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Passage Cyberpunk 2077 Automatic love

This passage of Cyberpunk 2077 Automatic Love will lead you through the main work, covering all the main goals, locations and people that you will meet in your path. So, let's plunge right in.

Automatic passage of love

Automatic love is the main task of Act 2, which you can start after the game by time. See must find Evelyn Parker to find out how she can help him after meeting with Nakamura. Evelyn vowed somehow to get rid of the relic for the last time they talked.

bar Lizzy

Go to Bar Lizzy, where you will meet Judy, before arrival you can even call her to say that you will be visiting. Talk to Judy and take the portion Evelyn with the address of Clouds, then go out.

You will need to go to the Puppet House, Clouds. You need information about Evelyn, and here she worked. Inquiring will help to reveal more information.

To enter the clouds, you need to leave your weapon at the gate, and you may have to enter the forbidden zones during the mission, so be careful, since the guards will not think twice before shooting at you.


Enter the clouds when already evening, if not, wait until 18:00. You can order yourself a doll at the registration stance, after which you will be assigned a booth number.

Go to the indicated booth and wait for your doll. Ask the doll as much as possible to get information about Evelyn.

By asking the correct questions, you can get information about the Evelyn room, cabin 11.

Exploring it, you will find blood stains, and through the port next to the bed you can get access to personnel from surveillance cameras, which will later be used against the owner of the clouds, Woodman.

Go out and go to the VIP zone to find Tom.

How to enter the VIP zone in automatic love

You can either penetrate inside or steal a VIP access card. The best place for this is in the toilet, where there is a guard whom you can cut down and pick it up with Katina that you could use. Do not forget to throw the body into the garbage bucket in the toilet.

In any case, enter the VIP and talk to Tom, then go to the forbidden zone in Woodman's office. If you can, be sure to hack cameras and enemy optics to make it easier to steal.

On the way to Woodman's office, you can find a gun to the right of the guard rack. Make sure that you can cope with safety, either destroying them without warning all, or acting secretly.

confrontation to Woodman

Automatic Our main goal is Woodman, and all this investigation is frozen. You can intimidate it, bribe it for information or offer to solve its problem with Net runner using Intelligence 8.

He will not respond to threats or bribes, and if you click on him, he will hit you.

Kill Woodman or not to love automatically?

Woodman would have already closed the gate if you decided to apply violence in your approach to his office. He will open the door and attack you after a quick conversation about it. The Katina that you got earlier can help you a lot.

If you decide to attack him immediately or later, you can get the necessary information from the computer, which will indicate to you the direction of the rippradok named finger.

In addition, this will affect the future side missions of Judy. Most of the topics for discussion are still ending with a brawl.

However, if until this moment you were secretive, the evidence you collected can also help you convince you to give you the right answer.

Woodman simply gives you what you want to know if you pass the IQ test. In any case, now you have a fresh clue from Fingers, Ripperdoka on Jig-Jig Street.

After he provided you with information, you have two options. Hold your promise about intelligence 8 or fight Woodman. Climb on the elevator to the lower part of the building to complete automatic love and begin space between them.


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