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God of War Ragnarok: Game has extreme violence to the point of looking Mortal Kombat

If you have played any franchise game you know that Rates is quite violent. For example, in God of War 3 when he killed Zeus in the punch or by pulling Helium legs and eliminating beings who didn't even deserve it. However, God of War Ragnarök raised it to the extreme.

None of the previous games were as violent as this, not even the Hack and Slash games. The executions of God of War 2018 seem to file close to Sony's new exclusive to the point of remembering Mortal Kombat.

utal Executions

Whether with the chaos blades or their ax, Rates will surprise you in some unexpected executions. Expect dissemblance, decapitation, oken bones, a lot of blood and even the god of war from enemies in the middle.


There are different executions based on different enemies, but Rates performs some utal deaths, such as eaking the neck of enemies while trying to live, tearing arms and limbs and letting them dying bleeding and dying, as well as utal cuts that beheading enemies from the neck or shoulders.

In addition, the god of war also starts hearts and other organs (it is difficult to define the organs of beings made of lava from another kingdom). In addition, literally rip jaws until the tear reaches the gut exposing guts and more.

humanoid enemies make all the difference

It is one thing to see Rates facing giant ogres, but another thing is to see him facing elves or other enemies that remembers a lot of living humans. That makes all the difference.

You see the god of war tearing a giant lizard that spits acid and green bleed will make an impression, but when facing an enemy that bleeds red and human, like hunters, violence will surely make you impacted. Especially when they scream in pain and do everything to live while bleeding. This may even remember the games in the franchise The Last of Us.

Atreus in the human form will not do much, because it will only kick enemies in the executions, but when it takes the form of wolf, will rip their heads and eak down their opponents, and, of course, its bear form in which it finishes a Valery utally, while Your father takes care of another.


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