV, however, Helmer was "dissatisfied, he had the psychological benefit on his side and did not utilize it. In the end, it lacked top quality on the pitch, four years 2nd organization left their mark and also cost material". The followers of Hertha BSC likewise need to plan for relegation battle in the 2022/2023 period, states Thomas Helmer in his column for the "twist". The previous defender of FC Bayern as well as Borussia Dortmund did not feel that it is a group ", al

Rebellion assures that it is not to blame for the refusal to sell Sniper Elite 5 in EGS

A few days ago, a shooter was released about the events of World War II Sniper Elite 5 from Rebellion studio. But on the day of output, those who bought the product in the digital distribution store Epic Games Store suddenly found that they could not download it and start the game. Later it became known that for unknown reasons, Sniper Elite 5 would not go to EGS, and the money began to return the money for pre-orders. The developers gave some explanations to the VGC portal. Rebellion studio apologized to the players who hoped to purchase the recently released Sniper Elite 5 through Epic Games Store, and said that the game did not get to the store for circumstances that are beyond them. But the team is sure that in the near future the product will be released in TGS, although it could not name the deadlines. The page of the game has not disappeared anywhere.

Even more aggro! Wow Patch 9.2.5 Allows all tanks to produce even more hazards

The MMO's developers have recently involved the ears that a lot of threat has been shed just recently since the damages distributors are rounding. That is why there is a danger lover with wow (buy now) patch 9.2.5. Below are the details. WOW Patch 9.2.5 will be released on June 1, 2022 as well as brings with it a few equilibrium adjustments for some courses that existed by the WoW developers in the official forum-only in the English original. So that you understand what will happen on June 1st, we are damaging the entire thing up for you in a collection of little information. This message is regarding the hazard of storage tanks WOW Patch 9.2.5: Even more aggro for tanks. In the programmer's class balance sneak peek, it claims as complies with: Notes of the developers: "We have heard a whole lot of comments from the community (as well as our teammates) about the loss of risk considering that the start of this period. We have examined this scenario and think that

Horizon, God of War, Gran Turismo. Sony's hit games are shaped into television series

Sony is working properly with TV adaptations for his most famous game series . At least Guerrilla's horizon series, GOD of Warista and Gra from the tourism , are under construction. Aloy's predictions can be followed on Netflix, while Kratos is jerking towards Amazon's streaming service- GRA's Turismo platform has not been revealed so far. For example, more detailed details, such as actors or publications, are not yet known. The game series familiar from PlayStation masks march towards TV more widely. At least for the time being, at least next year, the The Last of US and the Twisted metal _the Last of US , which will be seen at the Peacock service, will be known. More on: The sequel made on top of a sure one that entertains but dare not renew-in review Horizon Forbidden West _ The legend of car games manages to turn its hardness to its strength-in review GRAN Turismo 7 Asgård, Midgård, Thor-More Avengers? No, but in the new God of War-in review _GOD of

How to make scrolls in V Ringing

V Rising has several different valuable resources. Scrolls in V Rising are necessary to open new levels of technology in this survival game. Technologies will help you get the best equipment and help in the fight against other monsters hiding in the shadow of Vardoran. Follow this leadership to find out everything you need to know about these scrolls. where to find scrolls in V Riding How to create scrolls in V Riding where to find scrolls in V Riding Exploring the world of Vardoran, you can receive scrolls from a variety of places. The most affordable places for their search will be barrels and chests with treasures to which you can access during your trip. If you clean the enemy camps, you will find them in destroyed objects scattered through these locations. The most difficult way to get these scrolls is to win enemies of a higher level . The more you defeat opponents of a higher level, the more you get the scrolls. How to create scrolls in V Riding To gain access to th

The spider-tessel is canon in chip ‘n dale: rescue rangers

_ Chip ‘N Dale: Rescue Rangers He arrived at Disney+ a couple of days ago, and people can't stop talking about all the cameos that appear on this film. From Ugly Sonic, to characters that are part of Disney's extensive world. However, it was a Spider-Man mural who unleashed endless theories. Now, to the surprise of many, it has confirmed that the Spider-Verse is a canon in the world of chip ‘n dale: rescue rangers . ** During this film, you can see the same mural as Miles Morales created at the beginning of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Ambverse . Many wondered what the meaning of this was, since chip ‘n dale: rescue rangers is a Disney tape, and not from Sony. Faced with all doubts, Phil Lord , one of the writers of the Arenido adventure, confirmed that the spider-verse is part of the extensive world of chip ‘n dale. Does this mean that we will see thousands Morales in a future chip movie ‘N Dale, or vice versa? Probably not. This is surely a joke by Phil Lord, who has

Fall Guys reveals a new exciting feature

Fall Guys Fans have a lot to wait in the near future, since the game will soon be free and add support for Xbox and Nintendo Switch. However, that is only the tip of the iceberg, since the Developer Mediatonic is also working on a level editor for the game. The tool will allow players to create their own levels and share them in line with other players. Unfortunately, Mediaatonic states that the "way is still far from the launch", so it could spend a lot of time before we see it implemented. You can find a video that shows the new function on the tweet embedded below. According to the video, it seems that players will have many customization tools available! We can see many different obstacles to place and parameters that can be specifically customized, including size, direction and more. Before the level can be published online, creators will have to clean it for themselves, and it seems that in doing so they will use an ingenious element of building avatar of constructi

Bell Kranel will again go to the dungeon on July 22 - the teaser of the new episodes of Danmachi

J.C.STAFF (One PUNCH-Man, "Honey Eden") announced the date of the premiere for the fourth season of anime "Is it bad to look for a couple in the dungeon?" And she showed another teaser. Recently, this very dungeon in the series has paid enough attention, but the adventurers, led by Bell Kranel, will still have to leave the orario in the adaptation of the Labyrinth arch. This will be followed by the author of Ranobe Omori Fujino, who now controls the work of the scriptwriters. At the same time, the Japanese studio went through the events of the previous seasons. Well, in the foreseeable future, fans will be able to read such a popular work on the great and mighty. But Danmachi also has several side stories at once. Broadcast "Is it bad to look for a couple in the dungeon?" will resume July 22, including Crunchyroll.

Defeated deficit and leakage of personal information.

It is pointed out that 'the dark cloud' has been put on the luxury commerce platform as the operating losses of the luxury commerce platform balance, Trenbi, and Must -Its have been intensified last year, and the recent controversy over the tricks and personal information exposure of the balance. According to the electronic disclosure system, the number of sales losses for the three companies of Trenbi, Balan, and Must It Luxury Commerce last year increased over the previous year. Trenbee recorded the largest loss of the three companies last year, with an operating deficit of W33bn, and Must It, which had maintained its surplus by 2020, also posted an operating deficit last year. Balan is being investigated by the regulatory authorities for the Nego King's trick discount and excessive return fee controversy. ■ Balan, the FTC to deepen the deficit… 'Red light' is turned on Balan posted the largest sales of the three companies last year (52.1 billion won), but

Experiments on kids and their consequences - the first eight minutes of continuation of "very strange things"

Netflix posted on YouTube the opening stage of the fourth season of “very strange things”. And for a start, the audience will be awaiting a return to the past, at the time when experiments were set over the eleventh. Dr. Martin Brenner experiences the tenth, but suddenly ends up surrounded by corpses and meets a very dissatisfied heroine Millie Bobby Brown. The penultimate season, the Dafffer brothers divided into two parts: first fans will see seven episodes, two more will show after the break. Moreover, the seventh and eighth series stretched for about 1.5 hours each, and the timing of the ninth and almost almost exceeded 2.5. The show will transfer fans to Hawkins, California and Kamchatka. The first part of the fourth season of “Very strange things” will be released on Netflix on May 27, and the second - July 1.

Unveiled: This is the most successful Marvel

Disney Plus is on an absolute course of success and at the moment it should only be a matter of time until the home of Micky, Marvel and Star Wars also overtakes Netflix - no wonder, the streaming provider the red n through price increases, massive layoffs and canceled series is currently slowly but surely going out. The Marvel productions are of course a large mainstay: While the superhero films like Doctor Strange in the Multivevers of Madness still lure the masses into the cinema, the series around characters such as Hawkeye, Wanda Maximoff and The Moon Knight The fans to their home screens. most successful Marvel series: Loki beats everyone a snap At a presentation for advertisers, Marvel boss Kevin Feige (via deadline) now revealed personally, which of the Marvel series is actually the most successful on Disney Plus and was able to tempt the most viewers to look. The answer is less clear than one might think, after all, several of the current productions were a

It is reported that Silent Hill's new main game is in development

They have been a couple of days busy by the rumors and reports associated with the Konami Silent Hill franchise. After an important filtration at the end of last week, a new rumor began to circulate on the Internet stating that a new version of silent colol 2_ is currently in process in Bloober Team. And although this rumor ended up being corroborated by a couple of sources, it seems that this is not Silent Hill's only title. In fact, it is said that a new main entrance in the series is also being developed. According to CVG, Konami is in the process of working with an external company to develop a completely new game in the Silent Hill franchise, in addition to other projects. The team behind this game is not currently known, but this report in question establishes that it could be a Japanese study that is working on the title. Together, this new Silent Hill game would be the ninth main delivery and would be the first entry of the series launched in more than a decade. The last

Wow, the new PS Plus brings playable demos to Cyberpunk 2077 and Horizon Forbidden West

Sony starts the revised PS Plus offer with staggered offers and advantages in June. Now the first games have been announced that will be ready for all those with PS Plus Extra (catalog of PS4 and PS5 titles) or PS Plus Premium (all the PlayStation generations). You can find out more in our separate article. two hours playable, progress is saved more about the new PS Plus Anyone who subscribes to the highest level from the Sony service with PS Plus Premium also also has access to demos, which are called "Game Trials" here. So you can try out the games for which such a trial is ready for a long time and then possibly make a purchase decision for the respective title. For the following games there will be demos at the start of the service: cyberpunk 2077 * Farming Simulator 22 Horizon Forbidden West Tiny Tina's Wonderland * Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection WWE 2K22 It is not yet entirely clear whether this is the complete game trial list that, at

Pokemon Journeys makes fun of Goh's final tests in the new Project Mew trailer

Pokemon Journeys is preparing the stage for Goh's final test missions to enter the Mew project team, and the anime is celebrating with a new special advance that shows more than what is coming for the young coach! As the most recent iteration of the anime reaches the climax of its execution, fans have seen Ash Ketchum ascend to their highest classification in the World Coronation Series so far. With Ash's final challenge now established for him, it is time for the series to establish the final challenge that Goh will assume while he tries to fulfill his dreams of catching Mew. With Goh's main dream of gathering in some way and catching Mew after meeting the legendary when he was a child, fans have seen Goh face all kinds of challenging evidence to reach the final team that will undertake the most difficult expedition they can. The newest episode of the series takes it through another great test, and the anime is preparing the stage for its last test series with a new spec

How to add user cities to Bitlife?

To add user cities to Bitlife, you will need to find the option under The main menu tab in the game. You can open the main menu by pressing the square button in the upper left corner of the screen. In the “Main menu” tab, find configure section at the bottom of the page. In the "Setting" section will be an option called User cities at the top of the list. Click "User Cities", and you will be sent to a page similar to the below. If you want to add a user city to Bitlife, click "Add a user city." At the same time, another tab will appear in which you will be invited to choose the name of your city and the country. Select both, then press the button add the city button. After pressing the “Add City” button, your new city will appear under the list of places when creating a character. To create a character with a new user city, click new life back to the main menu. After pressing the New Life, choose your country and find your new city under

Sony published a financial report for 2021

Today, Sony announced financial results for the full 2022 financial year, which ended on March 31, including data on the supply of PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. For the last quarter (from January to March), retail chains around the world purchased 2 million PS5 and 100,000 PS4, which means that the total volume of PS4 supplies as of March 31 is 117 million units, while PS5 for its entire time existence was sold in the amount of 19.3 million units. Over the last financial year (from April 2021 to March 2022), 11.5 million PS5 units were shipped, which is much less compared to the initial forecasts made in April 2021. Sales for the full 2021 financial year have increased by 3% (83.5 billion yen) compared to last year due to the growth of hardware sales, partially compensated by a decrease in software sales, mainly among the games of third -party developers. Operational income (profit) has practically not changed due to the fact that Sony carries less losses per PS5 when selling

A new killer from Dead by Daylight was leaked to the network

Very soon, the horror game for the survival of Dead by Daylight will celebrate its sixth anniversary. Developers from Behavior Interactive Inc. They clearly prepare something interesting, but so far they keep the information secret. It is not surprising that fans of the game are unbearable to wait for official announcements. On the popular Reddit website, one of the enthusiasts published posted screenshots who shed light on the new killer. Apparently, it will be the blind monster The Dredge. In addition, his abilities became known. Nightfall skill accumulates as the killer’s successful acts, such as injuries or capture survivors, accumulates. When the slag is complete, the card plunges into absolute darkness, and the skills of The Dredge become stronger. The Dredge can teleport to the “remains”, which he himself scatters on the map, as well as for the first time in the game straight to the cabinet - the place of shelter of the survivors. The screenshot of the new surviving - Had

2-1 against the Netherlands: First victory for the 2007 vintage

The team of DFB coach Michael Prus prevailed 2-1 against Jong Oranje in Garrel. The Leipzig Cenny Neumann (42nd) and Schalkes Taycan etcibasi (57th) ensured the first victory of the 2007 vintage in 2007 - Reuben Thomas (60th) scored for the Netherlands. "We prevailed against a very, very good opponent," says Prus via the association website. "Therefore we are really very satisfied and happy about the victory in the first international match." On Saturday it goes back in Garrel against the Netherlands - kick -off is at 3 p.m.

The release of the simulator of the Paleontologist Dinosaur Fossil Hunter took place

The Playway Playway publisher, the Pyramid Games, has released the Dinosaur Fossil Hunter adventure simulator, where the players will take on the role of a paleontologist and will search and study fossils. In addition to excavations, here you can travel on an SUV in various places inspired by US landscapes. Having discovered the remains of extinct species, they should be gently digging and then processed. Then, when you have skeletons of dinosaurs, you can open your own museum, where you need to create an internal interior yourself, which can attract and surprise visitors. Also, for the game, Pyramid Games has already released the patch of the first day and introduced a road map of the update. According to her, in May, developers will engage in error corrections based on community reviews. Further, in June/July, they plan to introduce new game mechanics and improve gameplay. Then in their plans to release new content and add more dinosaurs skeletons. Dinosaur Fossil Hunter is ava

Fortnite Chapter 2 - How to find all the historic sites

Fortnite Chapter 2 Arrived with less sudden and more than one implosion. The card has shrunk, engulfed by the explosion of the rocket, leaving the players in the dark for hours - a real glance for a second chapter and a new card. When the lights have returned, fortnite transformed into chapter 2. It came with a completely new card and places. Unlike the first chapter and the first ten seasons, the card is played more as an RPG card. First reported by IGN, players must discover benchmarks for themselves. They will not be automatically informed. The named locations resemble the tilted towers or the dusty deposit of the previous chapter. The players discover them when entering the area. How to find historic places? The short answer to this question is: Explore. The longer answer is more detailed. The locations of landmarks are different from the named locations. After finding all the positions named, the card will remain incomplete. Players still have to discover the gray poin

How to get an egg from the earth and what it does in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Bunny Day has arrived animal Crossing: New Horizons , and there are a multitude of new recipes to allow you to get your hands on. There are also eggs hidden throughout the island so that you can find them. The earth egg is one of the new resources added to the game, and you will want to get as much as you can. When you finally have enough eggs on the earth, you will have access to special recipes for the earth's egg set, exclusive objects that you can only create during the Bunny Day event. You will also need Earth eggs to make the other Bunny Day recipes that you can find in the game now. You can find these recipes by talking to the villagers, finding special Bunndy Day message bottles on the beach, speaking to zip T. Bunny, slaughtering the special Bunny Day balloons and picking up enough types of each eggs Special. You can find earth eggs buried all over your island. They will have the same marker on the ground as the fossils, so make sure to digest everyone you see to get a

The Planet Crafter: Find and dismantle Osmium

In this guide to the indie hit The Planet Crafter you can find out: why is osmium so important? How do I free the entrances to Osmium caves from ice? Where can I find all Osmium caves? How can I extract OSMIUM from the ground? for which crafting objects do I need OSMium? What you have to do to open the additions to the various Osmium deposits Where the are five Osmium foundations in the game world How to break OSMium on a large scale What important crafting objects OSMium why is osmium so important? After about seven to nine hours of play - depending on the procedure - you get to a point in The Planet Crafter at which the air pressure on the planet has exceeded a value of 155 micropascal (μpa) . As a result, the blueprint for the so -called erz extractor is automatically unlocked. The name may sound Bieder, but this device has it all. Once set up, the ortractor fully automatically promotes outer ore from the ground ** and stores them in a box coupled with the device. I