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Gothic Horror RPG Penny Blood announced. Shadow Hearts Director of Darkness in the Darkness of the 1920s, drawing while keeping sane

Game Studio Yukikaze announced Penny Blood on August 27. The corresponding platform is unknown. Kickstarter is scheduled to raise development funds, and the compatible platforms will change depending on the results. However, as a developer, he wants to aim for all major platforms.

Gothic: Penny Blood is Gothic Horror RPG. The stage is the world full of malice and confusion in the 1920s. The protagonist is a private detective Matthew, who was hired by the Investigation Bureau. The story begins when Matthew is assigned an investigation of a mysterious case that occurred at a psychiatric hospital in New York. Matthew arrived at the hospital and saw a strange group of rampaging. Matthew continues to investigate to elucidate the truth hidden behind the mystery case. The adventure extends from Asia, such as Japan and China, far from the United States, to much European countries.

The field map of this work is expressed in 3D, expressing the streets of people and cursed graveyards in 3D, and drawing the world of the 1920s realistically. Players investigate supernatural cases in such a world. Occasionally, we will also explore the battle with monsters in different worlds and search for evidence.

In combat, it is said that the strategies of the conventional turn-based JRPG and the action that require quick reactions are combined. The rules are simple, but they need to be trained to efficiently attack enemies. The system seems to have an element called Psychogiril.

In addition, Matthew's positive temper (Sanity Point) changes depending on the experience with monsters. If the number of suntanity points decreases, it will be swallowed by madness and lose reason, but on the other hand, the fighting power increases. In order to change the flow of the battle, it is necessary to take tactics to leave yourself crazy and increase the possibility of surviving.

The development of this work is involved in the staff who worked on Shadow Hearts. Mr. Matsuso Machida, who is the game design, general director, and scriptwriter, is the person who was in charge of the first and second films and scenarios. In recent years, he has been working as a writer for novels. The character and art dictionary are Miyako Kato, who was also involved in the art of Shadow Hearts. Yoshitaka Hirota and Akari Kaita are in charge of the songs and sounds. In particular, Yoshitaka Hirota is a person who was deeply involved in the music of the Shadow Hearts series.

The smell of the Shadow Hearts series, such as themes, combat systems, and porsmy, can be felt deeply. I'm looking forward to what kind of charm is added to the new work Penny Blood and what kind of expression can be made as a peaceful game.

When developing Penny Blood, he will raise funds at Kickstarter. The start date is August 30, the minimum goal is $ 750,000 (about 100 million yen), which is large as a crowdfunding campaign. Achieving a $ 750,000 goal is a project confirmation line, so collecting money is likely to take the future fate of games and development. Development funds will also be raised for Armd Fantasia, which is handled by Kickstarter, the creator of Wild Arms.

Penny Blood is currently under development.



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