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The Cycle: Frontier Location Map of a changed nickel

A modified nickel is an important ore necessary in The Cycle: Frontier to improve your game equipment. This guide will help you find and collect a large number of changed nickel in The Cycle: Frontier.

Cycle: Frontier changed the whereabouts of Nickel


Although nickel ores can be found by mining them in the world, you can also find a changed nickel in industrial boxes of level 1 and 2. This nickel will be more than enough for you at the beginning of the game before you need to go and start growing the changed nickel veins, To satisfy your needs for nickel.

Location of a changed nickel in Bright Sands

The best place for the fast pharma of the altered nickel is east of the Lumberjacks camp. You can find several nickel ores here and next to each other. The entire region, starting from the right upper corner of the map and ending with the southern border of the Lemoseek camp, is filled with units of the changed nickel, ready for production.

The second region you want to concentrate is stone pools. The entire territory between stone pools and swamp is filled with nickel ore. If you want, you can expand the nickel cultivation section from the south from the reservoir to the east from the scientific camp to the lagoon.

We are trying to imply that the entire southern border of the map is, in fact, a large pool for you to farm the changed nickel, although the pharma route is longer than the one near the Lumberjack camp.

Cresscent Falls The location of the altered nickel

The best area for growing a large number of changed nickel on the Cresscent Falls map is located northeast of Green’s Prospect and extends to the full southern Starport Admin and StarPort Warehouse. You can easily find a high concentration of altered nickel ores ready for the farm.

In addition, you can process the territory south of the geothermal power plant in order to quickly get a changed nickel. A modified nickel ore extends from the geothermal power plant to the start of the Root Rock tunnel.

In addition, Alved Nickel 0res are scattered, and do not try to farm with all your might.


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