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The Planet Crafter: Find and dismantle Osmium

In this guide to the indie hit The Planet Crafter you can find out:

What you have to do to open the additions to the various Osmium deposits Where the are five Osmium foundations in the game world How to break OSMium on a large scale What important crafting objects OSMium

why is osmium so important?

After about seven to nine hours of play - depending on the procedure - you get to a point in The Planet Crafter at which the air pressure on the planet has exceeded a value of 155 micropascal (μpa) . As a result, the blueprint for the so -called erz extractor is automatically unlocked. The name may sound Bieder, but this device has it all.

Once set up, the ortractor fully automatically promotes outer ore from the ground ** and stores them in a box coupled with the device. If you come back after a while, you only have to transfer the yield in the form of iron, cobalt, magnesium, silicon and titanium from the oral box in your inventory.

Very practical, since the raw materials stored on the surface are exhausted sooner or later. The crux of the matter: In order to be able to build the ortractor, you need two units Osmium, a particularly rare metal in the Planet Crafter. However, the other crafting ingredients-an Iridium rod, a super alloy, aluminum and titanium-are much easier to organize.

How do I free the entrances to Osmium caves from ice?

You can usually find Osmium in caves, the entrances of which are still sealed by thick layers of ice in the first few hours. The only way to clear these passages is to melt the ice cream. However, this only works when the temperature of the planet 100.00 NK (nanokelvin) has exceeded .

In order to achieve this goal, you need a lot of heating, ** preferably of type 3. build the heaters within your base (it does not work outside!), Sufficient power and monitors with the right screen whether the temperature actually rises. If the above value has been exceeded, it takes a while until the ice has melted.

Important: Initially, only the ice in the entrance area of the cave systems melts. In order to remove the second ice barrier, the temperature must increase to 5.00 μK (microcelvin) . In some caves even at 45.00 μk.

Where To Find Osmium? The Planet Crafter Quick Tips

Therefore, in the course of the game in , regular intervals type 3 heaters . The latter need 1x silicon, 1x titanium, 1x aluminum and an Iridium rod, which you produce at the advanced manufacturing station using nine Iridium units. However, the energy consumption of the heaters should not be underestimated. A nuclear reactor can remedy this.

Where can I find all Osmium caves?

There are currently five Osmium caves in The Planet Crafter's game world. In the following we outline the various locations. Tip: Remove your suit beforehand with a compass , then you will find the places much faster. Also pay attention to the coordinates at the bottom left of the picture to orient yourself and ensure space in the inventory before each expedition so that you can take as much osmium as possible.

Osmium cave 1: * north of the landing position of your rescue capsule you can see the wreck of a huge spaceship on the top of a steep hill. Go up-the agility upgrade for the suit helps-and you discover a cave entrance not far next to it. The coordinates of the entrance are: 404: 142: 996. The cave is quite long, so build a small outpost in front of the entrance and take enough oxygen bottles with you. Osmium cavity 2 : As soon as you cross the above Osmium cave, you hit the sulfur fields. North of it, she discovered an impressive waterfall made of sand. Go to the in the middle of the “sand fall” *, go into it (nothing can happen to you!) And you discover another hidden cave full of osmium. The coordinates of the entrance are: 627: 60: 1847.

Osmium-Höhle 3 *: If you march from the city capsule in the southwestern direction, you can reach a small canyon that is peppered with pointed rock columns . Run past this and keep southwest until you reach a small cave entrance. The coordinates of the entrance are: 342: 6: -177. In this cave you will also find iridium and sulfur. Osmium-Höhle 4 *: In the central area of the card there is a labyrinth of high rocks ** that rang vertically. Run - coming from the starting capsule - on the right around this labyrinth, up the hill and then towards the white planet on the horizon. Behind the Labyrinth formation, you will discover the next Osmium cave under a humped rock. The coordinates are: 1851: 15: 580.

Osmium cavity 5 *: Far in the south of the map you discover a crashed warp goal ** that looks like a ring-shaped space station. Southwest of it you can see some larger rocks and a moon behind the horizon. Run towards the rocks and keep an eye out for an open central area. Once there, you discovered a kind of sink pit. Go down and search south of an entrance to the Osmium cave (coordinates: 973: 43-974). Care: The ice cream here melts only from 45.00 μk.

How can I extract OSMIUM from the ground?

As soon as you have unlocked the blueprint for the erzextractor T2 (from an air pressure of 364.60 MPa), you can machine OSMIUM. In order for it to work, however, the T2 oral extractor must be in one of the OSMium caves mentioned above. Checked after building by opening the box next to the oral extractor T2, whether it actually promotes the OSMium.

Then it takes a while for Osmium to be broken down. Sits your type 2 oral extractors a regular visit to empty the warehouse boxes. Profitipp: With the T2 ornamental extractor, you can also reduce the other rare metals aluminum, iridium and sulfur in certain map areas.

To construct an artery extractor T2, you need 3x osmium, 3x super alloy and 2x iridium rods. Positive side effect: The machine generates 79.5 units of heat and 85 units pressure per second-so it also helps to increase your terraforming index .

However, the energy consumption of the T2 ornament with 164 units per second is so high that you need two type 1 nuclear reactors ** to operate a single device. More sensible: works on a type 2 nuclear reactor that generates 331.59 kWh.

for which crafting objects do I need OSMium?

In addition to the two oral extractors, your OSMium also needs a crafting resource for some other important objects. Here is an overview:

* Jetpack T2: The extended version of the jet pack has a drive value of +170 and is therefore even faster. To build the advanced manufacturing station, you need: 1x jetpack T1, 1x super alloy, 1x sulfur, 1x osmium, 1x aluminum.

Shredder machine: * This device destroys objects placed in it and can be particularly helpful in the final game. For construction you need: 2x super alloy, 1x uranium, 1 osmium and 1x black powder. Biolabor : You need to make organic recipes. Here you can craft black powder. To build the organic laboratory, you need 2x osmium, 3x super alloy and 1x aluminum. Bohrer T4: The most powerful drill in the Planet Crafter. It releases huge 459 units pressure and 25 units of heat per second and eats 45.5 units of energy per second. The construction plan is automatic when the heat has reached 41.00 MicroCelvin on the planet. For construction you need 3x Osmium and 6x super alloy.

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