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Why do God of War or Horizon collectors do not include disk?

Recently, we have known the release date of God of War Ragnarok, one of the most anticipated games of the year. And also the different special editions that are going to have the adventures of Kratos and Domen .

Precisely, these products designed for collectors have given rise to the first controversies related to this expected adventure for PS5 and PS4 . Why?

The debate of the physical and digital

It has already happened with the editions for collectors of Horizon Forbidden West and a stir was set up. Now, PlayStation repeats strategy with Gow Ragnarok . The most complete version of the game, which in this case includes extras such as a map or a replica of Thor's hammer, does not have a disc, but the adventure is downloaded with a promotional code.

Several users have already shown their discontent for this. Although they have not yet transcended prices, the Jötnar edition is likely, which is what is called the highest range of the four announced, has a price that ranges between 250 or 300 euros . Much of the community does not understand why it will not be entitled to a physical disc after such a high investment for a video game.

Why does this happen?

There are no reason, let's say, officers of this. But we can scrutinize different theories about it. The first one is the existence of a digital PS5 console , without record reader. In this way, adding album to that version, users of the most economical version of the PlayStation New Generation would be prevented from acquiring the game. Adding a code, the possessors of both systems can without problems.

Doubt may arise in how many of the owners of a digital PS5 are interested in buying physical elements, which are generally large objects, such as those that come in special editions. Although the truth is that It is not exclusive to have a system that bets on digital and wanting to have the precious elements for collectors ** that this type of editions come, it can be something contradictory.

In this way, PlayStation makes a Solomonic decision since, otherwise, it would prevent its users with Digital PS5 being able to buy this type of products, since they have all the right of the world, of course. Although it is also understandable the anger of those who faithfully support this type of products , and in this way, without an album, it is impossible, for example, to leave the game to friends or family.

Another probable cause for this to happen is that we are in an intergenerational game for PS4 and PS5 , and in this way a version for both systems is achieved, so that the process is then easier in case of jumping to the new machine.


Without a doubt, it seems a fairly thoughtful and interesting marketing decision, where you can understand the views of all the parties involved.


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