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Changes to the crafting system in the MMORPG World of Warcraft. Part 1

Blizzard continues to share information about what's new in the Dragonflight update for the MMORPG World of Warcraft. A voluminous material appeared on the game's website, in which the developers describe the changes that the crafting system will receive. We have translated this material for you. Due to the length of the text, it is divided into two parts. The second part will appear later in the evening.

Development of Dragonflight is in full swing, and soon you will have the opportunity to try out the new profession system in World of Warcraft. This system has been designed to provide greater depth and engagement, allowing you, the creators of Azeroth, to stand out from your peers.

Before diving into the details of crafting, it's worth noting that there are three main pillars to the updated professions:

  • Manufacturing orders.
  • Professional specializations.
  • Create and collect with quality.

In this preview, we will focus on quality workmanship. But first, a summary of the other two aspects (for context).

Manufacturing orders

Crafting Orders is a new way to place an order for almost any crafting recipe from the Dragon Isles using an auction house-like interface. This service will be provided to you almost free of charge by representatives of the Consortium of Craftsmen, a new trading organization recently founded with its first chapter in the Dragon Isles.

When placing an order, you can specify three options for who can complete it: available to everyone, only members of the guild, or a specific person. Trade Reagents can be provided by you or the Artisan, while some Special Reagents can only be provided by one or the other.

You will also be able to customize the order by including various additional reagents depending on the recipe, defining exactly what you want to create. For example, many equipment recipes allow you to specify secondary stats, as in the Messages from Shadowlands.

After you've finished setting up an order, decide on the artisan commission you're offering, pay a small fee to post the order, and submit it.

Artisans can then review those orders, fill in missing reagents, create an item, and earn a commission (minus a small cut of the Artisan Consortium, of course!). After that, the finished product will be delivered to you by mail.

On the artisan side, this will be a great new way to earn gold, increase your crafting skills, and, most importantly, help your friends and guildmates with crafting. If you focus on quality and customer service, you can even build your own customer base and lock in a stable business.

Professional specializations

Job Specializations will allow you to specialize in your core crafting and gathering professions once you reach a high enough skill level. You will earn Specialization Points by completing various activities and spend them on constantly improving various areas of your profession.

This will be one of the main ways that you will be able to stand out from your peers as there will be many areas of specialization in every profession. More on this feature in a moment!

Craft with quality

Quality and its implications

New to World of Warcraft is the concept of craftsmanship in both crafted items and many of the collected reagents. This should not be confused with rarities such as Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary, which will remain unchanged and not directly related to crafting quality.

Crafted equipment will have five quality levels, while many other crafted and collected items, such as potions and ores, will have three quality levels.

For crafted gear, quality primarily changes the level of the item, with each level of quality increasing it by a small amount. For example, a crafted upgradeable gear could be 270/272/274/277/280 quality level 1/2/2/3/4/5. it was worth your effort, and the payoff would not be so great that the lowest quality versions don't seem worthwhile.

For crafted items such as consumables that have quality, the quality effects are slightly more varied. For most, a higher quality will result in a more powerful effect, but in some cases this may come in other forms of variation such as longer duration, more charges, etc. Please note-lower quality versions of these items are expected to sell for less, but it will provide a niche for those who don't want to spend a lot of gold to be able to use the full set of crafted items. Also, for various reasons, it will be cheaper to create lower quality versions of these items.

For reagents that have a quality, this quality value will serve as the main input to the creation. Crafting with higher quality base reagents will directly provide a skill bonus when crafting with them (more on that below).

Finishing Reagents are a new type of Reagent that can be used to improve aspects of the crafting process, such as increasing crafting skills or stats. Higher quality versions will have a stronger effect on crafting.

Finally, please note that not all collected reagents will be of high quality. Basic Reagents gathered by the core professions of Mining (Ore), Skinning (Hides, Scales) and Gathering Herbs (Herbs) will have the same quality as those crafted by the Core professions (e.g. rolls of cloth, metal alloys, etc.) ). There will be no other reagents such as meat, cloth, fish and elements that anyone can collect.

Definition of quality-the process of creating

When creating an item, you should pay attention to two main elements.

The difficulty of a recipe determines how difficult it is to create a higher quality recipe. The complexity of the recipe will also change if you include additional reagents, sometimes significantly.

Your crafting skill is determined by your base skill in the profession (e.g. Dragon Isle Tailoring), but can be modified by a variety of factors, including the quality of the reagents you use, finishing reagents, professional equipment with skill bonuses, various bonuses, consumables provided, and most Most importantly, your professional specialization. As you can see in the image below, the crafting UI will make it clear, based on all these factors, what quality of item you are expecting to craft.

When you craft your item, a small amount of randomness is added to the skill roll to represent natural crafting variation. In addition, if you have Inspiration, a new crafting stat, there is a chance to become inspired, gaining a significant amount of bonus skills during crafting. This means that you can achieve more than you expected!

In the end, your final crafting skill will be compared to the difficulty of the recipe. If this skill is higher than the difficulty, you will craft the item at maximum quality.

Additional crafting stats

In addition to your main crafting skill, there are several secondary crafting stats that can affect the creation of new Dragon Isle recipes that you can specialize and target. Here they are:

  • Inspiration-You have a x% chance to be inspired by crafting this recipe with an additional skill. Inspiration is for those who like to roll the dice in the hope of getting bonus quality. It is also a way to craft higher quality items than your natural skills and specialization allow.
  • Resourcefulness-You have x% chance to use less reagents like ore. If you are trying to squeeze every drop of profit out of your craft, then this statistic is for you.


  • Multicraft-You have an x% chance to create additional items. Only works with stackable item recipes. We have long enjoyed crafting additional items with various abilities, such as the Potions Master in Burning Crusade. Multicraft is fixing this as a permanent crafting feature
  • Crafting Speed-Crafting is x% faster. For those of you who mass produce auction house crafts or just want to save a few seconds every now and then.


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