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Nexon's G -Star, who is serious about demonstrating PCs and mobile consoles

Nixon returns to G-Star with nine new works in four years. Beyond mobile, the new works will be presented on various platforms such as Nintendo Switch and PS5.

On the 8th, Nixon held a meeting of Nixon G-Star 2022 Preview press conference at the 1994 Hall of Pang yo Office and released the details of nine exhibits to be presented at G-Star 2022. Nixon operates 300 booths, the largest single B2C Hall in G-Star 2022, which will be held in BEX CO, Susan from 17th to 20th. Nixon's G-Star 2022 slogan is 'Return' and will showcase four demonstrations and five new trailers at this event.

According to the public booth bird's eye view, three sides of the entrance are composed of LED screens, and there are more than 560 demonstrations in them. As mentioned above, you can enjoy the game with various devices such as PCs and consoles in addition to mobile. As you can see from the absence of a broadcast booth, you can see that other side events have been avoided and Rot focuses on the demonstration. Instead of influencers, Nixon's star developers will visit the booth and communicate with users.

Making Mobile

The works that can be demonstrated at Nixon Booth include Making Mobile, First Dependent, Cart rider: Drift, and Dave the Diver.

Making Mobile was the first game released in 2018 and has been demonstrated once in G-Star 2018. However, it has been known that there has been no news for more than three years, but it has been released in the past 2021. In this demonstration, it will show a much more advanced visual than the 2018 demonstration version, including the UI and UX. In terms of content, the battle was greatly strengthened. Nixon Lee Dungeon said, We don't want to be a rock-paper-scissors battles, but I will feel like the skill and attack room are plugged in.

First Defendant will showcase the console version in addition to the PC at this event. In addition, unlike the global test held in October, you can experience the version where Korean voice recording is completed. Participants will be introduced and enjoy the core action of the game, grappling hooks, and characteristic skills for each character.

In addition, Dave the Diver will be unveiled for the first time by the Nintendo Switch version, and Outrider Drift, which runs the global pre-season on January 12 next year, will be able to enjoy the PC and mobile experience version at G-Star.

5 kinds of video entries are also released

The only games that only exhibit the video include the new 'Project Overkill' using Dungeon & Fighter IP, the SPORTS 'God sum: Clash of God', which is being developed by Nixon Games, and the action RPG 'Night Walker' developed by Ace Tom. As the game has previously been released, you can check the new trailer video at this G-Star site.

The first game to be released is the Hwanhwarojeon Online and Project AK. The Hwansekijeon is a PC mobile MMORPG produced by Super cat, a kite, and is based on a game of the same name, which was very popular in the 1990s. Nixon introduces the game with the title of 'MMORPG', and you can check the in-game video in G-Star.

Project AK is a new work that is being developed by changing the development route of the previously released project BBQ to Soul Lake Action RPG. As part of the Dun pa Universe, which expands the Dungeon & Fighter worldview, he will talk about the story of Obama of Pesos Captain Kazan and Sad Chaos, which took place 800 years ago. It will be released only as a console and is currently being developed.

Durango's sequel to the movie?

Nixon announced two new projects in addition to G-Star exhibits at the event. One is Durango IP-based 'Project DX', which is Nixon's painful finger. 'Project DX', which is being developed with MMORPG, is being developed by maximizing and arranging the original dinosaur, survival, and crafting elements. In the teaser video released together, the phrase beyond the Durango with the roaring tyrannosaurus appeared.

In addition, Gang Hang-jun's new film 'Rebound' was also participated in the production of the production. 'Rebound' is the story of Susan Jun gang High School Basketball Students who challenges their dreams with passion for basketball even in poor environments. Lee Dungeon said, In order to secure IP, we will continue to continue our bold investments and collaboration in terms of external games.

The following is the full text of the Q & A after the announcement.

Q. This year, G-Star also expects many visitors to come, but I wonder how they are preparing for safety measures.

Director Choir Songbook (hereinafter referred to as Choir) : This G-Star considers safety first. Since the beginning, I have been talking a lot about safety. The number of CPR's is placed everywhere, and the motivation is also placed on the site. Considering that the waiting line also flocks a lot, we have prepared to experience safely at the maximum intervals. We will continue to do our best to experience safety because we continue to take care of them.

Q. Durango mentioned that it would provide 10 years of service at the time of launch, but it was less than two years old. Is the project DX a game that can continue these previous works?

CEO Lee Dungeon (hereinafter referred to as Lee) : In fact, Durango is a very meaningful title and a heartbreaking IP for Nixon. So I wanted to try again somehow. Currently, the original development team and Nixon Games are working hard to ensure that more stable and sustainable play can be based. Durango was very freedom in the game. 'Project DX' is being developed in the form of maximizing the freedom of the original Durango under the most stable situation.

Q. Cart rider: Drift is a game that supports console, but the console is missing in this demonstration. Is there a special reason for this?

Choir : This demonstration wanted to show the demonstration first on PCs and mobile that can be demonstrated more comfortably. Regarding console, I will release it sequentially after January. There is a regret for the console version experience in the field, but I hope you will enjoy the 'Cart rider: Drift' on the PC and mobile you enjoy.

This : There will be a few games that support this cross play in the early days of the opening. Unlike general RPGs, the network sink is very important for racing games. The reason for the global pre-season in January next year is to verify that a stable network can be supported on various platforms.

Q. I'm curious about the time and build of game-specific experience that can be experienced in G-Star.

Choir : There will be a slight difference between the title of the demonstration, but it's about 10 to 25 minutes.

Q. What is different from the previously released version of 'Making Mobile' this time?

This : Graphics, UI, and UX will be significantly different from the past, so you will be able to recognize it at once. Personally, I hope you will focus on the battle. The battle has changed in the form of rock-paper-scissors, and has made a lot of effort on the exciting blow and fun that can only be felt on mobile.

Q. Nixon is showing a recent focus on console games.

This : The overall development direction has been aiming for global and multi-platforms since 2019. First, using the existing IP is high in management, so I would like to see various platforms and overseas expansion based on this. By 2023, you can see it in Phase 2, and from 2024, I hope you will see and watch the new IP.

Q. What is the launch schedule of other games besides the cart rider drift?

This : If you confirm the quarterly, the internal development team will be burdened, but all of them will be released next year.

Q. Can you say that the movie 'Rebound' is trying to expand to the entertainment area besides the game.

This : I think that the future game company must have an IP in order to survive. Specifically, if you ask what IP is, I will define it as a storytelling rather than a game title. I am convinced that it will be a Korean company that can survive for a long time by creating a game based on storytelling, creating webtoons, novels, and videos, and continuing to evolve. In that sense, Rebound invested because the scenario was so fun. Of course, there are no aspects of wanting to tell stories that have a ringing story in a world where teenagers and twenties are difficult to adapt to society. Ultimately, in order to secure IP, we will continue to continue our bold investments and collaboration in terms of external games. But I want to say that this is not that it is not entering the entertainment industry in earnest.

Q. I wonder how to take the console BM from global.

Choir : If you look at the Internet user comment, you often see Nixon. But I don't want to put a worrying BM.

Lee : This shop was opened at the Haven Global Test stage. Because it was a competitive game, there was no Pay to Win and tried to put a new BM for the game. This BM design will be seen in 'Cart rider: Drift'. Inside, concerns about BM are recognized and are trying to introduce new BM.

Q. Do 'Dave the Diver' is not planning to release a mobile version separately.

This : Mint rocket is a small team that is not three or four, so it is currently focusing on the switch version. However, if the response continues to be good in the future, you will be able to make various attempts.


Q. The package console game usually has endings.

This : If a Korean game company wants to succeed in other regions, the console cannot be taken away. We also have to go unconditionally to achieve regional results. In addition to the single games with the ending, we will continue to create a game that can be serviced using different BM's.


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