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Glusha of Pokemon Scarlet Violet is too beautiful and mellow fans. A good appearance that the convincing setting is released

On August 3, Pokemon Co., Ltd. released a new information on the latest series, Pokemon Scarlet Violet . One of the gym leaders, Glusha, gained rapid popularity. It seems that many fan art and other posts are accelerating on SNS.

Pokemon Scarlet Biotto is a completely new title of the Pokemon series scheduled to be released for Nintendo Switch. The stage of this work is the Paldea region, where steep mountainous areas and magnificent lands are continued. The protagonist is a student who belongs to the Academy who is learning about Pokemon, and is depicted in the region through the Academy's extracurricular classes. This work has introduced an open world mechanism, and the order of the story capture is also free. It is also revealed that up to four players, the field search elements in multiplayer, and that the names of the academy and the doctor are different for each version.

The other day, a new information about this work was released along with the new trailer. It is an element that runs around the Paradea region on the legendary Pokemon, Coryidon/Milly-Run, and an outline of the story consisting of three large stories. It has also been found that eight gym leaders who are familiar with the series can capture the gyms in the order of free (related article). At the same time, multiple new characters are also unveiled. As each of them attracted attention, the enthusiasm was concentrated on one character. Glusha, one of the gym leaders.


Glusha is an ice-type gym leader. She is a partner with her whales, a Pokemon, and stands in front of the hero as a gym leader of Nappe Gym. Another apparent setting is that it is a former professional snowboarder, and there is one aspect that is usually cool and expressive. And most of the fans are deprived of their hearts.

Glusha is a character design that expresses the cold environment of Mt. Nappe. She wraps a fluffy jacket, boots, and a cute muffler to her mouth, and the cold protection measures are perfect. On the other hand, he protects his feet is a sticky bottoms, like a pants, like a thick tights. It can be said that it is a sharp outfit that has a cute atmosphere with thick clothes, while the lines of the feet are highlighted from the thighs to the knees.

And the most important thing is your face. Glusha is beautiful. Her hair is a tranquil color like Sky Blue, probably to express the extreme cold. Her beautiful hair is long, and the styling of the bangs is lightness reminiscent. With her well-organized eyes and light blue eyes, she is throwing a cold and cold gaze to her protagonist. On the other hand, she had a mysterious impression that she couldn't read her expression because she had a muffler covered with her mouth. She is throwing a ruthless word on the trailer, saying, I'll tell you the cold reality like snow. Some fans of this work were enthusiastic about the appearance of such a fascinating cool beauty.

Currently, many Glusha fan art is posted on SNS. If you search for Grusha/Grusha on Twitter, the imagination of domestic and overseas fans exploded. There are various styles of paintings to express the charm of Glusha with our hands. In addition to the fan art that pushes the rigor and coolness of her Glusha on the entire surface, there is also an art that pushes the cuteness from her design and other factors.

In addition, from the setting of former professional, some fans are scattered about the dynamic glow of gliding. In addition, there are still mysterious Glusha's personality and settings, and some people make her imagination strong under the muffler she cares about. From this stage, fans who are full of heads have been continued about Glusha.

And her gender is being interested in her Glusha's appearance and characterism. Glusha has a very neutral appearance. There are many users who are worried about her, coupled with her appearance. The answer has been announced at the same time as the announcement, and the English version of this official website describes HE (he). Glusha's gender recognition is a male, and it is a convincing setting. The appearance of a beautiful male character is very grateful as a writer. Pocket Monster He is Scarlett Violet in the main story of him, what kind of character he will show, and the fans who are grabbed will wait for the release. I also look forward to the announcement of a gym leader other than Glusha.

Pokemon Scarlet Violet will be released on November 18 for Nintendo Switch. Reservations have started on August 4th.


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