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A game that just jumps food and drinks appears on the overseas PS Store one after another. What is the aim of the manufacturer?

On August 14, the developer THIGAMES distributed THE JUMPING NOODLES: Turbo in Europe and the United States. The compatible platform is PS4/PS5. Unfortunately, it is not distributed in Japan, but if you know the studio, you may find that the usual game has been released again.

THE JUMPING NOODLES: Turbo is a simple work that jumps noodle dishes in the take-out box. Press the button in the kitchen where a relaxed BGM flows to jump. Just that. There are no particular goals, just jumping endlessly. There is no physical expression that the noodles dance when jumping, and the illustrations are moving up and down. And the number of jumps is counted on the left of the screen.

The developer THIGAMES also released The Jumping Noodles on August 12. The unbranded version and the TURBO version are basically exactly the same game. The difference is that when noodle dishes are made continuously, the TURBO version can jump faster. It's just a turbo. By the way, the price of the unbranded version is $ 1.49 (about 200 yen), and the TURBO version is $ 2.99 (about 400 yen).

This manufacturer based in Germany, in fact, is known for mass production of works with exactly the same concept as this work as the The Jumping XXX series. The works released so far are as follows. Each work is also distributed separately for the TURBO version.



The content of the game is as described above, and all works are the same. There are several patterns of BGM and background, but the same is the same for different works. In short, just changing the jumping object to another dish or drink, it has been released as another work. The game outline of the PS Store is all the same except for the food and drink name.

Some gamers have a critical view of the developer THIGAMES by mass-producing too simple and thin works. Some people say why SIE allows the distribution of such works on the PS Store.

Why are these works released? It can be said that these works seem to be in demand. Gamers who play the main purpose of gathering trophy, whether they are demand from whom. A trophy is also available in the The Jumping XXX series for PS4/PS5, which can be obtained by satisfying the specified conditions. The condition is to make the dishes and drinks jump only by the specified number of times.

All works have the same trophy acquisition conditions. If you jump in total 500 times, you will gradually get a total of 20 bronze silver gold trophy and you can get platinumatrocation. You can get platinumatrofies just by pressing the button and waiting for a few minutes, and it is useful for some layers, assuming that it is cheaper.

The official website of the developer THIGAMES also has a description that encourages players to acquire trophy. The tweet in the studio also mentions that the number of trophy can be earned, and hashtags such as #Trophyhunter are used. It seems that it is definitely developing in demand for trophy.

Such works are often replaced with trophy, and are often found in Steam. Although it is criticized for works that are too simple that can not be called a game, the fact that the studio (originally organized orthodox action games) is mass-produced may not be bad sales. 。 By the way, the next work is THE JUMPING KEBAB, which makes kebab cuisine jumping.


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