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Developer reports that Hakusura Dungeon Search Multi RPG NeverGrind Online is selling especially in Japan. The heat of the user who is surprised by the developer

Developers have revealed that the RPG NeverGrind Online , which is currently currently distributing early access at Steam, is selling especially in Japan. According to the developer, sales from Japan soared in one week after this work responded to Japanese. It is said that Japanese may be the top language that sells in this work. We talked about the sales in Japan, from the developer Joe Leonard.


NeverGrind Online (hereinafter, NGO) is a dungeon crawler RPG with real-time combat. The stage is the medieval-style Edenburg kingdom. Players select their class at the start of the game. Configure a party with solo play or multiplayer, prepare equipment and head to dungeon. The dungeon changes randomly every time it enters, and the equipment is enhanced based on the collected material. It contains a so-called Hakusura treasure hunting element.

Development is NeverWorks Games. The company raised development funds at Kickstarter, and first produced NeverGrind. This work NGO was based on NeverGrind, a browser game for solo play. Since it was originally a classic MMO-conscious work, there are many parts similar to MMORPG released around 2000, such as EVERQUEST.

According to Joe Leonard, the developer of NGO, After the Japanese version was released on July 5, the sales in Japan accelerated rapidly. For one week until the 13th, NGO. 34%of the total sales were purchased from Japan. With this momentum, the language that sells in this work may be the top Japanese to be overtaken by the United States.

Why has the number of purchases from Japan so far? Leonard seems to think that the reason for the reason is that the genre of treasure hunting and dungeon crawler is very popular in Japan. Leonard has long thought that NGO will be interested in Japanese players because the EverQuest and Wizardry series, which have these elements, are popular in Japan. In fact, before the completion of Japanese support, Japanese players uploaded the play video of this work to YouTube. I thought I had to go localization as soon as possible, said Leonard who saw it.

  • Leonard has also influenced the video of the Virtual Vaultboy Tama Channel regarding why this work is popular in Japan.

Of course, supporting Japanese is an important factor that leads to sales. Leonard was fortunate to have been able to connect with players who can cooperate with Japanese support. He said deeply thanks to Ban-chan, who cooperated with Japanese localization, he was in charge of translation and introduced a Japanese gaming community. NGO is becoming more popular in Japan with the support of some players, including Bans-chan. In response, the development team has a Japanese channel in the official Discord server. This is a place where the development team (perhaps via an automatic translation tool) to questions and opinions from players. It seems that this channel plays a role in sharing information as a space where players who cannot read English can participate.

Leonard says he has lived in Japan for three years. He didn't seem to think that this work would be so popular in Japan so far, and he said he was surprised. NGO is said to be influenced by Japanese RPGs such as the Phantasy Star series and Shining the Holiark that he played. He commented on the players who are currently considering purchasing, saying, I want to see the global growth of NGO and build a game community with players.

If you search for NeverGrind Online on Twitter, you can see many Japanese Steamers enjoying this work. Leonard gave me various strong factors. However, as a major premise of those reasons, it is certain that the country's core Steamer is playing this work happily has a positive effect.

NEVERGRIND ONLINE is being distributed early on PC (Steam). The price is 2050 yen. It is expected that one year is expected until the official release.


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