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How to solve the puzzle City of hidden runes in the quest Genshin Impact Perilous Trail Archon Quest

The city of hidden runes is the area of the influence of Genshin, which you will encounter in a quest called the danger around . This is the third part of Archon Quest Interlude Chapter: Act II-a dangerous trace which can be initiated after the following preliminary conditions:

  • Archon Quest Chapter I: Act III-New Star is approaching
  • Raiden Shogun Story Quest Imperatrix Umbrosa Chapter: Act II-Transient Dreams
  • Arataki Itto Story Quest Taurus Iracundus Chapter: Act I-Rise Up, Golden Soul
  • Local task The abyss Why did the stone of the spirit come down? (part of the quest chain Disfectors)
  • Serenity pot Local assignment of a home teapot: Part I

During the event “Dangerous path” from from May 31, 2022 to June 20, 2022 You can start the chapter “Interludium” without completing the plot tasks and the local task “Serenite Pot”, indicated above, clicking on the button Quick start button in the event menu.

How to solve the puzzle City of hidden runes

In the city of hidden runes, you will find a clearing with four runes of the elements and the corresponding phase gates for each of them. For example, the phase gate behind the rune will be transferred to a clearing with a riddle of hydro. You need to solve all four puzzles to clean the domain, but they can be performed in any order.

approach phase gate to move to another clearing. During transportation, do not press anything so as not to die.

Part One: Highlight small symbols

The first part of the puzzle requires you to light small runes. Do this on stepping on the right symbols corresponding to each element. Contact the image above to find the right characters for each element.

After the completion of this part, the small symbols will disappear, and geovishap will spawn. Defeat them to find light formers-small mechanisms radiating light into the sky.

PART TIDEN: Use of light formers to activate large characters

Each platform will have two light cords that control two sets of light. Your goal is to combine lights with large symbols to activate them. Use the following lighting commands:

The Keys of the Freet *-adjust the position of the lights. The elementary skill button -turn the headlights clockwise. button Elemental explosion -turn the headlight counterclockwise.

Electric Symbols

  1. Use Lightshaper, which controls the lights on the left (long distance) to activate the characters in the lower right corner.
  2. Interact with the second light former to control the lights on the right (at a shorter distance). This activates characters on the left.


  1. Use Lightshaper, which controls the left side (shorter distance) to activate the two upper characters.
  2. Interact with the second light former (at a greater distance) to activate two characters below.


  1. Use Lightshaper, which controls the left side (shorter distance) to activate the characters on the left.
  2. Interact with the second form of light, which controls the right side (long distance) to activate the characters on the right.

symbols Anemu

1. Use Lightshaper, which controls the left side (greater distance) to activate the upper and lower Anemo characters. 2. Interact with another light former that controls the right side (near distance) to activate two symbols of anemo located diagonally on the right.

Use phase gate to move on the map. After the completion of all four puzzles, the head of Interlude will continue.

Check out our guidance on how to go through the Genshin Impact Perilous Trail event in the Genshin Impact Perilous Trail to solve the first domain in the head of Interlude.


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