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CSGO: The River Plate team that maintains the first position in Unity League

One more week within the competition of unity League Flow where the teams will seek Very changing because the rest week I can help or harm depending on how the players take it.

The first confrontation would be Furious Gaming against Ebro where we see a skull team that takes the lead within the confrontation punishing the lions, but the second part of the duel would be tilted for Ebro that has a limi7 ** with remote control bullets that manage to give the necessary advantage to be able to take the victory to their bag in an epic battle.

For the second game River plate gaming fights with Ve lox with a team of the millionaires that begins with an aggression that gives them the advantage during the game to take rounds in their favor, the strength of Guise would have a presence to deny several Reactions of opposites leaving favorable things for RP and closing the game in their favor to keep the undefeated.

The third contest would be Stone movistar against ebea2 Gaming having pressure from the Golems team to show their domain before the rivals but EG would not give in easy things showing a very even fight but thanks to Kans things would be on the side of the team of the stones that managed to separate from the rivals to be able to give victory to their squad.

Closing the day Leviathan faces Boca Juniors Gaming with a mouth team that takes the front from the beginning to keep the sea dragon at bay, having in its ranks a Alexanders that hit all the bullets in the rivals, we see how each Ronda ended up being in favor of BJ who brought to light the best of them getting one more victory on their scoreboard.

PLAYOFFS The date number five ends within the competition where we could see great games where some stayed on the road, having a dominant River Plate team with their undefeated streak that continues to place them in the first position of the table, now the action continues today in order to determine how things move before the week's rest week.


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