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GTA Online: Bumps in Cayo Perico, Panther Statue and all the news from November 17 to 23

One more week, Rockstar Games presents the novelties of GTA online, the popular multiplayer mode of GTA V, this time with a new blow event in Mayo PERCO, with a 50% discount on its preparation. In addition, you can get the Panther statue until November 21, nothing ey to get. In addition, the Mayo PERCO series offer twice many rewards, and there are also additional bonuses to discover hidden vines in southern San Andre. And if you repeat the blows of the prison escape and initial financing you will take twice the loot in the finals until November 21.

all the news of GTA online and much more

We continue with the double rewards of GTA $ and RP, this week, in preliminary and preliminary missions of the original blows and the blow of the final judgment; Those determined who manage to complete all the ends of blows before November 24, will also receive 2,000,000 GTA $. Acrobatic races also offer double GTA $ and RP until November 21.

And if you can escape after completing the final of Mayo PERCO, you will receive the Cuban shirt simply, very difficult to find. Those who complete the final of Mayo PERCO with the Velum approach vehicle will receive the Stickler hat, which will be added to their closet before December 2. And just logging until November 21 you will receive the American fist shirt and the beball bat shirt to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Grand Theft Auto Online.

Let's move on to vehicles; In the Premium concessionaire luxury cars you will find:

  • A Bros 300 clsic Grotto with the white striped roof cover (30% discount).
  • An Annie Saver Metalized Bronze (30% discount).
  • The Zaibatsu Benches Scout, which combines the colors Green Lima Mate and Green with the 90s sand cover (30% discount).


  • The Overflow Entity OF in Red Torino (30% discount).
  • A DECLARE We are painted from metallic purple, black sacred and Matt black purple with the roof. Is it really safe? (30% off).

On the other hand, the Luxury Cars dealership offers the Grotto Italy RSX (30% discount) and the Overflow Morgan (30% discount). This week's fortune roulette award at The Diamond Cino & Resort in a brand new Gallivanted Baller St, while the Car Meet's testing track you can try the Declare Nothing Sabre, Vapid Peyote Gser and the Vulgar Nebula Turbo (30% discount), in addition to testing its limits on tumults and countermelodies. And those that are among the first three positions for three days in a row will be done with a very ft Lambada Troops Rally.

More discounts arrive at GTA online with the military rifle and the combat shotgun with 30% less in Ammunition, while short-sleeved party shirts are reduced by 30% in clothing stores throughout the city. On the other hand, the Osaka submarine and all its improvements and modifications cost 35% less this week, and there are also offers in a wide selection of vehicles:

  • Overflow Entity OF: 30% discount
  • Annie Saver: 30% discount
  • Declare come on: 30% discount
  • Grotto Bros 300: 30% discount
  • Declare Nothing Sabre: 30% discount
  • Vulgar Nebula Turbo: 30% discount
  • Western Company Annihilator Furtive: 30% discount
  • Sparrow: 30% discount
  • Vapid Windy: 30% discount
  • Mammoth Squad die: 30% discount
  • Dina Versus: 30% discount
  • HEY VET IR: 25% discount
  • Spitz Long fin: 15% discount

GTA+ members can make the most of the blow event requesting a Buckingham Superiority helicopter and a suite in the attic 1 of Eclipse Towers, among other things:

  • 50% more GTA $ in versions of the original blows
  • Tactical vests and free bulletproof helmets
  • Double reputation in all Car Meet races
  • Additional advantages for members

Finally, the online GTA players who link their accounts of the Social Club de Rockstar Games and Prime Gaming will receive 125,000 GTA $ just for playing at any time this week, well a login bonus of 500,000 GTA $ to play At any time between November 3 and December 7 and be a member of Prime Gaming. In addition, GTA+ members will receive additional $500,000.


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