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How to make an enemy in Bitlife

In Bitlife you can be anyone! This means that there will be times when you want to lean a little more to the evil side of life. If so, then there is no better way to go into darkness than to make a whole bunch of enemies. However, the process of performing this is a little strange, so you may be interested in exactly how to do this in the game. Well, we will lead you through the whole process so that you can disturb people that you do not really like!


How to turn a friend into an enemy into Bitlife

To make an enemy, first you need to make a person with your friend. Turning a friend into an enemy is the best way to quickly make an enemy. Nevertheless, you can make someone your friend by giving him something or simply showing a good attitude towards him over time. Continue in the same spirit, and ultimately you will make a NPC friend. After you make friends with someone, you will need to go to the relationship menu, and then choose a new friend. Now that you are in the Friend menu, click on his name in the upper part of the screen. This will cause a person’s profile. In the lower part of the screen, you should see the Change our status button. Click on this and choose the status of the enemy to change your relationship with a person.

where to find enemies in Bitlife

Now that you have at least one enemy, you will find these bitisen on the Enemies tab. You still have all the options that you would have if you were friends, but, obviously, they usually will not want to engage in any subtleties that you could do earlier. To be angry with them, you can insult, naughty, let rumors about them. You must be careful, doing anything of this, because they can attack you and, possibly, kill you if you are not careful. However, if they attack you, you can always hire a lawyer and sue them!

is it worth it to make enemies in Bitlife?

Now there are not many reasons to start enemies in the game, but this is an interesting way if you try different styles of the game. You may also need to do this if you are trying to complete the task under water in Bitlife.

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